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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Contact us!

We have our own 6SP email! If you would like to contact us, please do so with the secure form below- we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Key information: Year 6 will have their P.E. days on a Monday and a Wednesday. Their entrance/exit points to the school are the Year 6 door by the school office. Year 6 teachers will have their planning days every other Wednesday so other teaching staff will cover the classes.

Term 6

We have reached the last and final term of Junior School! Where has that time gone? In Term 6, we will be finishing off showing off our fantastic writing skills, covering Science, DT, art and Jigsaw content as well as preparing for secondary school with transition days and practising and performing the Year 6 production! Stay tuned to see our fantastic work! 

Careers Week

We have loved careers week! We have had a range of adults visiting our school to tell us all about their careers. We were visited by a Creative Director, a Solicitor, a Complaints Handler, a Cricket Coach, a Scientist and a Hypnotherapist. These jobs are all so different and it was great to hear about the skills they need to be successful in their field. The one think that everyone agreed on was, we need to love what you do - Do something that you are passionate about. 

Reading to inspire:

For careers week, we spent some time just enjoying books. We have a large amount of new books to inspire and teach us about some of the different jobs and careers in the world. It was lovely to have time to enjoy reading and to discuss what we had found out. These new books will be kept in the school library. 

Our amazing writing:

SATs did not signal the end of all our hard work! We carried on writing. Have a read through to see just how much we've learned. Our teachers are super proud of our imagination and dedication.

Outdoor P.E:

Yesterday we were excited to start one of our new outdoor P.E. sessions - Outdoor Adventurous Activities. We started with some warm up games and then had to use our bodies to form letters and words. Can you work out what words the children made?

Term 5

With just three weeks of revision before SATs, we have coming back refreshed and raring to go. After SATs (in week 4), we'll start sharing some of our fantastic work with you again.

.... That's a wrap on SATs!

We are so proud of your hard work, focus and dedication. You have shown great resilience and perseverance to achieve your very best! What better way to celebrate than with your leaver's hoodies and an ice lolly? 

King Charles' Coronation Celebrations

To celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, we have taken part in lots of activities including a whole school assembly, crown making and sketching a whole class portrait of King Charles.

Term 4

It's Term 4 and we are officially over half way of Year 6! Term 4 is revision time; a chance to practise all of our learning so far. We will be revisiting skills in maths, grammar, punctuation and spelling, all in preparation for SATs. Our brand new SATs packs (coming home in week 1) will help us to feel ready. 

All of our hard work and efforts will be rewarded with Year 6 camp in the final week - we can't wait!

Showcasing our work

We are so proud of the work we have produced in 6SP that we wanted to share and celebrate  it. We swapped with 4AH and told them all about pieces of work we felt proud of and why. We shared some of our writing aloud using our fantastic oracy skills. We read clearly and confidently with great fluency. 

Using our oracy to celebrate our amazing work!

Easter Service at the Church

We love spending time at our Church and it was amazing to see the fantastic 4AH deliver a great Easter production. They spoke clearly and confidently and told us all about what happened at Easter all those years ago and why it is celebrated by Christians all over the world. 

Easter Service at Church

Rock Steady concert

We have some talented students in our school! Today's Rock Steady concert was amazing - everyone got involved singing and clapping along. And many people were inspired to follow in their musical footsteps and sign up for lessons! Well done everyone who took part - you smashed it!

World Book Day!

What a joy to come to school in our pyjamas! We have loved den building, sharing stories with our friends and igniting our love for reading. It is so great to take some time out of our busy days of learning and just enjoy a good book. They can take you on adventures to far away planets and worlds you can only dream of! What power books have. Have you read any good books lately?

What a great start to Term 4!

6SP are back and rearing to go. They have had such an amazing attitude in their maths lessons with Mr B. This week, they have been mastering percentages. It has been great to see such growth mindsets and perseverance to achieve their best!

Being an engineer: Harry Potter Cam Toys

This term, we worked as engineers to design and make toys with moving mechanisms. We used different shaped Cams to make our toys move in either a linear or rotary way. Take a look at the videos and pictures of their work - Ms Perrett was super impressed with their engineering skills and what they could produce in less than a day.

Harry Potter Cam Toy

Still image for this video

Harry Potter Cam Toy

Still image for this video

Term 3

This term, we are  developing our skills as engineers and scientists to experiment with electrical components and create toys with moving mechanisms. 


In writing, we will be using the magical and wonderful book of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to entertain our readers as we continue to learn more Year 6 writing targets and develop our writing style through a number of different genres.

6SP have loved reading Harry Potter this term!


We love getting lost in a book. It's great to share our thoughts and feelings and discover characters and events together as a class. 


'I have been reading all of the other books at home!' Luca

'I love how they describe Diagon Alley. It really makes it come to life.' Sumire

'My favourite character is Neville as he just seems so timid!' Lottie

'I can't wait to find out about the first Quidditch game. I think I would make a great Seeker!' Henry 

'I like it best when we turn off the lights and put the crackling fire on the screen. It feels all cosy.' Morgan

Mental Health Week 

In 6SP, we have been discussing the importance of understanding what mental health is and the need to look after it. After playing a game of 'connect' bingo, we thought about this word and what it means to connect with people. We thought about different ways we could connect with others and how doing something so simple and small could make a huge difference to someone else's life. 

Indoor PE - Gymnastics

More weird and wonderful shapes from 6SP.

