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The Arts

At St Stephen's, we recognise the importance of delivering a broad and varied curriculum which allows the children to explore a variety of different media. Because of this, we try our best to provide exciting, memorable experiences which enrich their school experience and develop their understanding of the world around them.





To broaden our musical understanding, each term we will focus on a different music genre. There will be songs being played in and out of assembly, we will have live music termly to suit the genre and we will also learn some of the history behind the genre.


Term 3 - Musical Theatre

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What a treat to have King's Oak students come in to talk about musical theatre, their experiences and to perform a few songs for us. We have loved singing along to the fantastic songs this term and now we can look forward to becoming a part of musical theatre when we join King's Oak for secondary school.

Funky Punk assembly


Wow! What a lot of talent we have at St Stephen's! These amazing children showcased their musical talents to the whole school! They have clearly worked so hard and persevered well. Bravo to you all! You're great!

Sensation keyboard

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Through Term 1 and 2, Year 4 have been extremely lucky to have ukulele lessons. We learnt all sorts of songs! We had such a great time learning to play different chords on the ukulele, read the musical notation, learn about beat and rhythm as well as singing along. We have done a few performances now to both parents and children. It was wonderful that we were all able to learn a new skill and have such fun, too!



Christmas Service

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This year, the choir performed a couple of magical songs to get us all in the Christmas spirit. They were absolutely splendid!

Term 2 - Country Music


We have loved listening to plenty of country music and learning a little more about the history of it. The highlight was definitely having the UK's number 1 country musician, Danny McMahon, come to perform for us. He told us all about his journey, the artists he has worked with and his inspiration. It was fantastic to have a local musician inspire us.

Danny McMahon

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Yamaha Music Assembly


To give us a taster of what King's Oak Yamaha lessons might involve, we had an assembly where we developed our knowledge of beats, rhythms and notes. We had great fun participating and singing along. 

Yamaha Music Assembly

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Term 1 - Reggae music


This term, we have been listening to a lot of reggae music and even were lucky enough to hear some live reggae music from Bristol Reggae Orchestra! It was a fab experience which really gave us a feel for the music, we were told a little background about the genre and were introduced to each of the instruments played. We will develop our understanding of the genre further in class time and continue to explore the rhythm of the music.

Bristol Reggae Orchestra

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Term 6 - Rock Assembly


What a treat! Today we had another musician in to play some rock/pop music. He showed us an assortment of instruments and showed us what they sound like and how they work. We had such a fab time and it's inspired us all to be in a rock band

Recognise it? We loved singing along!

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Term 5 - Jazz Assembly 


Wow! What a fantastic assembly we had today! Our music focus for this term is jazz music and today we were lucky enough to have some jazz musicians come in and play for us. Not only did we listen to some great music, we also counted along to various jazz beats and learnt about the instruments.

Term 4 - Classical Music Assembly


What a super afternoon assembly we had today. To support our understanding of classical music and to inspire us, we had some incredible musicians in to play some classical music. We learnt about the various instruments and how they work and listened to some phenomenal playing! We even got to request a few songs - see if you can hear what they were!

Our favourite song

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Music Assembly


Today we were lucky enough to listen to live music from our very talented students. The musicians played an array of instruments from a cello to harmonicas! There were lots of comments about how other children are inspired to start learning how to play an instrument now. What a treat!

Watch this snippet of the incredible talent of our students

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Last year we focused on our art techniques and our design and technology skills. We had a different focus each term and spent a day learning about people who were famous for using a specific skill and how to use that skill before putting it into practice by creating our own art piece. Throughout the day, we used our Purple Learning knowledge; being ready to make mistakes, understanding how to improve and being prepared to give honest but constructive advice to others. Here are some example of the art we produced.

Art in Term 3


This term we have been working on collage to develop our skills with a range of different media. We used a wide range of materials from paper to leaves and created fantastic, unique pieces of work. We love the wonderful visual and tactile elements that collage allows us to create and we hope you agree.

Art in Term 2


As you can see from the displays, we have some fantastic artists in our school. Our focus for Term 2 was painting in which we developed our understanding of tones, shading, brush strokes and and composition. We followed our try it, use it, prove it approach to improve our skills and create some wonderful artwork. We hope you like them!

Art in Term 1


During this first term, all year groups focused on improving our observation and sketching skills whilst immersing ourselves in our topics. We practised the art of mark making to develop our skills which we then used in our final pictures. As you can see from our displays, we are working tremendously hard to produce high quality artwork! 

Term 1 Art Displays