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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Key Information

5ZB have indoor P.E. on a Thursday and outdoor P.E. on a Tuesday.

Year 5's entrance and exit points are in the main school playground. At the end of the day, children will be released from the coloured spots.

Year 5 Curriculum Map 2022-23

Term 6

This term, we are finishing off our enquiry with explored Earth and what makes it unique. We are then going to be investigating the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality. The focus of our learning will focus on the question "Why are so many children prevented from going to school?" Our ambition for this term will be to create a song or rap about the hardships faced in countries which result in less opportunities for quality education. Alongside this enquiry, our writing will be based on the book 'The Magic Pencil' which tells the story of Malala Yousafzai.  Please check our class page for updates on our fantastic learning!

Being Artists- Clay workshop with Mangotsfield Secondary!

Today, we were lucky enough to take part in a workshop run by Mangotsfield secondary school. During the workshop, we learnt about the impact of Global Warming on coral and used this as inspiration to make some coral out of clay.

Being Artists - Working with nature!

This morning, we gathered natural resources to create some artwork! We made homes, bunches of flowers and people too!


This afternoon, we continued to work on our conversational skills in French. We learnt how to greet a boy and a girl and how to express how we are feeling in French.

No Pens Day!

Today, we worked on our oracy skills and completed all of our learning without using a pen to write with! In maths, we worked on our problem solving skills involving sheep in a pen. In writing, we researched Malala and in reading we acted out some parts of a book.

Being Scientist - Reproduction of plants 

Today we have been looking at how plants reproduce. To support our learning, we went out to the allotment and observed the plants and their key features. From here, we came back into the classroom and thought about the key features and what part each part of the plant plays. We labelled the plant and identified the reproductive parts of a flowering plant 

Being a Theologian - RE Day!

Today, we have been exploring the theme 'Heroes of Faith'. As part of this day, we had a talk from a worker at our local Gurdwara. We also created some art for an exciting competition!

Being an athlete - Outdoor Adventures and Activities

In our OAA PE lessons, we focused on team work. We know teamwork is extremely important in our every day lives. We were given the task to create letters using our bodies. Our classmates then had to guess which letters we had made.


Being a technologist!


This morning, we were using forever loops and if,then,else conditions to help us create some code using Scratch. We noticed that the forever loop made our code repeat forever.

Being a Musician!

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This afternoon, we worked on our singing skills - ensuring we stayed in tune and on time!

Cabin Crew and Fire Fighter talk

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to have a talk from a fire fighter who works at Bristol Airport and a member of the cabin crew who also works at Bristol Airport. It was so interesting and we have been inspired by these amazing careers!

Agency UK - Careers Week

This morning, we were lucky enough to have an assembly from Agency UK. We learnt all about graphics designing and how we can follow our passions to help us achieve our dream jobs when we're older.

Ambition: What makes Earth, Earth?

This afternoon, all of Year 5 held an exhibition in the hall to answer our enquiry question: 'What makes Earth, Earth?' To answer this question, we made a range of things including songs, games, non-chronological reports, 3D models, fact sheets and more! We really enjoyed sharing our amazing learning and we can now see just how lucky we are to live on this wonderful planet.

Term 5

Knowledge organiser: What makes Earth, Earth?

Now that we have finished our enquiry which explored why the Mayans disappeared, we are now ready to begin our next exciting enquiry, 'What makes Earth, Earth?'. Throughout this enquiry, we will be exploring the Solar System and the planets that make this up, we will be learning about day and night, human and physical characteristics of countries and how these relate to where people decide to settle. As well as this, we will be exploring the artist Kathe Kollwitz and using her style of line drawing to help us replicate what Earth looks like from Space. Alongside this enquiry, we will be exploring Global Goal 11 which looks at sustainable cities and communities. As well as this, our class book, 'Phoenix by SF Said' will be used as inspiration in some of our writing tasks. Please check our website regularly for updates.

Being an artist - Visit to Mangotsfield Secondary School

This afternoon, we were very lucky to be able to take part in a clay workshop where we got to create a decorative hand-shaped bowl. We really enjoyed our taster session at Mangotsfield and lots of us are interested in exploring this school more in preparation for secondary school.

Being a Theologian - Visit to a Gurdwara

Today, we were lucky enough to visit a local Gurdwara. During our visit, we got to learn about the key features of the place of worship, learn all about the different Gurus and even sample have a drink and snack in the langar. We really enjoyed learning all about the SIkh religion and how the Gurdwara is used as part of this.

Being a theologian - What did Jesus teach us about forgiveness?

