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Being Metacogs



Here at St. Stephen's, we are Metacognitive learners! We believe that having a positive and ever-growing mind-set towards learning is vital. In order to become a 'Metacog', we have to think about all aspects of our learning and how we learn best. We think about how our thinking, consider how our learning affects others, decide how our prior understanding and learning can help us and consider how we use communication to help us succeed.

What is Metacognition?


In every classroom, a target is displayed. This target has three areas that represent learning.

Movers and Blockers


Movers and Blockers relate to the behaviour we can have in class towards our learning. We concentrate on using 'Movers' to move our learning forward; learning walls, Steps to Success, learning partners and group talk are all examples of things that help us to learn. 'Blockers' are behaviours that can stop us and others from learning and children will remain in the 'Challenge Zone' as a result. 

Growth and Fixed Mindset


We understand and appreciate that mistakes are a step in our learning journey. We never give up and always try our hardest. Having a growth mind-set allows us to learn from our mistakes and see them as opportunities for learning. We have learnt that the brain is a muscle and a fixed mind-set would permit it from growing! We think that 'struggle' is a good thing and that every 'magnificent mistake' is a learning opportunity. We carefully consider which 'zone' our learning puts us in and how this can make us feel.

Who are our Metacogs?


Thinking about all the things we can do to work in the Purple Zone, we discussed in classes the qualities of a Metacognitive Learner.




Metacog Medal and Certificate


Each day, a child is chosen to be a ‘Metacog of the day’. At the end of the day, children celebrate how this child has worked as a Metacog and award them a medal and certificate.