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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Key Information

6RO have indoor P.E. on a Tuesday and outdoor P.E. on a Thursday.

Year 6's entrance and exit points are at the bottom of the Year 4 corridor.


Times table of the week: 5s and 6s

Year 6 Overview 2021-22

Term 6

We have reached the last and final term of Junior School! Where has that time gone? In Term 6, we will be finishing off showing off our fantastic writing skills, learning about World War 2, covering Science and Jigsaw content as well as preparing for secondary school with transition days and practising and performing the Year 6 production! Stay tuned to see our fantastic work! 

Year 6 Inflatable Fun Day! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

Wow, what a day we have had! Thank you so much to the PTA for the amazing inflatables, yummy BBQ and refreshing ice lollies! We had such an amazing time and made memories to last a lifetime! 

Year 6 Prom! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

6RO definitely know how to party! We had the time of our lives at the Year 6 prom and danced the night away. Much to our delight, we enjoyed glitter tattoos, mocktails, the photobooth and lots of sweets all thanks to the PTA! We even won the conga competition against the against the other year 6 classes!  

Leavers' Service! Article 13: Sharing Thoughts Freely

That time has come where we are starting to say goodbye to junior school and say hello to our next adventure. At St Stephen's Church, we reminisced about our time at SSJS, shared our favourite memories and sang our leavers' songs. It was a lovely yet very emotional service! Thank you to Lisa and Nigel for putting the service together and to parents and carers for joining us. 

Surviving the Heat Wave! Article 24: Health, Water, Food, Environment 

Despite temperatures reaching a whopping 38 degrees, we have been absolutely amazing and persevered in the heat. We made sure to drink lots of bottles of water, stay in the shade outside and even cooled ourselves down by putting our feet in cold water! 

End of Year 6 Production! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts 

Well done to our amazing Year 6's for putting on an incredible performance in Pirates of the Curry Bean. We had so much fun putting this show together and it certainly paid off! 

Sports Day! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

We made sure our last sports day at Junior School was the best one yet! We had so much fun taking part and encouraging our friends in a variety of races. We loved joining in with the obstacle course and dancing along to the songs in the sunshine then enjoying a delicious ice lolly thanks to the wonderful PTA! 

Road Safety - Article 17: Access to Information 

This term, we had Road Safety Assistants from the South Gloucestershire Council join us to share the dangers of the road and how we can stay safe on them. We received a local map, located where we lived and labelled our routes to school. With confidence, we could recall the Green Cross Code and looked into safe places to cross a road and the stopping distances of a car. We also discussed the distractions that we face on the roads and how we could avoid them.

What distractions might there be when walking along a pavement? 

  • "Your phone many distract you" - Ellie
  • "Playing music in your headphone or airpods may distract you" - Jacob 
  • "Pets may make you lose focus" - Annabelle 
  • "Talking to friends" - Millie
  • "Friends showing you something may distract you" - Leiah 

Athletics! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

In Term 6, our indoor sport is athletics! We've kicked off the term by practising our jumping skills and learning how to jump properly. This term, we will be looking at a range of athletics and how these skills can be transferred across all sports. 

Writing and Sharing our Masterpieces! - Article 13: Sharing Thoughts Freely 

Since SATs, we have been working so hard on our writing skills. We have watched the spine-tingling, short animation of Alma and wrote amazing character and setting descriptions. Following this, we created our own narratives with a plot twist! We then shared our work with our classmates and got some feedback! 

  • "I enjoyed listening to Sadie's piece of writing as I could really picture it in my head. I would give it a 9/10" - Aston
  • "Lucas included interesting descriptive language which was amazing" - Ethan
  • "I like Riley's piece ashe left his story on a cliffhanger!" - Ellie
  • "Ella's work was very cohesive and she used lots of adjectives" - Tom


Term 5

With just two weeks of revision before SATs, we have coming back refreshed and raring to go. After SATs (in week 3), we'll start sharing some of our fantastic work with you again.

Jubilee Celebrations! Article 7: Name and Nationality 

To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee Anniversary, we had a wonderful time completing an array of different activities. We spent an afternoon designing and making crowns with glitter, jewels and gold card. We then created a self portrait of ourselves to go on a whole school tea towel and finally finished the celebrations off with a very special picnic where we were able to eat lunch with our friends and family. 