Today, we have been considering how we can forgive others for their actions. We thought about what Jesus taught us about forgiveness and how this impacted on the way we others can forgive too. We learnt about Mother Teresa and considered how her kindness and forgiving nature followed what Jesus taught us all.

Being a Technologist - Vecor drawings!

This term, we are using Google Drawings to create some vector drawings. This afternoon, we used the zoom and alignment tool to create penguins and transform these into parrots.

PE - Cricket

This afternoon, we worked on our cricketing skills. We looked at how to hold the bat correctly and then we used these skills in a mini game.

The Celebration of the Coronation of King Charles III 

Today, we celebrated the upcoming coronation of King Charles III by creating crowns and bunting. We thought carefully about the jems that we used. We even made a quiz to test others on their understanding of King Charles III and this contained lots of interesting facts about him.

Planet exploration

This morning, we have been exploring the Solar System and the planets within it. We have be exploring these planets in great detail and have learnt lots of exciting facts about them!

M-Shed Trip

Today, Year 5 had a wonderful trip to the M-Shed in Bristol. During our trip, we learnt all about the history of the Bristol docks and how these were used for trade, famous Bristolians and what they were known for, World War 2 and how this impacted Bristol and so much more!

Work with Mr Evans!

This term, we will be working with Mr Evans and helping him to plant, grow and harvest some delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs! We can't wait to sample some of the produce that we get to grow with our very own hands!

The Viewer

This afternoon, we explored a text we will be using as inspiration for our next few pieces of writing - The Viewer. To hook us into this text, we explored a secret chest full of unusual items and used a VR headset as our own 'viewers'.

Easter in a Box

To start off our new term, we had a morning with Lisa and Regan from St Stephen's Church. They told us all about the Easter story and the key events in this. We got to make our own Easter story boxes to help us remember what happened in the story.

Term 4

Learning Overview

Why did the Mayans disappear?

We will be beginning this term by continuing our exploration around the Mayans and the mystery of their disappearance. We will be continuing to consider how the Maya left their mark on us today through art, mathematics, literacy and democracy too.

RockSteady Concert!

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to watch a rocking concert hosted by some of our very own musicians! We really enjoyed the show!

Air resistance experiment!


Today, we made parachutes and observed how the size of the parachute changed the speed at which an egg dropped. It is safe to say there were no egg-survivors in this experiment however we noticed that, the larger the parachute, the slower the egg dropped.

Airbus Visit - Paper Planes!

This morning, we had a wonderful workshop held by Airbus. We learnt all about how a plane works and then we learnt how to make the best possible paper airplane.

World Book Day

Today, we celebrated World Book Day. Our theme was bedtime stories so we came in dressed in our comfortable pjs, had our favourite blankets and toys and brough in our favourite books too. We designed our own story with a 'graphic novel' style front cover. We also shared our stories with Year 3.

Outdoor PE - Hockey

This term, we are very lucky because we have the sports coaches teaching us hockey. In this lesson, we learnt the rules, how to control our movements and how to pass.

Term 3

Why did the Mayans disappear?

This term, Year 5 will be going on a Mayan adventure, travelling back to the Maya civilisation. We will be using our historian skills to explore this famous civilisation, considering their legacies, laws and democracies and how these have impacted us in present day. We will be using our geographer skills to locate and explain where and why Mayan people settled. As well as this, we will be using our artist skills to create 'day of the dead' inspired masked. Finally, we will be using our writing skills to create our ambition which will be an orally presented newspaper report which explains why the Mayan civilisation disappeared!

Middleworld by J&P Voelkel

Alongside our enquiry, we will be reading the book Middleworld by J&P Voelkel. This book tells the story of fourteen-year-old Max Murphy, video-gamer extraordinaire, who is furious when his archaeologist parents cancel the family vacation to go on a dig in Central America. However, things go from bad to worse when Max is summoned to join them, only to discover that his parents have vanished! We will be using this book to inspire our writing which will be exploring the use of embedded clauses, direct speech and reported speech.

Being Scientists! Does cocoa percentage determine how quickly chocolate melts?


This morning, we planned and conducted a science experiment to see if the percentage of cocoa in chocolate would have an impact on how quickly chocolate melted and at what temperature it would melt. We really enjoyed taking part in this experiment and we will tell you our conclusions when we finish school! Please predict which you think melted quicker; milk, dark or white chocolate!

Being Metacogs- Teamwork challenge!

This afternoon, we worked on our teamwork skills by trying to create the tallest structure we could using just a few resources. We had to think carefully about our strategies as well as how we could work best as a team. We really enjoyed this challenge and some of our structures were very tall!

