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The Real Thing!

Pentecost is a time when Christians remember the time that the disciples received the Holy Spirit on Earth.  It is celebrated 50 days after Easter Sunday.

Ms Wilson today took the opportunity to talk about, or rather eat, chocolate again.  She invited Mr Payne and Mr Littlewood plus two children to share some chocolate with her.  However, unfortunately  for Mr Payne and Mr Littlewood, they did not get the real thing.  They ended up with chocolate-coated radishes!  Yuk!


Ms Wilson explained that when Jesus was on Earth, he knew whether people were really what they appeared to be, whether they were real through and through.  he knew whether their goodness and kindness was all show on the surface or whether it went deeper.


Jesus chose 12 special friends, that we call his disciples, and he taught them everything he knew.  However, Jesus also knew that his disciples were a bit like chocolate covered radishes.  On the outside they were trying their best to deliver his teachings, but on the inside they did not have strength and that at the first sign of trouble they would run away.  They just couldn't do it all for themselves.  And so, after he had been crucified and come back from the dead, he told them to wait.

The disciples followed Jesus' instructions and at Pentecost they received the Holy Spirit and his power.  The disciples became fearless telling everyone of their belief even though they were imprisoned and beaten every time.  They were no longer like chocolate-coated radishes, they were real through and through!