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Collective Worship

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Collective Worship is a time when the whole school comes together to think about different themes.  Its purpose is to

  • enabling pupils to reflect on and question issues such as belonging to the school community, the wider community and to humanity as a whole
  • reinforce a sense of community and cohesion through appreciating those things we have in common
  • developing a reflective approach to life
  • supporting pupils in the development of spiritual, cultural and moral perspectives.
  • developing a sense of the individual's place in the world beyond the physical, material and the here and now
  • providing time to consider values and beliefs - both their own and those of others
  • raising awareness of difficulties experienced living a life based on values, beliefs and principles which may not be shared by everyone in the wider community
  • providing opportunity to celebrate achievement and to share times of celebration
  • supporting students in responding to crisis at a personal and collective level and provide them with a vocabulary to explore feelings and responses
  • supporting those who have particular needs or who are engaged in times of crisis


Collective Worship  reinforces the sense of the school community, by giving pupils the opportunity to share things of worth with each other, within a reflective space.  Those pupils who have a faith will be able to use the reflection time to consider issues in the light of their religious beliefs and to pray or worship internally as they feel appropriate whilst those pupils who don't have a religious belief will have the opportunity to reflect and make a personal internalised response to the same stimulus. They will also be able to enter into dialogue with those of faith, enabling both believers and non-believers to appreciate each other's stances.


At St. Stephen's we use our school values to explore beliefs and to teach the children behaviours which will help them in their future lives.  The theme we are exploring this term is respect.

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Collective Worship Themes Term 1 2017

Please have a read of the Collective Worship policy by following the link below
As a church school, the main focus of our collective worship is Christianity.  However, we also reflect on and celebrate festivals from other faiths and cultures.  This is to help us understand the multi - faith society that we live in.  

Celebration Assembly

Every Friday we celebrate the achievements of children in school.  Headteacher's certificates are given to those children who have been seen to following the term's school value.  In addition, certificates are given for being the Writer of the Week or a Mighty Mathematician.  As well as receiving a certificate, children earn points for their houses.


It is also a time to celebrate the children's achievements outside of school.  The children are welcome to bring in awards or certificates that they have earned at clubs or events they have attended.


Parents and carers are contacted on the Wednesday prior to the celebration to invite them to join their child at this special time.  

This weeks recipients of awards - Friday 19th October 2018

This weeks recipients of awards - Friday 19th October 2018 1
This weeks recipients of awards - Friday 19th October 2018 2
This weeks recipients of awards - Friday 19th October 2018 3
This weeks recipients of awards - Friday 19th October 2018 4