No Pens Day!

Today is no pens day and we have been working on our oracy skills all day. We have discussed many important issues, worked on our division skills and thought about how we can be metacogs when using oracy.

RE - Visit to St Stephen's Church

To help answer our question 'If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?', we visited St Stephen's Church. When we walked in, we were asked to sit down and we all discussed why we thought people came to church. We came up with ideas such as to pray, to get together as a Christian Community and to be forgiven for our sins. We spoke about how God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and even though God is a spirit, how did we know he was still around. Filip was asked to put a blindfold and walk to the front. This was to show us how something can happen or be there even if we can't see it.  After, we explored the church to help us think of any questions we might have. We really enjoyed our visit to the church and felt we learned so much. 


This term, we are working on our netball skills. Today, we worked on our team work and passing skills in some mini-matches! We have already seen a big improvement in lots of our skills and we can't wait to work on them even more!

Voice of the Change Makers

Ours VOTCM representatives shared some important messaged with our class today. We had the chance to talk about charities which were important to us. We then voted for our favourite charity. Then, we thought about ways we could raise some money for our PTA.

Term 2

Enquiry Overview: Were the Vikings vicious or victorious?

Were the Vikings vicious or victorious?

This term, we will continue to learn all about our enquiry question which explores the Vikings. During this term, we will be delving into some Viking-inspired art, Viking settlements and working on our debate skills in preparation for our ambition which will be a debate held in front of parents and carers.

Christmas in a Box!

With Christmas time drawing so near, we had a special visit from Lisa. Lisa told us the Christmas Story and from the story, we then chose a key event which we would then use to design our own Christmas Box. We had so much fun getting into the Christmas spirit!

Rocksteady concert

This afternoon, the whole school was lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful concert hosted by Rocksteady. In this concert, we got to listen to some amazing singers, drummers, keyboard players and guitar players too and we were so impressed with what we heard!

Bristol Old Vic Production 

We would like to say a massive thank you to the PTA for organising a wonderful production from the Bristol Old Vic. We really enjoyed our afternoon watching the play and admired the set, actors and costumes. 

Telling stories through dance

This afternoon, we used our bodies to help tell stories through dance. We thought carefully about our body language and our facial expressions.

No Pens Day!

Today, we worked on our oracy skills all day and did all of our learning without using a pen! In maths, we used the story of Pezzettino to carry out some work on addition, subtraction, fractions and percentages. We had to think carefully about how we could calculate these problems because of the different sizes of our Pezzettino figures.

Outdoor PE- Football!

This term, we are taking inspiration from the World Cup in our outdoor PE sessions. We are working with Sporting Chance to develop our football skills so that we can aspire to be in the World Cup one day too!

Term 1


Learning Overview

Were the Vikings vicious or victorious?

In our first enquiry in Year 5, we will be going on a voyage to explore the notorious Vikings. During this enquiry, we will be discovering all about the Vikings including their settlements, beliefs, achievements and their legacy. We will be comparing the Vikings with other civilizations such as the Egyptians, Romans and Anglo-Saxons and, drawing upon all of our learning, debating using oracy skills whether Vikings were indeed vicious or victorious.

Viking Boy

Alongside our enquiry, we will be reading the book Viking Boy by Tony Bradman. This story is an action-packed blend of historical adventure and fantasy for junior readers; a blast of uncensored Viking adventure. We will be using this book as inspiration for diary entries, letters, character descriptions and setting descriptions as well as some of our artwork.

Being a Theologian - Today we shared 4AH's Havest Celebration at St Stephen's Church. We thought about other's needs and being humble by sharing when other's are not as fortunate as ourselves. 

St Stephen's singing at Church

Uploaded by Katrina Crossfield on 2022-10-08.

PE - Arcticle 4 Access to education

This afternoon, we used our athletic skills to play a game of bench ball. During the game, we thought carefully about how to move our feet quickly and effectively, how to use our arms and how to use our body language too!

Voting for our 'Voice of the Change Makers' - Article 4 Access to Education

Today, after hearing some amazing speeches, we headed to the hall to vote for our favourite candidate to be a 'voice of the change maker'. It was a really tricky decision for us as there were so many wonderful candidates so we are excited to hear who got through on Friday!

Oracy learning- Article 4 Access to Education

This week we have been learning all about oracy, which means learning to talk through talk! We've been trying lots of different ways to communicate effectively.

Engage Day! Article 4 Access to Quality Education

As part of our engage day, we took part in a Viking workshop where we learnt lots of interesting facts about Vikings, explored some Viking weapons and armour and even re-enacted a Viking burial!