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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Key Information:

5RO have outdoor PE on a Monday and indoor PE on a Wednesday.

5RO's entrance and exit point is the top gate by the basket ball court. Please wait outside the gate on Crown Road.

Times table of the week: 6 times table


Term 5

For the first two weeks of Term 5, Year 5 are continuing to focus all of our learning around the book: Here we are: Notes for living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers. To finish off our learning, we will be writing letters to our local MP, Chris Skidmore, about an environmental issue we want to address. We will also be finishing off our collage work ready for a whole year group art display!

Term 4

For the remainder of Term 4, the whole school are focussing all of their learning around the book: Here we are: Notes for living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers. This wonderful picture book will take us on a journey through a series of heartfelt notes introducing planet Earth. From land and sky, to people and time, the notes explore what makes the world and how we live it. We will be using the book to re-establish our class and whole school community, focussing on important messages such as kindness and to inspire our writing, reading and to create some beautiful artwork too.

Being a Writer! Article 15: Setting Up or Joining Groups 

In Week 6, we had an exciting delivery from a school in Switzerland. We read through the letters and learnt about some amazing individuals who attend a school in a Reichenbach, a small village in Switzerland. Then, we were being fantastic writers and wrote letters to send back to our penpals. We are looking forward to hearing from them soon. 

Term 4 Shining Star!


Click the link to watch the Shining Star video for Term 4:

Easter in a Box! Article 14: Freedom of Thought and Religion

In Week 6, we were very fortunate to have Rev. Lisa come in to see us. We explored the Easter story through different scenes and built a visual representation of the story through asking questions, decorating eggboxes, keyrings and bunting. We really enjoyed having Rev. Lisa come in and furthering our understanding of Easter. 

Being Writers - Article 13: Sharing Thoughts Freely 

In Week 5, we have been amazing writers! We have written fantastic story openings and showcased our understanding of direct speech and expanded noun phrases. Firstly, we wrote a story opening about an illustration from the book, ‘Here We Are’. Then, we discussed the message of the story which is that we only have one planet earth so we must take care of it. This inspired our work and we linked the problems that occur in real-life and the Global Goals into our story openings. These included plastic in the ocean, forest fires and deforestation. Check out our work below! 



Red Nose Day! - Article 4: Making Rights Real

In Week 4, we have celebrated Red Nose Day and have donated to Comic Relief. We all dressed in outfits that made us and other people smile and happy. Our outfits included onesies, pyjamas and wearing clothes back to front! We also participated in a joke telling competition. Check out some of jokes below! 

Red Nose Day Joke Telling Competition

Still image for this video

Red Nose Day Joke Telling Competition

Still image for this video

Mini Documentaries - Article 17: Access to Information 

In Week 4, we have been amazing Technologists. Firstly, we watched a couple of documentaries and established the steps to success for creating a documentary. These steps included video footage/pictures, facts and figures, key vocabulary and loud and clear narration. Based on the underwater illustration from 'Here We Are', we have researched underwater animals and plants and prepared our own mini documentaries using a green screen! Find out about megaladons and bottlenose dolphins below! 

Mini Documentary on Bottlenose Dolphins!

Still image for this video

Mini Documentary on Megalodons!

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Purple Learning - Article 13: Sharing Thoughts Freely 

In Week 3, we have been revisiting purple learning. We have understood what it is to be a 'mover' and to move our learning on through helpful talk, polite disagreements and using our oracy guidelines. We created comic strips to showcase our understanding of having a growth mindset and showing perseverance in all we do. We took part in some team building games and understood the importance of collaboration. We also engaged in lots of talk trio and class debates. 

Outdoor Learning: Scavenger Hunt - Article 31: Right to Rest, Play, Culture and Arts 

In Week 3, we had a great time outside completing our scavenger hunts. Although it was windy, it was fantastic to get outside and closely notice our surroundings. 

'Here We Are' Immersion - Article 12: Respect for Children's Views 

In Week 3, we have began to immerse ourselves into the wonderful book, 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. Firstly, we discussed where we currently are, how we felt about being back at school and what is similar and what is different. Then, we discussed how wonderful our earth is and listed features of the earth that makes it special. We extended our appreciation of the earth and sketched our favourite places. After reading the book, the children decided on their favourite illustrations and collaboratively decided on the message of the story - 'We only have one world so we must look after it'. Finally, we linked this story to our school intent of 'Learning to Change the World' and understood that we are more than capable of making a difference. 


