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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Times table of the week: 9 times table

Words of the week: confirmed, resembled, determine

Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Key Information:

5ZB have indoor PE on a Tuesday and outdoor PE on a Thursday.

5ZB's entrance and exit point is the top gate by the basket ball court. Please wait outside the gate on Crown Road.

What do ethics have to do with clothes?

This term, our class book is Street Child by Berlie Doherty. We will be following the journey of Jim Jarvis through the Victorian Era and the troubles that he faces. Through this book we will be focusing on a variety of genres and linking it to our year group targets. Making links with our class book, we will be learning about the Industrial Revolution which links to our Global Goal this term- Decent Work and Economic Growth.
Term 3

Chronology- Article 28 Access to Education 

Today we worked on our chronology skills by ordering some key events which happened in Victorian times. 

Christmas Service- Article 14 Freedom of thought, relgion and belief

This morning, we watched the Year 4 Christmas Service. As part of this, we watched a clip from Lisa explaining the Christmas story. We also sang the songs that we have been working on during singing assembly.

Christmas Service

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Singing 2

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Singing 3

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5ZB Shining Star Term 2

Check out the video of 5ZB's Shining Star!

Christmas cookies! Article 28- Access to education

We have had a lovely morning decorating biscuits for Christmas with lots of delicious topping!

 Maths morning-Article 28 Access to education 

We had a wonder morning full of maths activities based on Christmas! Some of the questions were very tricky so we had to put ourselves in the Challenge Zone to solve them!

Christmas in a Box! - Article 14: Freedom of Thought and Religion

In Week 7, we were very lucky to have Rev. Lisa visit us. We explored and learnt about Mary, Joseph, the shepards and the three wise men and their involvement in the birth of Jesus and the Christmas story. 

WOW Day! Article 28 Access to Education 

Today we have had a fabulous day learning all about the Victorians as part of our WOW day for our new topic. We got to learn all about life in Victorian times, Victorian schools and we even had a chance to make our own Victorian toys! We can't wait to keep learning about this exciting topic.

Champion 04.12.20!

Computing- Article 17 Access to Information 

Today, we had a wonder computing day where we learnt how to make sprites dance to music, complete commands and solve bugs!

Year 5 Champion 27.11.20

No Pens Day- Article 28 Access to Education 

Today, we had a fantastic day of learning where no pens were used all day! We couldn't believe how much we learnt through using our voices and listening carefully. We discussed our new class book, debated in maths and learnt sign language in the afternoon! 

Discussions in maths

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Sign Language Song!

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How are lives saved?

Enquiry Overview: How are lives saved? Sustainable Development Goal 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

This term, Year 5 are going to delving into Sustainable Development Goal 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure with a focus on how lives can be saved through having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Alongside this, we will be doing work based on the book 'Journey to Jo'burg' which is based on a true story about children living during the Apartheid. Please check our page for updates on our fabulous learning!

Term 2

Article 24 - Health, Water, Food and Environment

In Week 3, we have prepared, practised and performed TED talks to showcase our new knowledge from our enquiry into how lives are saved. In these talks, we aimed to give people information about how they can make healthier life choices by considering the Eatwell Food Plate, healthy cooking methods and the negative effects of sugar. We hope you enjoy and can learn something from our TED talks! 

Talk 1

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Singing Assembly- Article 31 Cultural experiences.

Today, we had a fantastic time working on our singing skills! We learnt some songs with Nigel and had a go at singing these, focussing on our voice projection and tone.

Singing Assembly

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Tasty Salads- Article 27 Standard of life

Today we got to taste some of the delicious food from the allotment. We prepared and cooked the food using the skills we had learnt about and we loved the end results.

Pumpkin Carving- Article 31 Arts 

We can't believe how creative our class have been over the half term break! Take a look at our amazing pumpkins!

Our Shining Star for Term 1-Congratulations Sadie!

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Church Visit - Article 14: Freedom of Thought and Religion

In Week 8, we have had the wonderful opportunity of visiting St. Stephen's Church. Before we went to the church, we reflected on previous learning including Christian celebrations such as Harvest and how to be respectful in a place of worship. We enjoyed listening to Rev Lisa and learnt about Christian beliefs, events that take place and the sense of belonging Christians experience. We even had chance to ask some amazing and thought-provoking questions! 

Photography- Article 28 Access to Education 

Today, we have been working on foreground, midground and background. We can't believe how professional some of our photographs look!

PE- Article 31 Rest, Play, Arts and Culture 

Today, we filmed two parts of the dance that we've been learning in PE. It was tricky but we were very pleased with the end result!


Still image for this video

Part 1

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Harvest Festival with Lisa and Nigel- Article 14 Right to Religion

This morning, we had a lovely time watching Year 4 tell us all about Harvest. We had a message from Lisa and we also had some singing with Nigel. We worked hard to project our voices!

Harvest Festival

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Harvest Festival 2

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Harvest Festival 3

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Marshmallow Madness- Article 28 The Right to Education

Today, we were set the challenge to make towers using only marshmallow and spaghetti! We got very sticky but it helped us reflect on what made great team work!

Year 5's Times Table Champion 09.10.20!

Harvesting with Mr Evans- Article 28 Right to Education 

Today, some children helped Mr Evans on the allotment. They harvested raspberries, onions and carrots. We got to try some raspberries in class and they were delicious! 

Allotment sampling- Article 24 The right to health.

Today we were lucky enough to sample some delicious carrots from our school allotment. They were fresh, crunchy and delicious and they also help to keep us healthy!

Year 5's Times Table Champion!

Complex  sentences- Article 17 Access to information

Today we learnt about how to use complex sentences in our writing and why these make our writing better. 


What is a place of worship?- Article 14 freedom of thought and religion

Today we started learning about the different places that can be used for worship. We sorted the places with their names anencephaly corresponding religions. 

Sporting Chance- Article 31 the right to play and relax

Today we had a great first day with Sporting Chance! We learnt how to run quickly at and we can't wait to continue working on our techniques. 

WOW-Class Party Article 24 Right to health 

Today we kickstarted our new enquiry with a class party. After the party, we thought about the kinds of food that we had and what would happen to our health and bodies if we ate this food all of the time. We realised that we would become unhealthy and even unwell if we had unbalanced diets all of the time so we want to lean about healthy diets so we can keep ourselves in good shape as well as saving lives of others!