Cricket Fun! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts 

This term, we have been exploring the wonderful game of cricket and have improved our catching, throwing, batting and fielding skills! We have really enjoyed it! 

Katrina Hart Visit - Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Art

We have been very fortunate to meet the Paralympian, Katrina Hart! Feeling inspired, we have taken part in a HIIT circuit and have been put through our paces by doing star jumps and even press ups! In our whole school assembly, we heard from the incredible Katrina who told us about her disability and she doesn't let them stop from from being the best she can be. We have learnt all about her running spikes and how to set off in a race! What an inspiring woman!

Term 4

It's Term 4 and we are officially over half way of Year 6! Term 4 is revision time; a chance to practise all of our learning so far. We will be revisiting skills in maths, grammar, punctuation and spelling, all in preparation for SATs. Our brand new SATs packs (coming home in week 1) will help us to feel ready. 

All of our hard work and efforts will be rewarded with Year 6 camp in the final week - we can't wait!

Red Nose Day! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

To celebrate Red Nose Day 2022, we were allowed to come into school in our very own clothes in return for a small donation. We were challenged to dress up in something funny and we certainly achieved the task - we have worn inside out clothes, odd socks and shoes and even underpants on our heads! We participated in a whole school assembly where we found out what our money goes towards and took part in a whole school joke telling competition - well done to Ella and Aston for telling their hilarious jokes. To round of the Red Nose Day fun, we ran in a Red Nose and Spoon Race! 


Hockey! Article 24: Health, Water, Food and Environment 

In outdoor PE in Term 4, we have been learning how to play and master the sport of hockey! Much to our excitement, we have progressed with our passing, dribbling and tackling skills. 

Performance Poetry! Article 17: Access to Education 

Whilst we are very busy in 6RO at the moment in preparation for SATs, we still value the importance of oracy and the four strands. In our writing session, we focussed on the physical strand of oracy when performing poetry and tongue twisters. We thought carefully about tonal variation, voice projection, gesture, facial expressions and clarity of pronounciation! Check out our performance of The Tyger! by William Blake and our tongue twisters, can you give them a try? 


Tongue Twisters!

Still image for this video

Performance Poetry

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World Book Day! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

We joined thousands of schools across the country to celebrate 25 years of World Book Day! In 6RO, we have explored synonyms and antonyms for the words we have dressed up as. We also explored artwork that expressed words and had a go at drawing an image to represent our words. In the afternoon, we ventured down to 4BD and enjoyed sharing and listening to different stories. Then, we gathered in the hall and listened to each teacher read an extract from a book, chose which one we wanted to listen more of and listened to some more back in the teacher's classroom. Check out the photos below to see our wonderful outfits and sharing books with the children in 4BD. 

Term 3

In Term 3, Year 6 are going to be investigating the first Sustainable Development Goal of No Poverty. The focus of our learning will be about how Science can be used to give shelter, warmth, light and water. Therefore, our ambition is to produce a homeless kit for someone in the UK or Ethiopia. Alongside this, our writing will be based on the book 'The Garbage King' which tells the story of two boys from diverse economical backgrounds and their adventures in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Please check our Enquiry E-Book and class page for updates on our fantastic learning!

Children's Mental Health Week - Article 12: Respect for Children's Views

We have joined schools up and down the country for Children's Mental Health Week. Collaboratively, we have discussed what good and poor mental health is, the importance of sharing how you are feeling and what to do if someone you know is struggling with their mental health. We have also thought about what makes us happy and sad as well as celebrating our achievements by thinking of all the things we have accomplished since birth! In addition, we have set goals for the future and thought carefully about how we can achieve them. 

Safer Internet Day! Article 29: Aims of Education 

Joining other schools in the country on Safer Internet Day, we have explored the positive and negative aspects of the internet. We have understood that whatever activity we take part in online leaves a digital footprint so we must be kind and respectful with our words and actions online. As a class, we have discussed the difference of 'knowing' and 'knowing of' somebody and how this can impact online relationships. We have also taken part in a wonderful assembly with Mr Stinchcombe where we discussed the importance of showing respect not only online but in person too. We have had super class discussions around online safety and want to share some our top tips! 

