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Keeping Healthy

Healthy Me

In this skill, we have been learning all about being healthy. We begin each term with looking at what a balanced diet looks like and the different categories food falls into. We look at our own diets - as well as popular meal choices - and find out that we don't always have enough fruit and veg - oops! In the afternoon, we look at our dental health and how we can make sure our teeth the healthiest possible. We also look at what happens if we fall into bad habits and don't clean our teeth properly - did you know you have to clean them for a whole 2 minutes?! Finally, after learning about keeping our bodies and teeth healthy, we start to think about how we can have a healthy mind. We look at various techniques that we can use (at home and at school) to help us calm down and relax our minds.

Group B

This month, a shocking statistic was shared in the news that over 43,000 children aged 5-9 are having to have dental surgery due to rotting teeth! We found out that this has risen each year for the past 6 years. Knowning this, we researched how to look after our teeth properly and what things we should look out for. Once we knew this, we created posters and then filmed news reports to inform children on how to care for their teeth. 

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video