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At St Stephen’s Junior School we have four different houses. These are Blackwell (yellow), More (red), Cossham (blue) and Grace (green).


The different houses represent famous people from our local history.


Each week children around the school earn house points for being polite, being kind and considerate, helping others and working hard. These are given by adults and the children record these in their classrooms. House point monitors from Year 6 tally the total number of house points from each classroom. During Friday’s celebration assembly, 12 children are given either Writer of the Week, Mighty Mathematician  or Top Times Tabler certificates (earning 10 house points) and 12 children are given a Head Teacher’s certificate (earning 20 house points). At the end of each term there is a Shining Star chosen from each class who earn 100 house points!! All of the house points are combined by the house captains and a running total is created. Whichever house is in the lead ties their house colour around the House Cup for that week.


Throughout the year we have a range of different inter-house competitions (the Easter Quiz, Pancake race, Sports Day, Talent show to name but a few!) where the children can earn additional house points!

To see who is currently in the lead, please look at the home page of our website!

Cossham house captains

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Blackwell house captains

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More house captains

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Grace house captains

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2018 - 2019

Term 1 - House Quiz

We kicked off this year's House events with our annual House Quiz. Tensions were high as the scoreboard constantly changed and we were completely unsure as to who would win until the very last round! It was Cossham who came out triumphant with an astonishing 320 points!

Term 1 - House Quiz

Term 1 - House Quiz 1
Term 1 - House Quiz 2
Term 1 - House Quiz 3
Term 1 - House Quiz 4
Term 1 - House Quiz 5
Term 1 - House Quiz 6
Term 1 - House Quiz 7

2017 - 2018

Term 1: House Quiz!


In Term 1, all houses got together in the hall to take part in a general knowledge Quiz! Alongside House captains, representatives from each year group worked together to answer 30 general knowledge questions. Teams worked together to be successful and it was a close call but it in the end it was Grace who were victorious. Well done Grace!

Term 1: House Quiz!

Pancake Race

On Tuesday 28th February we held our annual Pancake Race. We gathered in the playground and braved the wind and rain.  Teams consisted of the captains and two teachers from each house.  Each team had to run the length of the netball pitch and back, tossing the pancake once on each stretch. It was a close race, but the eventual winners were Cosshaml!

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Christmas Talent Show

Towards the end of Term 2 we had our very popular talent show- 'St Stephen's Got Talent' as we refer to it! As ever we had auditions where House Captains selected the best three acts to represent their house. We had a variety of acts that went through- pianists, dancers, singers and even some magic.

On the day our judging panel all felt that the standard was extremely high but the overall winner was Sophie May from 5CP with her amazing dance routine representing Blackwell House. Everyone who took part in the final received a medal with Sophie taking away the winners trophy. 

Well done to everyone who took part.

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