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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Houses Captains

At St Stephen’s Junior School, we have four different houses. These are Attenborough (green), Jackson (red), Lowinger  (blue) and McEwan (yellow).


Our houses have been named after people who have worked in many areas that are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals which our school curriculum focuses on.  Through their work, these people are helping to teach us how to change the world. In their work that has been done, they have all shown how to be innovative and have carried out exploration where they have shown justice, mercy and humility which very much links to what we believe at SSJ.  Apart from Sir David Attenborough (who we consider to be a legend) the people chosen to name are houses all began to make changes at a young age and therefore, they are great, positive role models who our children can aspire to be.


While we have had houses for many years, they were renamed in the Summer 2020 to fit in with our intent (please see the bottom of the page to find out about how these names were chosen).


Please have a look at the presentations below to find out more about Sir David Attenborough, Jahkil Jackson, Nicholas Lowinger and Ella and Caitlin McEwan.  We are sure you will agree that they are worthy people to name our houses after.

Each week, children across the school earn house points for being polite, kind and considerate; helping others and when they working hard. These are given by adults and the children record these in their classrooms. House point monitors from Year 6 tally the total number of house points from each classroom. During Friday’s celebration assembly, 12 children are awarded either a Writer of the Week, Mighty Mathematician  or Remarkable Reader certificate (earning 10 house points) and 12 children are given a Head Teacher’s certificate (earning 20 house points).


At the end of each term, there is a Shining Star award chosen from each class for someone who has shown exceptional learning behaviour, who consistently follows the school rules and who is a fantastic Purple Learner and they will earn 100 house points!!


All of the house points are combined by the house captains and a running total is created. The house which is in the lead each week will tie their house colour ribbon on the house trophy. 


Throughout the year, we have a range of different inter-house competitions (the Easter Quiz, Pancake race, Sports Day, Talent show to name but a few!) where the children can earn additional house points!


To see who is currently in the lead, please look at the home page of our website!

House Captains 2022/23

At the beginning of each year, we hold elections to choose who we want to be our House Captains. Each candidate shared a presentation to the rest of their house explaining why they thought they would be the best person for the role. Here are this year's successful candidates.


House Captains