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Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders at St Stephen's Juniors play a vital role in our Computing curriculum and in the use of IT across the curriculum. With new equipment, programs and apps being created almost every day, we need a core group of dedicated pupils to help keep the other children (and adults sometimes!) up to speed.


We meet each week (Terms 1,3 and 5 for Y5 and Y6 and Terms 2,4 and 6 for Y3 and Y4) on a Thursday after school to be trained by Mr Stinchcombe and Miss Bishop in the technology that others will be using that year. The Digital Leaders are also required to test and trial any new equipment (E.g. Chromebooks and MicroBits) making sure that they have found the best way of using it before anyone does!


One of the responsibilities of the Digital Leaders is to ensure that the IT equipment is maintained. Each week, the Digital Leaders from one of the Y5 or Y6 classes are complete a 'maintenance timesheet'. This ensures that all iPads and Chromebooks are returned to their correct place and charged ready for the next class. With over 350 children using the resources, this is an extremely important responsibility.


Our Digital Leaders
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Term 1: Year 5 and 6.

Applications took place at the beginning of Term 1 so the Digital Leaders were only able to meet three times. After looking at the role of the Digital Leaders, they created a mini game in Scratch and had their first experience using BBC MicroBits. Tiny computers with a small screen which needed to be programmed before they could be used. We created an electronic dice that was 'rolled' each time the MicroBit was shaken.


Here are the links (each one is different) to the Scratch games that were created. Can you work out the rules of the game? What is the highest score you can get?

We only had an hour to create these so if you find a bug, please click 'see inside' and then 'remix' it to debug the program!