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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Our Class Charter

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Key Information:

3LJ have outdoor PE on Thursdays and indoor PE on Tuesdays.

3LJ's entrance and exit point is the main gate next to the car park.

Please wait on the playground area outside of the Year 3 classrooms.


Times table of the week: 2s, 5s and 3s

Term 6 

In Term 6, we are continuing with our enquiry of 'Which is the most influential animal on Earth?'.  As authors we will be writing our narratives and non-chronological reports linked to our enquiry and as mathematicians we will be continuing with our learning on fractions where we will be comparing fractions and exploring equivalent fractions.

Being Technologists - Article 29 Encourage the child's respect for the environment


In our final week we were being Technologists and we used our knowledge of the serious issues affecting bees to design and create bee safe havens.  We also made our own wild flower bee bombs using clay and soil so that we could scatter them to provide food for the hard-working bees.  We had so much fun getting messy!

Term 6 Shining Star

Conscience alley

Monster Kick About - Article 31 The right to rest, play and culture.

In week 5, to celebrate the England football team playing in the in the semi-final of the UEFA EUROS, we had a penalty shoot off.   We had an amazing time even though the pressure was on!  Harry Kane needs to watch out - 3LJ scored some awesome goals!!!

Year 3 Sports Day! 

Today we had our Sports Day and it was so much fun! We competed in lots of races such as; the obstacle course, the vortex, the long jump, speed bounce, distance running and the sprint. We even had a delicious ice lolly once all the fun and hard work was over!  

Being Geographers - Article 28: Right to an education.

While investigating our enquiry question: 'Humans or Bees: Who is the most influential animal on Earth?', we have been exploring the ancient Egyptians and how bees were very important to them.  This week we have expanded our knowledge on Egypt by researching its human and physical features and what countries and seas border it. 

RE - Article 13: Freedom of thought, belief and religion.

In RE this term, we are looking at the question 'Why do people pray?'.  This week, we looked at how body language is important throughout different religions to show respect and care for their Gods. In order to show this, we looked at pictures to see if we could recognise how the person was feeling. We used this to show our own feelings using our body language. 

PE - Article 24: Good health and well-being.

In PE this term, we are  very lucky to have a cricket coach in to teach us how to play cricket. We learnt what equipment we use in cricket, what the different positions are and began to practise our swing. We are really enjoying it! 

Being Scientists - Article 29 Education must encourage the child's respect for the environment.

In week one we were being scientists and we investigated the important role bees play in the process of pollination.  We used cheese puffs to represent flowers' pollen and with our bees on our fingers we collected pollen (cheese puff dust) and spread it to our friends' flowers.  We all enjoyed munching on our cheese puffs afterwards!

                                                                             Term 5

Enquiry Overview: Which is the most influential animal on Earth? Global Goal 15: Life on Land 

This term we are exploring the Global Goal: Life on Land. In this enquiry we will be exploring the importance of bees for the future of humanity and our planet. In addition, the Bee Movie will be our Writing focus alongside other non-fiction books such as `The Life of Bees`. We cannot wait to start our topic and find out which animal is the most influential on Earth. 

Term 5's Shining Star!

PE - Article 31: Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of activities.

In week 6 we really enjoyed our time with the Sporting Chance coach who supported us in developing our long jumping skills.  It took at lot of perseverance and co-ordination but we may have a few Olypmic long-jumpers in our midst! 

RE - Article 13: Freedom of thought, belief and religion.

In week 5 we have been Theologists.  We explored the question 'What does the crucifixion of Jesus mean to Christians and we re-enacted scenes of the story.  When then explored the question 'Why is Diwali  important to Hindus?'  We re-enacted the story of Rama and Sita  and discussed the important messages in the story that good overcomes evil and that light triumphs over darkness.  We created our own monsters with evil characteristics just like Ravana.  After that we compared the similarities and differences between the christian festival of Easter and the Hindu festival of Diwali.  

Jigsaw - Article 13: Sharing views and opinions

This week during our 'Healthy Me' jigsaw lesson we connected by playing 'Hula Hoop'.  Everyone stood in a circle holding hands and we hand to work out a strategy for passing the hula hoop from one person to the next without breaking the chain.  We realised it helped when we encouraged each other by using positive and motivating language. 