Top Tips for Staying Safe Online

Still image for this video

Top Tips for Staying Safe Online

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Top Tips for Staying Safe Online

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Chinese Dance Workshops! Article 28: Access to Education 

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we have had a fantastic time taking part in a Chinese dance workshop with the brilliant Olivia where we got to learn some traditional Chinese dances. We also got to use traditional Chinese props to help us with our performances. We had a great time and we hope you enjoy the video of our final performance.

Chinese Dance Routine

Still image for this video

Chinese Dance Routine

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Maths Day - Article: 28 - Access to Education

For this term's maths day, we enjoyed learning about plants and how maths could help us set up a business plan for selling soup to raise money for Shelter. After discussing how we could make more profit if we grew our own ingredients, we looked at the different prices of plant pots to decide which would be best for growing tomato plants in to make tomato soup. We then calculated what volume of soil we would need per pot to see how much soil in total we would need and thought about what size and cost of the bag we would prefer to maximize our profit. We got busy with the chopping boards and looked at tomatoes to estimate how many seeds might be in different species and which would be best to plant! 

In the afternoon, we had a great time in the hall with Tom Holloway learning about evolution and inheritance. We used ratio and proportion to compare our tongues to a bat who had evolved to have a tongue 150% of its body length! We then measured with string to see how long our tongues would be if we had the same proportions - it would be quite hard to walk around with a tongue that long sticking out!

Online Safety and Computing - Article 28: Access to Education

Whilst being technologists, we looked at gender stereotypes in online safety and created our very own avatars that either followed or challenged gender stereotypes. We also discussed how damaging gender stereotypes can be and the importance being a changemaker and challenging them. In computing, we built on our previous knowledge of programming a microbit through testing conductivity as an input using selection. We were able to program the microbit using algorithms which made musical notes which we were able to hear through our headphones! We then discussed what would be an electrical conductor and insulator. 

No Pens Day! Article 13: Sharing Thoughts Freely

On our No Pens Day in Term 3, we had lots of fun revisiting the four strands of oracy and discussing why it is important to have confidence when speaking and communicating clearly. When being a writer, we looked at our brand new target, cohesion within paragraphs, explored pronouns and discussed the importance of clear communication within a written text. When being mathematicians, we explored equivalent measurements to prepare for soup making! When being a reader, we used our voices to echo read our text, answer questions and make predictions about what may happen next. We also played a range of games which focussed on each strand of oracy! 

Gymnastics - Article 24: Health, Water, Food, Environment 

In Term 3 indoor PE, we are doing gymnastics with Mr Gill. In our first session, we learnt about points of contact and static positions. We were challenged to make static positions with 3, 4 and even 7 points of contact to the floor. Then, we had to work collaboratively in our teams to create an object such as the Eiffel Tower and a motorbike with our bodies using static positions. Miss O'Sullivan had to guess what we were! 

Term 2

This term, Year 6 will be continuing our enquiry "How are decisions overturned?" through exploring who makes rules in modern day and what our rights mean. As change-makers, we will consider the issues we would like to change and create a campaign to raise awareness of what we feel passionate about. 


Times Table Champion of Champions! - Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

We would like to say a MASSIVE congratualtions to our wonderful classmate, Ellie, for winning the Year 6 times table competition and becoming the Champion of Champions! Because of Ellie's hard work and determination, we were awarded with a class party and were allowed to bring in board games from home! We also enjoyed party food and games and so did Mr B (see if you can spot him in the photo below!).

Term 2's Shining Star Award!

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Learning About Type 1 Diabetes - Article 28: Access to Education

We have had a wonderful afternoon finding out about Type 1 Diabetes. Our inspirational classmate, Sadie, has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes since she was 3 and wanted to share how this affects her day-to-day life and mental health. We have learnt about blood sugar levels, the purpose of a pancreas, how devices help and support people with diabetes and how the cannual helps with inserting insulin into the body. Thank you so much Sadie and Emma for this fantastic presentation and informing us about Type 1 diabetes.  You are amazing! 

Singing Assembly! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts 

We have been enjoying our virtual singing assemblies with Nigel and getting in the festive spirit. Check out our version of Jingle Bells below! 

Jingle Bells!

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Tag Rugby - Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts 

This term, we have been learning the skills and rules for tag rugby. We have enjoyed learning about passing, throwing and taking each other's tags off!

