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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Key information:

3ZB have outdoor PE on a Tuesday and indoor PE on a Thursday.

Our Rights Respecting Class Charter

Our Rights Respecting Class Charter 1

Term 3

This term we will be continuing to focus on Global Goal 6- Clean water and sanitation, along with Article 24- Right to clean water. We will be using the book, The Water Princess- a story of Georgie Badiel and her life in Africa, as inspiration for our writing.
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Skipping Challenge: Article 31-We have the right to play and rest.

Today we had great fun completing a skipping challenge for our houses. We had great fun earning house points for our houses. 

Play Pod Relaunch! 


Article 31: We have the right to play and rest.


Today was very exciting because we were reintroduced to the new Play Pod! We had our `training session` on the equipment which will be available during lunch times. We discussed the benefits of using scrap for play and all engaged in active and imaginative play with the children. 


We had lots of fun and can't wait to use this at lunch time! 

Term 2

Where does our 'clean' water come from?
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Enquiry Overview: Where does our 'clean' water come from?

This term, we will learning about the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on Goal 6- Clean Water and Sanitation. We will be considering what makes water 'clean', where water comes from and how clean water is accessed. We will also be exploring the availability of clean water in other areas of the world and think about the rights that we have as children.

Term 2 Reflections

" My favourite part of this term was learning all about Kandinsky during art lessons."-Lyla.

" The best part of the term for me was when we were learning about maths because I tried again and again and I finally got it!" -Darcey

" I've really enjoyed learning how to multiply large number this term."- Charlie.S

"The best bit of this term was all of the fun maths we have been doing."- Austin

Rocking Assembly- Article 29 Goals of education 

Today we had a fantastic time watched a brilliant, rock assembly hosted by Rock Steady. We couldn't believe how much the children had learnt and how professional the young were!

Class Assembly- Article 13 Right to find out information 

Today we had a great time performing our class assembly to some of our parents and careers. We talked about the Global Goal we are focusing on and the taught our par to and careers about the water cycle. After that, we showed them how to make their own water cycle in a bag. We are looking forward to sharing some more exciting learning with you next term.

Nativity- Article 14 The right to religion 

Today we had a wonderful time at St Stephen's Church watching Year 4 perform their Nativity. We joined in with all of the songs that we have been learning during singing assembly too! We're feeling very festive now and can't wait for Christmas 

Ukulele Concert - Article 29 Goals of Education

Today we were lucky enough to have an amazing performance from Year 4. They shared lots of wonderful songs with us performed on ukeulele! 

Real PE- Article 31 Right to leisure and play 

In Real PE this term, we have been working on our agility an coordination skills. We have been working on our coordination by shadowing each other. We can't wait to apply these skill in some different games.

Country Music- Article 29 Goals of Education

Today we were lucky enough to have the UK number one Country singer come and perform for us. We couldn't believe how skilled he was, playing a guitar and singing his own song too. We loved listening about how he ended up as a singer and we hope that some of us can be as successful as him one day.

Country Music

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Bristol Sport- Hockey (Article 29- Use and develop our talents and abilities)

Today we were developing our hockey skills. We focussed on passing the ball with speed to a partner and then began developing our shooting skills. We can't wait to continue developing our hockey abilities.

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WOW- Water Aid (Article 24- safe water to drink)

Today we had a fantastic talk from Water Aid which helped us learn all about safe water and the availability of water on Earth. We couldn't believe that, although the world isn't made up of 70% water, only 1% of that water is drinkable. We are looking forward to learning more about this and we can't wait to think of some great ways to allow everyone to have the right to safe drinking water.

WOW- Alien Soup (Article 13- The right to find things out)

We began our learning today by thinking about what makes water 'clean'. We were given some 'Alien Soup' and our task was to try and make the water clean enough to drink.

Term 1

Enquiry Overiew: What is the place between?

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This term, we will be immersing ourselves into a Power of Reading text called "Leon and the Place in Between." We will be following the magical journey of Leon, writing and creating our very own place in between. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scenes from the book. We will be learning how to use noun phrases and commas in a list and inverted commas!

Class Assembly

Today we shared all of our fantastic learning with lots of you during our class assembly. We learn all of our lines and made sure that we spoke in a slow, clear and confident voice. We then act out a section of the story before inviting you to different work stations where we became the teachers! We hope you enjoyed our assembly and we can't wait to share our learning with you again soon.

Reggae Reggae Orchestra 

Today we were lucky enough to listen to a fantastic Reggae treat! We got to watch an amazing performance of some Reggae music and we learn all about the history of Reggae music. It was a fanstiaic assembly and we can't wait to listen to some more a Reggae music back in class.


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Three Little Birds

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Today in Jigsaw we were focussing on our problem solving skills. We were given a task to build a tower out of spaghetti. It was very sticky but a great way to focus on out team building skills.

Computing and E-safety 

Today we had a great day using the Chromebooks to work on our computing skills. We learnt how to create document, copy, paste and how to keep our passwords safe.

TT Rockstars

Today we worked on our times tables using TT Rockstars. We had some great battles and earn TT ourselves some money to spend!


Today we have been working on our hockey skills. We began by passing to our partners before having to apply our skills to dribbling around cones. We loved working on our hockey skills and we can't wait to get even better at it!

Place Value

We have started our maths topic which looks at place value this morning using diennes to show the value of a digit in a number. We will now begin to look at how to represent these numbers pictorially. 

WOW- Magic with Mr T!

To kick start our enquiry based on 'Leon and the Place Between', we had a very special visit from a very magical man- Mr T. He wowed us with some amazing magic tricks which left us extremely excited to begin our new enquiry. As well as this, back in class we learnt all about optical illusions and had a go at creating our own illusions and mini flip books.