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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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4KP will have indoor PE on Monday and outdoor PE on Wednesday. Please ensure your child comes into school in the correct kit.

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Our Rights Respecting Class Charter

Our Rights Respecting Class Charter 1

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Term 2

"How can one person make a difference?"


Article 24: 

You have a right to the best health possible, food, clean water and medicine to keep you healthy. You have a right to information that will help you to stay well.

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Enquiry Overview: "How can one person make a difference?"

This term, we will learning about the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on Goal 13- Climate Action. We will be focusing on people who carry out peaceful protests, how individuals make a difference and how we as individuals can make a difference. We are also going to explore a different range of artists, mainly Banksy, who create messages in their artwork. As our challenge, we are going to create our own artwork creating a message behind what we make.


We have had so much fun today! This term we are looking at the Global Goal: Climate Action. This is all about educating people about saving our planet from global warming, making sure we are breathing clean air and helping our wildlife. To start our wow, we looked at protests and discussed why people protest. Then we read about people such as Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, Karim Wasfi and Paul Stephenson. We spoke about the protests they held and why they felt the need to protest. We then looked at the word 'peaceful' and what we felt this word meant. We put peaceful and protest together and decided the people we looked at carry out peaceful protests.


To enhance our understanding about protests, we were then given time to design our own protest posters. In the afternoon, we painted them. We have all done such different and amazing designs. What a way to start our new enquiry!! 

Term 1

Enquiry overview:


Today, we spent the day showing off our computing skills by creating Google Slides about Greta Thunberg. We researched information about her and her life, what she is doing for the planet and the impact she is having on how people see the issue of climate change. We worked together to come up with questions we wanted to answer then used a range of different websites to find accurate information to present. 

Class assembly

We really enjoyed having the parents come into our classroom to share all the learning we have been doing this term. We showed off our Oracy skills by sharing the story of Drippy the raindrop to help explain how the water cycle works. As well as this, we spend time showing our parents all the fabulous work we have been doing, including sharing our words of the week and our very own drippy stories. 


Thank you to all of the parents who came to visit. We loved having you and can't wait for the next one! 


In order to complete our enquiry question of 'Why does it snow?', we used the computers to find out what happened during the water cycle to cause it to fall from the sky in different ways. We used our sequencing and summarising skills to determine which facts we thought were the most important. Once this was done, we worked collaboratively to present our findings. 


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Synagogue Visit

Today we were lucky enough to visit our local synagogue in Easton. . We listened really well to everything that Iris said ad returned to school with so many new facts about the Jewish community and the key features of a synagogue. It was amazing to see a 200 year old Torah (Jewish holy book) in real life and we were so impressed that it was written by hand and took a year to write! This one was special because it was 1 of 1500 that was found in Czech Republic, having survived WW2 and made it to the UK. Thank you to Iris for such a great morning!


We have been fortunate enough in Year 4 this term to have Mr Davies come along and help us learn how to play the ukulele. Over the past few weeks, we have had lots of fun learning different cords and frets on the ukuleles. 

We have learned a variety of songs, including lime in the coconut which we all thought was very funny. 

Keep your eyes peeled for new songs as the term goes on...


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This week, we have been learning about States of Matter. We learned that there are three types of matter: solids, liquids and gases. To start off our new learning, we were shown lots of different pictures of 'things'. We discussed what they were and how we could tell the difference between them. Using this, we had to sort them into the the three states of matter. Some of us found this tricky to begin with but we persevered and found that with the help of our talk partners. After, we discussed the science behind the states of matter and why they were different. We found out that they have different structures in their particles. As an activity to make sure we understood what the particles were like, we worked in groups to represent the different matters. 


We kick started our enquiry by making snow! It was so much fun! We enjoyed watching it expand over and over as we added the water slowly. After touching it, we created a bank of adjectives and verbs to describe snow to support our writing later.

We each attempted to make a snowball with our hands, but it was far too fluffy for that!

 Collaborative Learning

We have been learning about what a 'Purple Learner' is, with a focus on how to work in a group successfully. We considered what it looks like, feels like and sounds like when we work collaboratively. We understand we need to take turns, be polite, motivate and support one another. 


We kick started our enquiry by making snow! It was great fun! We couldn't believe how it expanded to make so much when we added a few drop of water. After touching it, we created a bank of adjectives and verbs to describe snow to support our writing later.

We went outside and played with it while the sun shone which was a strange feeling! Who would have thought it could snow in summer?