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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.


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Miss Palmer

Key information:

Outdoor PE will take place on Monday and indoor PE will be on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child completes the checklist inside their SATs pack each week. This will be checked every Friday. Thank you for your support!  

Words of the week: enquiry, ongoing and widespread (16.03.20) 

Times tables of the week: 4s and 9s!

Our Rights Respecting Class Charter

Term 3 and 4

Enquiry Overview: Where will your quest take you?

Throughout Term 3 and 4, we will be going on a quest with our new text 'Wolf Brother' by Michelle Paver. Since the story is set in the Stone Age, we will be supporting our writing by finding out about this historic era and how people survived.The book follows a boy on an adventure during the time of hunters and gatherers. We will be writing about aspects of the book and exploring them further with the end goal of writing our own quest story! 

Sublime Science Workshop (Article 13 - the right to find out things)

Week 3 was 'Science Week' and we were excited to find out that we would be taking part in a workshop where we would learn about science related to the climate. After meeting Mad Mark, he showed us some truly impressive experiments that had us wowed! He was shocked by how much we already knew but we really enjoyed building on that knowledge too with lots of new vocabulary and technical terms. 

World Book Day (Article 29 - the right to education)

In Week 2 of Term 4, we celebrated World Book Day across our school. We really enjoyed sharing a book and a biscuit with Year 4 while we read our favourite part or described why we liked it. During the day, we learnt a poem called 'Warned' by Sylvia Stults. It was about our climate and environment and linked to our SDGs so that our world can have a brighter future. We really enjoyed making props to accompany our performance and we used our oracy skills when we presented the poem to the whole school. 

Creating Atmosphere! (Article 13 - the right to share what you think by writing)

In Week 1, we have been learning to create atmosphere in our writing. It is important to make links between the time of day, the weather and the sensory description so that all of our sentences link. Having already learnt about cohesion, we had all the skills we needed to make our writing flow. We enjoyed exploring vocabulary when we had to choose specific words for our settings and we got to use our imaginations! 

Term 3 Reflections (Article 28 - the right to a good quality education)


"My favourite part of the term has been learning how to play Tag Rugby with my friends because it's fun and we get fresh air." Sophie


"I most enjoyed the WOW day because we got to make our own clans which was creative." Maria


"I enjoyed Tag Rugby because I liked the competitiveness of the game." Charlie


"I liked making collages because we got to spend a whole morning doing art." Maisie


"We got to get fresh air and exercise during Tag Rugby. I learnt that we run with the ball which has improved my skills." Jamie 


"I also really enjoyed Tag Rugby because we get to burn off extra energy. I learnt how to look for space which means my team can pass the ball more easily." Kacie 

Class Assembly (Article 12 - the right to give your opinion and for adults to listen)

In week 6 we performed our class assembly to our grown-ups. In groups, we were given a section of our class book, Wolf Brother. We had to orally retell our section in our own creative ways. Our actions really helped us to learn our words and added to our performance too! 

Class Assembly

Still image for this video

Class Assembly

Still image for this video

Class Assembly

Still image for this video

SID 2020! (Article 17 - the right to adults making sure that the information you are getting is not harmful)

In week 6, we had our Safe Internet Day where we focused on what 'identity' was and whether we were 'free to be me' while online. We discussed different scenarios and thought about how each of the people involved would have felt. Following this, we ranked their behaviour and respect so that we could score them as though they were candidates for a job! In the afternoon, we thought about our own identities online and created a bunting flag to add to the whole school display! 

Mental Health Week (Article 17 - the right to information that is important to your well-being)

In week 5, we had Mental Health Week and our theme was 'Find your Brave' which inspired us to be brave and talk about things that might be giving us unwanted feelings like sadness or loneliness. We had some activities to complete throughout the week, including designing a cartoon character (who is brave), sharing our strengths and weaknesses, discussing The Greatest Showman and taking part in a show and tell. 

Collage Forests ( Article 13 - the right to share what you think by drawing)

In week 4, we have been practising our collage skills in art. Firstly we practised blending the tissue paper to create different shades and colours and then we used some materials from nature like leaves, sticks and grass to add to the different textures that we created. Our Prove it was to create a forest scene. 

