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Young Carers


If you're between 8 and 18 years old and look after another person at home, you may be a young carer.

You might look after someone because they’re:

  • disabled
  • have a long-term illness
  • have problems with drugs or alcohol
  • finding it hard to cope with being a parent or carer
  • We can help the person you care for with:
  • personal care, getting up, washing and dressing
  • going to day care services or an activity they go to during the day
  • use of a home delivery shopping service
  • a place to stay for a short time so you can have a break from caring
  • alarms, adaptations and equipment in the home


As a young carer you might:

  • find that you can’t go out with your friends
  • be confused or angry about the situation at home
  • have problems at school or college because of your responsibilities at home
  • feel alone and unable to talk to anyone about your situation
  • need help with the caring
  • Your wellbeing is our first concern. We'll involve you in any decisions about the help you need.


Here at St Stephen’s Juniors we can help you. 

Miss Parfrey is our Young Carers champion. She has regular time each week to work with anyone who is a young carer, this may be one to one or in a small group. It is an opportunity for our young carers to talk about anything on their mind, a chance to share ideas with other young carers and seek help and support.


If you think that you might be a young carer either contact Miss Parfrey who is the Operational Lead, in person or email her through this web page at the bottom.


More information can be accessed through the following links at the bottom of this page.

Young Carer Contact

If you have any questions, think that you may be a young carer or you are a parent and want to know more about young carers, please email Miss Parfrey