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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Key Information:

3GL have outdoor PE on a Wednesday and indoor PE on a Friday.

3GL's entrance and exit point is the main gate next to the car park.

Please wait on the playground area outside of the Year 3 classrooms.

Words of the Week: wicked, marvellous, miserable 


Times table of the week: 2s and 5s


Times Table Class Champs!

Article 29: You have the right to education which tries to develop your personality and abilities as much as possible. 


Well done to our times table champion for week 1! We are very proud of you!

Term 2 

Enquiry Overview: What is the difference between survival and healthiness? - Sustainable Development Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being


This term, Year 3 are going to delving into Sustainable Development Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being with a focus on how we can live a healthy and happy life. Alongside this, we will be basing our writing around the Roald Dahl novel `George's Marvellous Medicine`. Please check our page for updates on our fabulous learning!

Enquiry Overview:

3GL Shining Star T2

Christmas Maths Morning!  - Article 29: Right to an education

Year 3 have had a fantastic Christmas themed maths morning! We have applied all our knowledge from this term in order to solve Christmas themed problems. We learnt about consecutive numbers and found patterns within this. We are now rather excited for Christmas day. Only 9 sleeps to go!

Science - Article 28 Every child has the right to an education.

This week, in science, we have been learning all about skeletons and how our bones give us protection, support and movement. In order to understand why our bones are so important, first we needed to be able to name the most important ones. Some of the bones we have are: rib cage, radius, humerus, fibula, tibia. We were able to find and locate all of these bones, and more, across our body. Have a look at the pictures below to see us identifying different bones. We looked at how bones protect our organs such as how the skull is there to protect our brains.

Our body is also shaped by the way our bones are supported within our skeleton. We looked at different animals, such as a fish and a frog, to show how we can identify animals and humans just by looking at their skeleton.

RE - Article 14 Children can choose their own thoughts, opinions and religion.

In RE this term, we have been looking at the Creation Story and why it is important to Christians. We have learned the story and the order in which it says the world was created. As well as this, we have discussed why this is important for Christians and why we should be protecting and looking after the planet. 

From this, we looked at how Christians look to God to guide them through life and make their choices around what they believe God would have wanted. In our most recent lesson, some of us were asked to make our way through a maze without being able to see. We realised that this was really hard and it became much easier when we had a partner to help guide us through it. The same way Christians believe that God guides them

Alliteration! Right 29: Access to Education 

In Week 4, we have learnt what alliteration is and how Roald Dahl uses it to create effect. We uses Roald Dahl's writing technique of alliteration to create our own marvellous medicine ingredients list. This will come in rather handy when we write our set of instructions next week!  

An example of our fantastic alliteration!

Still image for this video

No Pens MondayArticle 27 Standard of life

Today, we had a fantastic day of learning where no pens were used all day! We couldn't believe how much we learnt through using our voices and listening carefully. As part of our enquiry we were engineers for the day and we practised the skills involved in cooking a meal. As food technologists, we evaluated the 3 recipes from each of the Year 3 classrooms and of course, we felt that 3GL's meal was the best!  

Sporting Chance- Article 31 the right to play and relax

This term Year 3 are enjoying learning the skills required to play netball.  So far we have learnt different passes such as the 'chest pass' and the 'bounce pass'.  We have learnt how to move the ball from one end of the court to the next without moving our feet.  This involved using our team work and collaboration skills. We then played against teams trying to block the opposing team for scoring across the line.

George's Marvellous Medicine WOW!

To hook us into this Roald Dahl classic, we created our own marvellous medicines! We included ingredients such as shampoo, fairy liquid, rice pudding and lemon juice! We decided who we would like our medicine to be used on and what effect the concoction would have! We had lots of fun and can;t wait to start exploring this fantastic story. 

