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Our Vision and Values

St. Stephen's CofE Junior School...a positive, supportive learning community

Within the Christian ethos of our church school, our vision is to

  • Enable each child to reach their academic potential and be equipped with the skills to be lifelong learners;
  • Enable each child to develop into a resilient, well rounded, respectful individual;
  • Be a positive member of their local and global community;
  • Have a knowledge of Christian faith, an awareness of their own spirituality* and have respect for the beliefs of others;
  • To be equipped with life skills in order to achieve ambitions and overcome challenges;
  • Understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

We will achieve this vision by creating an ethos which promotes our values of

  • Friendship
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Trust


*Our agreed understanding of spirituality is 'Coming to know ourselves, learning to reflect on experiences, exploring important questions of how to live and treat others, and so reaching a set of beliefs and values by which to guide our lives.'

Our School Values

The ethos of our school is built on a foundation of  Christian core values which are addressed directly through lessons, collective worship and across the whole curriculum. Each term we focus on a particular value. We learn to understand what the value looks like and how we can demonstrate the value, in the way we behave, in our attitude towards each other and in our learning. Parents and carers  are encouraged to develop the termly value at home.


Our new School Values

During the Summer 2014, we revisited our school values as there were 18 and we felt that this was too many to embed in the school.  The whole school community (staff, children, parents and governors) was asked which values they thought were the most important.  As a result of this the following 6 values were agreed upon:












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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6

Values Day

On 5th September we held a Values Day.  Our new values were launched and then each class spent the day focusing on one of the values.  Last years Year 5 councillors worked with Ms Wilson to re write our Golden Rules so that our new values are incorporated.  In the afternoon we shared our wonderful work.  Have a look below:


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
As part of the day, the children were asked to design a logo to represent our new values.  Well done to Josh Osborne who produced the winning design.  This has now been developed further by a professional graphic designer.  Please see below our new values logo (which has been approved by Josh!).
Picture 1
Picture 2

Values Ambassadors

Our Values Ambassadors are children who consistently uphold our school values. Two children are chosen from each class, each year, by their peers.  Our ambassadors model all the values for others and help everyone to follow them.  Here are our 2014 Values Ambassadors.


Picture 1

Our Values Tree

Our Values Tree 1

 Our Values Tree represents the children growing and developing, ready to branch out into the world, with values that will guide them through their lives. The children use the tree to reflect on our values, set themselves personal targets and to share their prayers. 

Responsibility - Our Term 6 challenge!

During Term 6 our values focus was responsibility.  The children were asked to demonstrate their ability to take responsibility through a team challenge - growing a sunflower!.  In each class, the children split into house teams.  They had to draw up a plan for growing their sunflower and ensure that the plan was followed.  At the end of term, the sunflowers were measured and house points awarded to the team whose sunflower had grown the most.