Connect Us

Still image for this video

No Pens Day! Article 13: Sharing Thoughts Freely

In Week 4, we had a fantastic No Pens Day! We kickstarted the day by refreshing our understanding of oracy and the four strands.  We then played word association games that made us all giggle!  When being a writer, we created a story map of our new text 'The Bee Moive' and rehearsed retelling. When being a mathematician, we focused on fractions.  We played fraction bingo and used concrete resources to split a whole in to equal parts. We had a wonderful afternoon being scientists and dissects plants to identify the different parts of a plant and their functions.  

The Bee Movie

Engage - Article 28 - Every child has the right to an education.

Today, we walked into the classroom to the sounds of buzzing bees and lots of facts about bees spread around the room. We found out that this term, we are going to be looking at how much influence bees have on the planet. To really get excited for our upcoming enquiry, we created a honeycomb fact file and made our own bees that we took for a flight through different settings. To top off an already awesome day, we finished by being introduced to our text for this term: The Bee Movie and we watched the film to make sure we all knew what was happening. What a brilliant day!

Whole School Oracy Day - Article 13: Have the rights to share your opinion.

In Week 1, we participated in a whole school Oracy Day. Firstly, we recapped our steps to success for good listening and discussions. Then, we discussed what oracy is, why it is important and how it helps us in our lives. We also looked into the four strands of oracy including the social and emotional, linguistic, physical and cognitive strands. With this understanding of the strands, we acted out some different scenarios and compared them against the strands. We had fun using our oracy skills during discussions and tracked how active we were in conversations by using a tracking circle!



Term 4

For the remainder of Term 4, the whole school are focussing all of their learning around the book: Here we are: Notes for living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers. This wonderful picture book will take us on a journey through a series of heartfelt notes introducing planet Earth. From land and sky, to people and time, the notes explore what makes the world and how we live it. We will be using the book to re-establish our class and whole school community, focussing on important messages such as kindness and to inspire our writing, reading and to create some beautiful artwork too.

Poetry: Article 2 The right to education

In week 4 and week 6 we have been exploring poetry in Guided Reading. Have a look at our recitals.

IMG 07351

Term 4 Shining Star

Outdoor Learning: Article 31 We have the right to relax and play

In Week 5, we have been completing some outdoor activities! We found items such as twigs, leaves and stones to create pictures with our partners. We really enjoyed being outdoors and being creative! 

Being an artist - Article 13 Children have the right to share freely with others what they learn, think and feel, by talking, drawing, writing.


This term, our art focus is painting and the different ways in which we can do this. This week, we started by discussing what paint is and what we already know about it. When we looked at the definition and saw that paint was a 'coloured substance' we experimented to see if we could make our own paint using a range of different things. We used mud, grass, coffee and even paprika to create our own paints. Have a look at the pictures below to see how fantastic they were! Keep checking back for more updates on all the fun we are having with paint this term.

3LJ Joke Winner :-)

Purple Learning: Article 28 Access to Education

This week, we have been recapping Purple Learning and all of things that make us Purple Learners. We have really enjoyed using our oracy skills as well as revising our previous learning.


The first two weeks of Term 4 were our final two weeks of online learning. During the first week, we developed our understanding of commas in a list when 'Being an Author'. Whilst 'Being a Mathematician', we persevered with our learning of the four different operations. We also have secured a deeper understanding of sequencing and summarising whilst 'Being a Reader'. We have been fantastic athletes by completing bootcamp and yoga sessions in addition to being superb scientists where we found out about the 4 different stages of the water cycle. Throughout our second week, we celebrated World Book Day and explored alternative versions of Fairytales. We have created superb comic strips, wanted posters, book marks and have even engaged in a class debate in which we built on our oracy skills!  We are so proud of the work that 3LJ have produced and cannot wait to see them back in the classroom. Take a look below at our wonderful work...

                                                       Term 3

Lockdown 2021

This term, we have become superb and resilient technologists by completing our school work online. Since being told to stay at home and stay safe, 3LJ have continued to explore and apply new learning and challenge themselves in everything that they do. Whilst ‘Being an Author’, we have developed a wonderful understanding of inverted commas and contractions. In ‘Being a Mathematician’, we have learnt how to multiply and divide two digit numbers. We have also consolidated our understanding of sequencing and learnt about summarising whilst ‘Being a Reader’. We have enjoyed activities based on Safer Internet Day and Mental Health Week as well as weekly virtual meets where we can see our friends and play fun games including bingo and scavenger hunts. Here is a just a small sample of what 3GL have been getting up to over Term 3. Keep up the fantastic work Year 3, you are amazing!