The first two weeks of Term 4 were our final two weeks of online learning. During the first week, we developed a fantastic understanding of possibility adverbs when 'Being an Author' as well as consolidating our knowledge of conjunctions. Whilst 'Being a Mathematician', we persevered with our learning of equivalent and improper fractions and mixed numbers. We also have secured a deeper understanding of inference whilst 'Being a Reader' too. We have been fantastic athletes by completing bootcamp and yoga sessions in addition to being superb historians and researching Fairtrade. Throughout our second week, we celebrated World Book Day and explored alternative versions of Fairytales. We have created superb comic strips, wanted posters and have even engaged in a class debate in which we built on our oracy skills! Also, we designed and created sustainable houses for the big bad wolf from the Three Little Pigs to live in. We are so proud of the work that 5RO have produced and cannot wait to see them back in the classroom. Take a look below at our wonderful work. 




Term 3

This term, we have continued with our enquiry, 'What does ethics have to do with clothes?' Despite having to work from home in lockdown, we researched slave trade, the work of Edward Colston and discovered how fantastic Fairtrade is.  

Lockdown 2021

This term, we have become superb and resilient technologists by completing our school work online. Since being told to stay at home and stay safe, 5RO have continued to explore and apply new learning and challenge themselves in everything that they do. Whilst ‘Being an Author’, we have developed a wonderful understanding of reported speech, metaphors and possibility adverbs. In ‘Being a Mathematician’, we have consolidated our understanding of multiplication, division, factors and squared and cubed numbers. We have also persevered with inference skills whilst ‘Being a Reader’. We have enjoyed activities based on Safer Internet Day and Mental Health Week as well as weekly virtual meets where we can see our friends and play fun games including bingo and scavenger hunts. Here is a just a small sample of what 5RO have been getting up to over Term 3. Keep up the fantastic work Year 5, you are amazing!

Term 2

In Term 2, we continued with our enquiry of 'How are lives saved?' through making healthy salads, writing non-chronological reports on the Eatwell Plate and creating TED Talks which addressed and answered our enquiry title. 

Then, we moved onto our new enquiry, 'What does ethics have to do with clothes?'. 

What does ethics have to do with clothes? - Enquiry Overview

This term, our class book is Street Child by Berlie Doherty. We will be following the journey of Jim Jarvis through the Victorian Era and the troubles that he faces. Through this book we will be focusing on a variety of genres and linking it to our year group targets. Making links with our class book, we will be learning about the Industrial Revolution which links to our Global Goal this term- Decent Work and Economic and artists

5RO's Shining Star for Term 2

Check out the link below to see 5RO's Shining Star!


Christmas in a Box! - Article 14: Freedom of Thought and Religion

In Week 7, we were very lucky to have Rev. Lisa visit us. We explored and learnt about Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the three wise men and their involvement in the birth of Jesus and the Christmas story. 

WOW Day! - Article 17: Access to Information 

In Week 6, we had our enquiry WOW day all about the Victorian era! We kickstarted our day by choosing a Victorian name for ourselves and comparing Victorian and modern classrooms. We were particularly shocked at the punishments Victorian children faced if they were rude or didn't follow instructions. We watched clips about child slavery in coal mines and textile mills and discussed whether their rights were met, linking to the Rights of a Child. We have practised Victorian handwriting and found out about Victorian workhouses. In the afternoon, we explored what games Victorian children played and made our very own spinning tops and thaumatropes. 

Online Safety and Computing - Article 17: Access to Information 

In Week 5, we have discussed what private and personal information is and what is suitable to share online. We also identified the risks of sharing private information online too. Then, we had a wonderful computing day where we explored and learnt how to make sprites dance to music, complete commands and solve bugs!


No Pen Day! - Article 13: Sharing thoughts freely

In Week 4, we have had lots of fun on No Pens Day! To start our day, we recapped the importance of oracy skills and how we learn to talk and through talk. We played a range of games including Articulate where we had to think carefully and describe words to our learning partner without giving too much away.  In writing, we immersed ourselves into our new book, Street Child, discussed what Jim Jarvis' living conditions were like and acted out how he might be feeling and what he was thinking.  In the afternoon, we had so much fun learning the alphabet in British Sign Language and fingerspelling our names. Check out our work below! 

Hot Seating Jim Jarvis!

Still image for this video

Sign Language

Still image for this video

Sign Language

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TED Talks on 'How are Lives Saved?' - Article 13: Sharing Thoughts Freely

In Week 3, we have planned, rehearsed and presented TED talks which answer our enquiry title of 'How are lives saved?' 5RO worked amazingly well and produced fantastic TED talks to be proud of! 