Enquiry Overview: Transition Enquiry

To help us transition from the Infants to the Juniors we will be completing a transition enquiry. We will explore what it means to  be a `Historian`, `Scientist`, an `Artist` etc. and the skills involved when learning about these subjects. Alongside this, we will focus on easing the transition, getting to know the children and the expectations of St. Stephen's Juniors. During this transition, we will be using the book `Leon and the Place Between` by Angela McAllister in our writing lessons. It is a fantastic book; full of wonder and excitement! Read on below for the blurb:


"When Leon goes to the magic show, he is the only one who believes. His brothers and sisters are in for a big surprise however: this is no ordinary show and Abdul Kazam is no ordinary magician. Leon is taken on a journey right into the Place Between, where magic becomes really real."

3GL Shining Star Term 1

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Being a street dancer! Article 24 - You have the right to be healthy. 


Throughout this term, we have been working hard to develop our street dancing skills. We watched a video of a street dancing group and worked together to create the perfect street dance for 3GL. Over the last couple of lessons, we've been practising to ensure that our dancing is in sync and we are able to move in tine with each other and the music. This has really helped our collaborative learning skills as well as our dancing ones. See the video below of our amazing performance!


3GL Street Dance Performance!

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Being a geographer (Article 13 - You have the right to find things out)

In Week 7, we have been really busy learning how to be geographers. We spoke about all the different skills we would need, such as reading a compass and observing the world around us, and we had a chance to test each one.


To show off our new and improving skills as geographers, we were asked to measure and record the weather in Bristol. In order to do this, we made rain gauges and put them outside to see the level of rain that that fallen over the course of a week. We also put a thermometer in there, so we could test the temperature to give us a better indication of the climate here. 

Being a mathematician! - Article 28: You have a right to an education. 


This week we have been VERY excited about learning our 5 times tables. We are particularly enjoying completing our times tables test every afternoon. We are always trying to get a better result than the day before and we are doing absolutely fantastic! 

Being a scientist...  (Article 13 You have the right to find out things).

In Week 5, we experimented what would happen when a toy car went down a ramp of different materials. We had foam, a sack, the table, wood and sugar paper and the playground as different ramps, to see which one would create the most friction. Before we began, we predicted which material we thought was going to get the car to move the furthest distance. Unfortunately, none of our predictions were quite right, but it was a good place to start. 
We could see which material created the most friction by calculating which surface the car traveled the slowest on. The faster the car traveled, the less friction that was involved. We measured the speed the toy car traveled using a stopwatch and filled out a table. The material that created the most friction was the sack and the material that created the least friction was the table. 

Forest School! - Article 29: Education must develop every child's personality, talents and abilities to the full.


In Week 4, we had a fantastic time at Forest School! We particularly enjoyed creating our hedgehogs and owls using the natural resources in our secret garden! 

Being a scientist...  Article 13: You have the right to find out things


In week 4, 3GL learned what is takes to be a scientist. Looking at all the different skills we need to call ourselves this, we completed a variety of different experiments and tests to see if we were able to be scientists. 

We observed changes over time by looking and describing the changes to whipped cream over the course of the afternoon. After that, we tested different styles of paper airplanes to see which ones would travel the furthest and then took them onto the playground to race them. 

We also grouped and classified the class in a variety of ways, the most popular being which food we liked best. Miss Lithauer was hungry just looking at all of the different food choices. In order to see if we could trust sources and use a range of secondary sources to find the evidence we needed, we looked at a fact about butterflies - they taste with their feet!! - and we backed it up with different sources. 

WOW! Article 24: The right to an education. 

In Week 3, we had lots of fun on our WOW day. We were introduced to the book we will be focusing on in our writing lessons. First of all, to immerse ourselves, we watched a range of circus acts such as jugglers, tightrope walkers and acrobats! We then considered what we think may happen in the book and why, using the evidence we had gained from the first few pages. Next, we explored the four main characters' thoughts and feelings by using freeze frames.  Finally we learnt and performed a page of the Leon and the Place Between! We really enjoyed performing using both our voices and actions to make it even more exciting!