Term 2 

Enquiry Overview: What is the difference between survival and healthiness? - Sustainable Development Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being


This term, Year 3 are going to delving into Sustainable Development Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-Being with a focus on how we can live a healthy and happy life. Alongside this, we will be basing our writing around the Roald Dahl novel `George's Marvellous Medicine`. Please check our page for updates on our fabulous learning!

Enquiry Overview:


On our last day of term, 3LJ really enjoyed singing along during the Year 4 Nativity. What beautiful voices!

3LJ Shining Star

Christmas Maths Morning!  - Article 29: Right to an education

Year 3 have had a fantastic Christmas themed maths morning! We have applied all our knowledge from this term in order to solve Christmas themed problems. We learnt about consecutive numbers and found patterns within this. We are now rather excited for Christmas day. Only 9 sleeps to go!

Science - Article 28 Every child has the right to an education.

This week, in science, we have been learning all about skeletons and how our bones give us protection, support and movement. In order to understand why our bones are so important, first we needed to be able to name the most important ones. Some of the bones we have are: rib cage, radius, humerus, fibula, tibia. We were able to find and locate all of these bones, and more, across our body. Have a look at the pictures below to see us identifying different bones. We looked at how bones protect our organs such as how the skull is there to protect our brains.

Our body is also shaped by the way our bones are supported within our skeleton. We looked at different animals, such as a fish and a frog, to show how we can identify animals and humans just by looking at their skeleton.

PizzaArticle 27 Standard of life

In week 5 Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon of learning where, in order to support them writing a set of instructions using adverbs of time,  they made their own pizza! I think we were all agreement that it was the best pizza ever! 

Alliteration! Right 29: Access to Education 

In Week 4, we have learnt what alliteration is and how Roald Dahl uses it to create effect. We used Roald Dahl's writing technique of alliteration to create our own marvellous medicine ingredients list. This will come in rather handy when we write our set of instructions next week!  

No Pens MondayArticle 27 Standard of life

Today, we had a fantastic day of learning where no pens were used all day! We couldn't believe how much we learnt through using our voices and listening carefully. As part of our enquiry we were engineers for the day and we practised the skills involved in cooking a meal. As food technologists, we evaluated the 3 recipes from each of the Year 3 classrooms and of course, we felt that 3LJ's meal was the best!  

Sporting Chance- Article 31 the right to play and relax

This term Year 3 are enjoying learning the skills required to play netball.  So far we have learnt different passes such as the 'chest pass' and the 'bounce pass'.  We have learnt how to move the ball from one end of the court to the next without moving our feet.  This involved using our team work and collaboration skills. We then played against teams trying to block the opposing team for scoring across the line.  

Survival - Right 29: Access to Education 


In week 1 Year 3 learnt about all things survival.  They were very excited to find out we would be having a live chat with a member of The Armed Forces who informed us of how they survived when they were on tour.  We also had fun completing a scavanger hunt and we watched Bear Grylls teach children how to survive in the wild.  We went outside and built shelters and explored what a things we would need to survive.  We then learnt what to do went things don't go to plan and took turns bandaging wounds and supporting broken limbs!  What an amazing day!

George's Marvellous Medicine WOW!

To hook us into this Roald Dahl classic we created our own marvellous medicines! We included ingredients such as shampoo, fairy liquid, rice pudding and lemon juice! We decided who we would like our medicine to be used on and what effect the concoction would have! We had lots of fun and can;t wait to start exploring this fantastic story. 

Term 1

Enquiry Overview: Transition Enquiry

To help us transition from the Infants to the Juniors we will be completing a transition enquiry. We will explore what it means to  be a `Historian`, `Scientist`, an `Artist` etc. and the skills involved when learning about these subjects. Alongside this, we will focus on easing the transition, getting to know the children and the expectations of St. Stephen's Juniors. During this transition, we will be using the book `Leon and the Place Between` by Angela McAllister in our writing lessons. It is a fantastic book; full of wonder and excitement! Read on below for the blurb:


"When Leon goes to the magic show, he is the only one who believes. His brothers and sisters are in for a big surprise however: this is no ordinary show and Abdul Kazam is no ordinary magician. Leon is taken on a journey right into the Place Between, where magic becomes really real."

