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Parent Surveys

Would you like to make payments to the school online?

Would you like to make payments to the school online? 1

Many schools now have set up online payment systems to make it more convenient  for parents and carers to pay for items such as school dinners and trips.  You would be able to pay for such items through a link which would be set up on our website or through your mobile.  There would be no charge to yourselves for this payment system.


We think an online payment system would be of great benefit to yourselves and the school.  It would mean that you would not have to send your child in with cash or have to come in to make payments yourselves.  At school, it that the admin staff could focus on other areas that promote teaching and learning rather than counting and banking money.


We would therefore like to gauge your interest in such a system and would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire below.  Thank you.

Outcomes from our Annual Parent/Carer Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed our Parent/Carer survey.  In total we had 101 responses which is brilliant.  You have identified that the school has many strengths including the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum which reflects the cultures represented in the school,  high standards of behaviour and that the standard of teaching and learning is high.

There are many areas that you feel we have improved on.  The areas which you believe have improved the most are:

  • Keeping you informed regarding your children's progress;
  • Satisfaction with the work your children are expected to do at home;
  • Your belief that all children are treated fairly;
  • Our values having a positive impact on the children and;
  • Clear leadership in the school.

There are of course always areas that we can improve on and while you do not feel that any of the areas we asked you about have declined, there are areas which are not as strong as others e.g your awareness of the focus for the school each year and parents playing an active part in school life.  These will be areas that we will endeavour to improve on in the next academic year.


Please find a copy of the full report below.


What would you like the school's Home Learning policy to be?

Thank you for your feedback.  The overwhelming majority of those who completed the survey was to go with Option B.  This is for the children to do daily reading, practice their tables and to learn their weekly spellings.  In addition, optional activities will be set on a termly basis.  The new policy is available for you to read in our policies section and will be implemented from September.


Should we introduce a whole school PE kit?

Thank you to everyone who responded to this survey.  We had nearly 100 responses which is brilliant! The majority of those who did respond are in favour of introducing the kit as part of our school uniform; this will be in place from September.  The school is now in the process of finalising costs with the supplier and will provide you with further details shortly.

In what form would you prefer to receive our fortnightly newsletter?

Thank you to everyone who responded. The vast majority are happy with the paperless system and wish to continue to receive our newsletter by email. For those of you who prefer a hard copy, a copy will be provided.


If you have not already signed up for the newsletter to be emailed, please contact Maria Noble in the office and she will arrange this for you. 



Which is the best time for our Parent/Carer Information Sessions?

Thank you for responding to our survey.  The most popular time is 6pm followed very closely by 7pm therefore we are going to hold our meetings at 6.30pm.  We look forward to seeing you all at our meeting on 18th November 2014 where we will be sharing our new curriculum and new requirements for assessment.


What do you think of our new website?

“I love the children section, which celebrates their achievements and provides websites for them to visit at home. The class pages are kept up to date, which allows my daughter to share all of the wonderful things she has learnt in school too.”


“The site is well laid out, interactive, and extremely informative.  It shows the kids are really happy and engaged in their classes and I particularly like the photos and videos of the kids in their classes.”


“I have just looked at the new school website and think it looks great and is very user friendly.  Found my way around the website with ease and it was lovely to see the different classes topics and photographs of the childrens activities.”


“I think the new school website is brilliant. 

I have looked at it to see pictures of my children at school doing projects and work.  It was lovely to see the Heatree photo’s each evening and see them all having lots of fun. 

The calendar is fab to double check on dates for things and the link for the newsletters also great.”


“Really like the way each class has their own section. Nice and easy to find your way around the different area's. Enjoy looking at all the pictures and videos.”



 When do you think is the best time for the first Parent/Carers meetings? - Outcome of survey

The overwhelming majority of you would like us to hold our Parent/Carer meetings in Term 2 as this is when we will have more information regarding your child's progress. This will be held at the beginning of December following assessments.  In the meantime, there will be an opportunity for you to meet your child's new class teacher on Thursday 4th September at either 9.10am or 2.50pm.  During this meeting the class teacher will outline class expectations and routines. 


Our aim is to keep you well informed about what your child is learning.  A class newsletter with a termly overview will be available each term on your child's class page together with examples of work and photos of what the children are doing.  Please check this regularly so that you can keep yourselves up to date with your child's learning.


Please be assured that should we have any concerns before the next Parent/Carer meeting, your child's class teacher will be in contact with you.