Tag Rugby Skills! (Article 24 - the right to information to help you stay well)

In week 3 we built on our tag rugby skills. Having already learnt about passing the ball and the need to find adequate space, we started to find out about moving forwards in rugby so that we could get as close to our try line as possible (instead of moving backwards towards the opposition's). It was tricky not to move once we'd been tagged but we soon got the hang of it and lots of tries were scored. Although it was cold outside, we knew it was important to get some exercise so that our bodies stay fit and healthy. 

Playpod creativity! (Article 31 - the right to play)

In week 2, we had lots of creative fun with the items in the Playpod! Firstly, we made sure that we knew the rules when using the junk, such as being sensible while getting the equipment out and putting it away. Once we were sure, we were ready to begin! We had lots of fun burning off our extra energy and making new friends across our year group! 

Creating Clans! (Article 15 - the right to choose your own friends)

In week 1, we created our very own clans just like they used to form in the Stone Age! We looked at some example names before creating our own like 'The Weary Wolf Clan' and 'The Ivory Clan'. Next we had to design a symbol that would represent us, before going on to design and make an accessory that would unite us. We had lots of fun getting creative! 

WOW! (Article 27 - the right to a safe place to live)

We had a fantastic time with the Forest School today who taught us about how Torak (our new main character) might have survived in the Stone Age period. We learnt how Stone Age people used to create fires and even had a go ourselves! We also built shelters and had the chance to design some traps or weapons that we could have used to hunt food. It really made us feel inspired to find out more about Torak's quest as well as equip us with some important vocabulary for our upcoming enquiry. 

Term 2

Term 2 newsletter

Outdoor PE will take place on Thursday and indoor PE will be on a Tuesday.


This term, we are very excited to start learning all about the sustainable goals and how we can use them to keep our planet alive for generations to come. This term we will be focusing on the goal 'No poverty'. 6RP will use scientific methods to help the homeless locally and answer the question 'How can science help the homeless?' These methods will include: generating electricity for the homeless, designing appropriate material for sleeping bags, creating long lasting food and finding affordable ways to provide clean water.


We will be also using the text 'Garbage King' to link our enquiry to our writing.

Skills tests! (Article 29 - the right to use and develop your talents and abilities)

We carried out a carousel of 4 different athletic challenges in the hall. Firstly, we had to throw beanbags accurately into the bins - each had a different score! Then, we had the speed bounce challenge where we had to hop over the barrier as many times as we could in 20 seconds. The next challenge was to throw and catch a ball using one hand against a wall. Luckily, we had some time to practise that one! Finally, we did the long jump. We found that most of us improved our scores during the second round. 

Exploring materials (Article 27 - the right to clothing and to have your basic needs met)

Since the weather has been getting colder, we thought about our homeless friends and explored ways that could help to them keep warm if they have to sleep outside. We investigated each of the materials and considered how good they were at insulating. Additionally, we thought about how comfortable the materials were if they were to be used to make clothes or sleeping bags for the homeless. We found out that the council does supply sleeping bags for the homeless people in Bristol however they aren't really designed to cope with the low temperatures that we sometimes experience. Although we found that plastic bags were good at keeping the heat in, they also didn't allow room to breathe. Nylon was a good material for clothes and sleeping bags! 

Microbits (Article 17-the right to computers and other sources)

In computing, we used small devices called 'microbits'. We were able to use the Chromebooks to code a message that appeared on the microbit! It reminded us of a bus number or the screens at the Doctor's Surgery. 

How do we get clean water? (Article 24-the right to safe water to drink)

Today we were challenged to clean a jug of filthy water! It was filled with mud, leaves and grass so we tested a variety of filters to see which cleaned the water the most effectively. We kept the water the same and changed the type of filter to ensure it was a fair test. Our results showed that the paper towels were able to filter out the dirt the best. We thought about our homeless friends and how they might access clean water - maybe they could use devices like the ones we tried and then add chlor tabs to kill any bacteria as our filters were unable to get rid of the harmful germs. 

Exploring electricity! (Article 27-the right to have your basic needs met)

Today we were given a variety of different electrical equipment and asked if we could make a bulb light up! We all could as we remembered what to do from Year 4. Next, we were challenged to make the bulb brighter. After trialing different methods, we discovered that using more batteries led to a brighter bulb. Then, we looked at voltage and watts and even had a go at working out the kilowatts used by appliances that we considered to be vital to our human needs e.g. light bulb to see when it is dark, fridge to keep food fresh etc. We thought about how homeless people don't have access to electricity and how that must be challenging. 