WOW! Article 24: The right to an education. 

In Week 3, we had lots of fun on our WOW day. We were introduced to the book we will be focusing on in our writing lessons. First of all, to immerse ourselves, we watched a range of circus acts such as jugglers, tightrope walkers and acrobats! We then considered what we think may happen in the book and why, using the evidence we had gained from the first few pages. Next, we explored the four main characters' thoughts and feelings by using freeze frames.  Finally we learnt and performed a page of the Leon and the Place Between! We really enjoyed performing using both our voices and actions to make it even more exciting! 

Shining Star Term 1


Still image for this video


Article 24 - We have the right to the best health possible.

During Term 1, 3LJ have been working hard to develop their street dance skills. With the help of a street dance video they worked together to create a street dance routine and collaborated to ensure they were in time with the music and each other.  We hope you enjoy our performance!



Still image for this video

Being Geographers!  

Article 13 - we have the right to find out things

In week 7, 3LJ explored the skills that are required to be geographers. We carried out some field work and recorded the number of cars, cyclists and pedestrians that passed by our school.  We thought this information would be useful to the City Council so that they could help plan new roads or crossing to help keep us safe.  We also had fun using atlases to complete a Capital City Scavenger Hunt and played a direction game on the playground using compasses to make sure we went in the right direction.  What fantastic geographers we are!

Google Classroom

Article 17: I have the right to access information.

In week 7, 3LJ had a very exciting visit from Mr Stinchcombe who guided us through the set up of our Google accounts using the Chromebooks.  He showed us the different functions we will be using and gave us some top tips like using two fingers on the mouse pad to scroll up and down the page!  We all had a go at completing an online quiz and submitting our work online.  Thankyou Mr Stinchcombe for a very fun and informative lesson!

Forest School!  

Article 31: I have the right to relax and play.

In week 6, 3LJ had an amazing time at forest school.  They developed their fire skills by safely lighting and putting out a fire.  They developed their cooking skills by toasting smores over the fire; delicious!.  To escape from the torrential rain, they took shelter and made their own necklaces from wooden rings and went on a bug hunt.  They all came back to the class smelling of smoke!  Thankyou forest school for another fun filled day!

Being Artists!  

Article 31: I have the right to relax and play.

In week 6, 3LJ explored the skills that are required to be an artist.  They explored drawing by looking for shapes and lines within objects and drawing these from different perspectives.  They collected leaves from the playground and blended watercolours to create their own autumnal coloured artwork.  They had fun exploring 3D art and created their own 3D hot air balloons.  Finally they looked at a range of artwork created by assembling lots of small pieces of paper to create blocks of colour.  They observed how they could create different effects by layering different colours of tissue paper.  What an amazing day!


Being scientists!  

Article 13: I have the right to find out things.

In week 4, 3LJ explored the skills that are required to be a scientist.  Using the paper helicopters they made, they tested the idea that 'all things fall to the ground at the same rate'.  They attached different objects to their helicopters and made predictions about the speed  they would travel to the ground.  They observed changes over time by observing and describing the changes to whipped cream as it sat in the sunshine for the afternoon.  They used secondary sources to corroborate the scientific fact that butterflies taste with their feet.  Outside, they gazed at the clouds, observing patterns and making predictions about the weather later that day.  They were right; it did rain!  What an amazing group of scientists!

Forest School

Article 31 I have a right to relax and play.

In week 3, 3LJ had fun in Forest School.  They had a well deserved break from all their hard work and got creative making clay hedgehogs.  

Collaborative learners!

Article 12 The right to give our opinion.

In week 2, 3LJ received a mission brief and had a fantastic time working collaboratively.  They were stranded on a desert island and had to design a free standing structure that would attract the attention of a rescue plane.   In groups they agreed who would be the Facilitator, Recorder, Resource Manager and Timekeeper.  Thankfully, due to excellent collaboration, they were all rescued!