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First Aid

Each term, Miss O'Callaghan will be running First Aid training alongside St. Johns Ambulance. The children will have expert training on how to deal with injuries and events that require First Aid. The children will learn skills of how to assess injuries, how to deal with them and what to do next. This will include: 


  • Knowing how to complete a Primary Survey.
  • Have effective communication in First Aid
  • Know the recovery position and how to apply
  • Care for minor bleeding and bruising
  • How to assess and care for severe bleeding
  • Recognise and respond to an asthma attack
  • Recognise and know how to treat burns and scolds



Our Learning


The day began with some important training from a St John Ambulance member. We then practised all our new skills including the recovery position and bandaging. In the afternoon we revised our learning and began to write some instructions for how to care and provide First Aid. See our pictures below that show our progression across the day.