Life Skills at Create (Article 24 - the right to information to help you stay well)

Today we learnt some very important skills that will keep us safe from harm while in and out of our homes. What a great school trip!  We were able to dial the emergency services, practise first aid, go shopping, refresh our road safety knowledge and role play what to do in a real fire as well as some other skills. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this possible, we are really grateful! 

WOW! (Article 13 - the right to find out things and share by drawing, writing or in any other way)

Throughout our WOW day we immersed ourselves within Ethiopia, the setting of our new text, The Garbage King. We found out about its history, landscape, climate and currency as well as other interesting facts. We chose to present our research in different ways, from quizzes, to google slides, to posters. In the afternoon we sampled some authentic Ethiopian food called injera which is a pancake-like flatbread topped with many different foods! 

Term 1

Term 1 newsletter
Outdoor PE will take place on Monday and indoor PE will be on a Wednesday.

This term, we are excited to be learning about World War 1. We will be exploring how it all began and who was involved as well as ways that the war affected every day life. We already have so many questions which we can't wait to get answered!


We are also very excited to begin our learning on the Sustainable Development Goals for the world. Our goal for Term 1 is Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. We will be looking at how decisions can be overturned in our country without the use of violence and how our voices can be powerful tools when advocating change.  


Alongside our enquiry, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo's wartime novel 'Private Peaceful'. 

Pumpkin Muffins!

Our challenge was to create a dish using rations. We knew that people grew their own produce during WW1 so we decided to use pumpkins as our main ingredient! After lots of recipe research, we agreed that pumpkin muffins would be the most tasty so we worked together to create them. They were delicious but next time we would grate the pumpkin to make it finer. 

Class Assembly

This week, we were very excited to perform our assembly to our grown ups. We thought carefully about how to engage our audience and persevered to learn our lines. Using oracy skills, we projected our voices and considered the pace at which we spoke. 


Still image for this video


We have been using guided meditation to help us relax, think and explore our thoughts. Listening to the soothing voice, we imagined a tree-house which took us through each of our senses. To finish the activity, we drew the tree-house that our mind had interpreted during the meditation. We felt really calm and settled once we had finished! 


This term we have been learning about oracy which has developed our skills to have effective discussions with our peers. Oracy is important because it enables us to share our opinions and ideas. We use techniques like 'thumbs in' to show that we would like to build on or challenge somebody's idea and we use use 'talk tokens' to make sure that everybody contributes. You can see these being used below!


Still image for this video

Brilliant Badminton

We have been building on our badminton skills during indoor PE with Bristol Sport. This week, we practised 'rallying' where we had to see how many times we could pass the shuttle while keeping it in the air! Then, we were challenged to hit the shuttle even harder so that out partner found it tricky to pass back and we would score a point. 

Ration Recipes!

This week, we were presented with a variety of foods that were rationed (we only had small amounts) to create recipes from. It was challenging because we were missing some vital ingredients like salt and pepper! We decided that a vegetable soup would be the best way to use up most of the rations so we helped to peel, cut, boil and blend the vegetables to create a delicious soup that we enjoyed tasting! 

Beam House

We had an incredible time at Beam House where we developed our knowledge and skills in lots of activities from archery to fencing, to street-surfing to bodyboarding! It was great to be outside and and explore our interests outside of the classroom. 


During our WOW! day we had the opportunity to explore lots of themes surrounding WW1. We took part in a soldier boot-camp with Mr. Allen then visited Major Evans to immerse ourselves in the background of the Great War and learn about how and why it began as well as what happened throughout. In the afternoon, we made 'trench cake' with Miss Palmer and created some WW1 poppy art with Mrs. Williams. We can't wait to find out more! 

Purple learning

This week we imagined that we were Arctic explorers stranded before a big storm. Using basic materials, we constructed a shelter designed to withstand strong winds however with frostbite and snow blindness it was not easy! As you can see, only one of us could handle the materials but that person couldn't see! When our shelter was knocked down by the wind (from the fan) we had to find another way and not give up. This strengthened our growth mindsets that we have been learning about.