'How are Lives Saved?' TED Talk 1

Still image for this video

'How are Lives Saved?' TED Talk 2

Still image for this video

'How are Lives Saved?' TED Talk 3

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Writing Non-Chronological Reports on the Eatwell Plate - Article 24: Health, Water, Food and Environment 

In Week 2, we have planned, written and edited superb non-chronological reports on the Eatwell Plate and the importance of having a healthy diet. Take a look at our fantastic work...

Preparing and Eating Nutritious Salads - Article 24: Health, Water, Food and Environment

In Week 1, we were able to harvest lots of vegetables from our amazing allotment including spring onions, beetroot, lettuce and carrots. We then washed, chopped, peeled, diced, grated, roasted and boiled our ingredients to make a healthy salad! We all enjoyed eating our salads, especially Seanna who said, "It is the best salad I have ever tasted!" 

Pumpkin Carving - Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

In Week 1, we had a whole school pumpkin carving competition which showcased the children's imagination, creativity and skill. Well done to those in 5RO who entered! Check out our superb entries below! 

Term 1

How are lives saved? - Enquiry Overview

This term, Year 5 are going to delving into Sustainable Development Goal 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure with a focus on how lives can be saved through having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Alongside this, we will be doing work based on the book 'Journey to Jo'burg' which is based on a true story about children living during the Apartheid. Please check our page for updates on our fabulous learning!

5RO's First Shining Star - Congratulations Henry!

Still image for this video

Church Visit - Article 14: Freedom of Thought and Religion

In Week 8, we have had the wonderful opportunity of visiting St. Stephen's Church. Before we went to the church, we reflected on previous learning including Christian celebrations such as Harvest and how to be respectful in a place of worship. We enjoyed listening to Rev Lisa and learnt about Christian beliefs, events that take place and the sense of belonging Christians experience. We even had chance to ask some amazing and thought-provoking questions! 

Streetdancing - Article 24: Right to Health 

Throughout this term, we have been persevering and challenging ourselves in mastering our street dance skills! We have been following a Streetdance masterclass and we were finally able to put all our moves together to perform this amazing routine in Week 8! Well done 5RO! 

Our streetdance routine!

Still image for this video

Photography - Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

In Week 8, we have become fantastic photographers! Firstly, we found out that photographers think very carefully about what to include when taking a photograph and that they can use three types of ground - foreground, midground and background. We analysed a range of photographs and worked out each type of ground before showing off our photography skills on the allotment! Finally, we analysed our own photographs and worked out each ground. 

Tower Building with Marshmallows and Spaghetti - Article 28: The Right to Education

In Week 7, we were set the challenge of building a tower with just marshmallows and spaghetti in Jigsaw. Whilst having lots of fun, we realised the importance of good teamwork and communication. Well done 5RO for building such fantastic structures! 

Researching & Presenting Our Findings - Article 13: Freedom of Expression

In Week 6, we had the exciting opportunity to use the Chromebooks and Google Classroom. At the start of the day, we recapped our enquiry learning including the circulatory system, seasons and food preparation and chose a topic to research further with our learning partners. Then, we created fabulous presentations of our learning and shared them with the class. We particularly enjoyed each other's fun facts, quizzes and even bingo games! 

Planting Crops in Different Seasons - Article 17: Access to Information

In Week 5, we have developed our knowledge of seasons and why we have them through watching videos and playing matching games. We have also explored what crops can be sown and harvested in each season. And with the help from Mr Evans, we have even planted chives and purslane which we will look after until they are ready to be harvested! 

Places of Worship - Article 14: Freedom of Thought and Religion

In Week 4, we have been learning about different places of worship. We started off by discussing how to show respect in a place of worship and came up with some fantastic ideas, as shown below! We are looking forward to learning more about Sikhism and their place of worship - a Gurdwara. 

Sporting Chance - Article 31: Right to Play 

In Week 3, we have had the most wonderful opportunity of developing our throwing skills with Sporting Chance. We can’t wait for our next session!

WOW! Class Party - Article 24: Right to Health

In Week 2, we kickstarted our new enquiry with a class party. After the party, we thought about the kinds of food that we had and what would happen to our health and bodies if we ate this food all of the time. We realised that we would become unhealthy and even unwell if we had unbalanced diets all of the time so we want to learn about healthy diets so we can keep ourselves in good shape as well as saving lives of others!