Indoor PE: Gymnastics

We have loved our first session of gymnastics with the sports coaches. As you can see, the pictures our teacher tried to take were not great - but that's because we were so good at moving dynamically from position to position. Tuck, pike, straddle, arabesque - which one can you do? 

Year 6 Fashion Show: What do ethics have to do with clothing?

Term 2

In Term 2, we are continuing to delve deeper with our enquiry, 'What do ethics have to do with clothing?'. Children will learn about low-paid work - that still happens in the world today - to produce the clothes that we can buy in our country. As we continue to learn our new Year 6 writing targets, we will be uncovering a missing person's case in our brilliant book, 'Cogheart'. 

PE - Intra-house competition

This term we've been honing our football skills on the outdoor pitch. However in the final week, teachers from Mangotsfield secondary came in to challenge us to beat each other in a House Dribbling Relay Race! 

Feeling Festive!

We had a lovely morning at St Stephen's Church today watching 4KD tell us all about the Christmas story. It was so lovely to all come together, sing beautiful carols and take some time to remember what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. 


A special well done to the amazing Evie who 'wow'ed us with a solo! 

Superb Spanish

We have been thoroughly enjoying our Spanish lessons each week. This week we have been learning the days of the week. We work really hard on getting the correct pronunciation. Using clapping, silly voices and lots of repetition seems to do the trick! 

Bristol Old Vic Production 

We would like to say a massive thank you to the PTA for organising a wonderful production from the Bristol Old Vic. We really enjoyed our afternoon watching the play and admired the set, actors and costumes. Here's what we had to say... 

  • "That was so amazing! I loved every minute" - Luca
  • "I really like the different songs. It was really engaging" - Evie
  • "The best afternoon ever!" Courtney

Our Vocabulary Books

This week we have been using our vocabulary books to explore and develop our vocabulary. It has been great to spend time really immersing ourselves in language and thinking carefully about what different words mean. These books will help us to write our gruesome Penny Dreadfuls and we have come up with some fantastic phrases and sentences to create tension and suspense. We are so excited to get writing!

Term 1

Year 6 kicks off with a bang when we are confronted with a missing person's enquiry set in a fantasy world not too different from our own. We will be using the book 'Cogheart' to set the scene as we learn new Year 6 writing targets to entertain our readers. 


This thrilling adventure is set in Victorians times which leads nicely into our enquiry. Building on their work in Year 5, 'What do ethics have to do with clothing?' delves deeper into the Victorian period and the forced labour of children in workhouses. Children will learn about low-paid work - that still happens in the world today - to produce the clothes that we can buy in our country.


Keep checking in to find out what knowledge we have gained!

Engage: What is an engineer?

As part of our engage, we started thinking about what it means to be an engineer. 

What is an engineer?

‘Someone who comes to your house and fixes your tap’ Courtney

‘My Dad is an engineer. He designs things!’ Freddie

‘A sculpture would be an engineer as they have to plan, do and then review’ Aditya

‘You could be an engineer with lego and build something from scratch’ George

‘An engineer would design an aeroplane and make sure it is safe. They are responsible for fixing them also’ Mika


We were then set a design brief. 

Design brief: You will need to design and make a mobile phone cover/pocket.

It was lots of fun and we were really pleased with our final products. It was difficult to thread the needles but we persevered and were paitent and we got there in the end. 


Metacog: Teamwork

We know that an important part of learning is being able to work with others towards a shared goal. We were set a challenge to make the tallest free-standing tower out of spaghetti! This task helped us to realise the importance of communicating, sharing ideas, helping one another and most importantly, not giving up when something is difficult! 

Voting for our 'Voice of the Change Makers' 

After hearing some amazing speeches and understanding the importance of democracy, we headed to the hall to vote for our favourite girl and boy candidate to be a 'Voice of the Change Maker'. This role is a very important one as the selected candidates will voice their and their peers' opinions on important school matters. It was a really tricky decision for us as there were so many wonderful candidates so we are excited to hear who will fulfil the role soon!


This week, we have explored and developed our oracy knowledge and skills. Oracy is all about communicating effectively and how we use our bodies and voices to be a confident and articulate speaker. In order to have a discussion, we realised the importance of listening and how it is polite and respectful to show someone that you can listen well. We generated our class steps to success for listening and discussion and put them to the test in a variety of discussions and games. A particular favourite of ours was the game, would you rather, as we debated questions such as 'Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?' and 'Would you rather travel 100 years back in time or 10 years into the future?" We have looked at talk tactics and how to take different roles in conversations. We have explored the roles of build, challenge and summarise. 

Article 28: Access to Education: Being a Metacog

This week we have been learning all about 'Being a Metacog.' We have understood the importance of knowing ourselves as learners, our strengths and weaknesses and using this information to set goals and challenge ourselves. We have thought about what learning behaviours might move our learning on and what behaviours might block our learning. We have also spent time unpicking what it means to be challenged. Setting our own mini goals and striving forward to achieve them. Did you know, there is no progress without struggle.

Being a Metacog

Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture, Arts.

What a joy it is to read a good book. We have loved exploring our restocked class library! So many amazing authors and fantastic stories await. After lunch, we spent ten minutes just enjoying our new books. They transported us to different times and places and we met so many weird and wonderful characters... we can't wait to read more. What was the last book that you read?

Reading is dreaming with eyes wide open!