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St Stephen's C of E Junior School

'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Our Vision and Values

St. Stephen's C of E Junior School

'Learning to change the World'

'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.’



We want our learners to understand and respect the world they have been given and to believe that they can change the world, for the better. By the end of their time at St. Stephen's, our learners will be equipped with the mind-set and skills to continue their journey as 'change makers'.


In Learning to Change the World, our learners will be encouraged in exploration, innovation and ambition.

•             Exploration: engagement, research, discovery

•             Innovation: practice, mistakes, solutions

•             Ambition: desire, drive, challenge, achieve


Through these aspects we purposefully expose learners to the world as it is, and enable them to re-imagine how it could be by enhancing their own experience.  We intend to increase their ability to engage, challenge and communicate what they know powerfully to different audiences whilst promoting Christian values and developing their social and emotional resilience.  We want to understand where society has come from and where it could go. Our ambition for learners is expecting them to apply skills and knowledge gained to generate real, practical solutions that will change the world around them.


Using the United Nations Global Goals as a vehicle, our enquiry-led curriculum will enable them to explore, innovate and be ambitious for the future and beyond.


We would like our learners to show curiosity and empathy, upholding values of justice and mercy in a humble way so that, through their actions, they can have a positive impact on their world and on those who share it with them.



Our vision is underpinned by Micah 6:8

  'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.’


As a church school, values are at our core and underpin everything that we do. We  teach our learners to understand the values of JUSTICE, MERCY and HUMILITY and ensure that they are able to, along with associated values, display these values in everything they do so that we can change the world.

Working with the House Captains, our definitions of our values are as follows:


JUSTICE - We do what is right and fair without prejudice.

MERCY - We are kind and forgiving and accept people for who they are.

HUMILITY - We work as a team and are selfless.


We use the following stories from the Bible to help the children understand each of our values:

JUSTICE - Bible Story of the Righteous Judge On DVD


MERCY - The Good Samaritan

HUMILITY - The Parable Of The Great Banquet