Allotment Fun! Article 24: Health, Water, Food and Environment

We have had the wonderful opportunity to join Mr Evans on our fantastic allotment. We even had a go at mulching. See what we got up to below!

Space Maths Day! Article 28: Access to Education

We have had such an amazing time being mathematicians on our whole school Space Maths Day. We explored space, learned about the effects of gravity and were amazed when watching a man fall from space with a parachute. This inspired us to build our very own parchutes and test them out. We recorded our results in a result table and represented this data in bar charts. Check out our work below!


No Pens Day! Article 13: Sharing Thoughts Freely

On our No Pens Day, we recapped oracy and how talk helps us to learn. When being a writer, we explored the world of persuasion and looked at a variety of persuasive texts. Then, we had a class debate on the statement, 'School should start at 10am'. When being mathematicians, we explored different types of angles and how to use a protractor. We went outside and gave our learning partner instructions using angles as well as following Mr B's instructions. Check out our work below!

Angle Fun!

Still image for this video

Our Class Debate - 'School should start at 10am'

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Odd Socks Day! Article 17: Access to Information 

To commence Anti-Bullying Week, we were asked to come in wearing an odd pair of socks to show that everyone is unique in their way! We thought about what to do if we are experiencing unkind behaviour or bullying and understood the importance of sharing kind words. We complemented eachother and thought of pledges to be kind. Take a look at our photos and work below!

Term 1

This term, Year 6 will be using their skills as historians to find out about how the Vikings made decisions and settled disputes among their communities. We're going to find out who makes rules in the modern day and what our rights mean, focusing on 'change-makers' who have stood up for their rights. Linking this to our school community, we're going to consider the issues that we would like to change and create a campaign to raise awareness of what we feel passionate about. Alongside this, our writing will be based on the book 'Viking Boy' by Tony Bradman which tells the story of a boy who faces injustice and how he seeks revenge. Please check our page for updates on our fantastic learning! 

Football Fun! Article 24: Health, Water, Food, Environment

To finish off our unit of Football, we showcased our fantastic control skills through following instructions from the Cha Cha Slide. Check it out below!

Football Fun!

Still image for this video

Pumpkin Carving Competition! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts 

Well done to all of 6RO's pumpkin carving competition entries - they are all very spooktacular! A big shout out and congratulations to Annabelle who won the whole school competition and received a £10 voucher for her dentristy inspired pumpkin! 

Farmer's Week: Article 27: The right to nutritious food

In Week 6, we took part in Farmer's Week. We started by exploring what was meant by 'Farmer's market' and the term, 'Field to Fork'. We used this to help us order the stages of food production - from cow to yogurt; sow to sausage and bee to honey.


Next, we split into groups. One group was led by our resident gardener - Mr Evans. He taught us about how our food waste at St. Stephen's actually helps us to grow new produce which is then cooked by the school kitchen! In the other session, we were joined by visitors from The Travelling Kitchen who taught us how to make spiced vegetable cakes, flatbread dough and vegetable dhansak.


At the end of the day we got to taste the things Year 6 had made and share them with our parents and carers. We've had a great week being farmers and look forward to tasting more of our school-grown produce!

National Poetry Day: Article 31 - Rest, Play, Culture and Arts.

We have had such a wonderful day celebrating National Poetry Day! It started with a visiting poet, Ian Bland, coming in and amazing us with his poetry. He taught us about action and performance poetry which was great fun. We spent the day learning a poem off by heart to perform. We used actions to help us and thought carefully about how to use our oracy skills to help with the performance. We performed our poem to 4AH and enjoyed their performance too. 

Poetry Performance

Still image for this video

Meeting Mr B's Dogs! Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet and play with Mr B's lovely dogs called Kenzie, Mischa and Barney. Check out our photos below!

Being Athletes - Article 24: Health, Water, Food, Environment

This term, we have been lucky enough to practise our football skills with our Sporting Chance coach, Mr Gill. We have developed our dribbling, passing and shooting skills. Check out the pictures below! 

Playpod Fun! - Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture and Arts

In Week 3, we were finally allowed to play with our wonderful playpod equipment! We were able to experiment and have fun with a wide range of new and exciting junk that the PTA kindly sorted out for us.