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The School Day

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The timings for our school day are as follows:

8.30am: School gates open. 

8.45am: Children can go into class.

8.55am: School day begins. 

8.55am - 9.25am: Gap fill time. Interventions also take place during this time.

9.25am - 10.05am: Maths

10.10am - 10.25am - Collective Worship (on a Friday, this is at 9.05am). We have singing assemblies on a Thursday.

10.25am -10.40am: Break time. 

10.45am - 11.05am: Maths

11.10am - 12.15: Writing including 10 minutes of daily handwriting.  Writing will have a skills focus or will be cross curricular e.g writing about an RE or history focus or recording a science experiment.

12.15 - 1.15pm: Lunch time.  

1.15pm - 3.15pm: A daily guided reading lesson, cross curricular activities including PE and Computing. A range of interventions also take place e.g. Speech and Language, additional support for children whose first language is not English. 

3.15pm: End of the school day. Extra curricular activities (clubs).