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Family Learning Sessions

How we teach maths in school

Over the past year we have been developing how we teach maths in school.  The new maths national curriculum is now much more challenging therefore we have looked at the best practice for delivering it and have introduced these strategies into school.  This includes the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) approach which gives the children opportunities for learning maths using practical resources and representing their understanding in a pictorial form before moving onto the more traditional way to record maths problems.


At the learning session, we found out how to learn fractions in a variety of ways including using bottles and water and fraction strips.  Everyone had a go at calculating the area of triangles.  All answers were put in a draw and Isaac in Year 5 won a £20 gift voucher of his choice for getting the answers right!


Please see the presentation and our maths page for further details regarding maths at St. Stephen's


Feedback from the session?

Did you find the session useful?

'Really helpful to understand how lessons are being taught especially the concrete and pictorial was of understanding concepts.'


'Yes knowing how the children learn.'



How we teach addition and subtraction.

To continue to develop our parents understanding of how we teach maths at our school so they can successful support their children at home, we ran two sessions to share how we teach addition and subtraction. We modelled the method we would use to solve addition and subtraction calculations and parents had a go at solving some calculations using the resources and methods their children would be using.

Feedback from the session?

Did you find the session useful?


'Really useful to understand how my child is taught to add and subtract.'


'I feel like I will now be able to help my child with this at home and not confuse them with how I was taught!'


'It was great to be able to use the resources the children use and have a go at some questions!'




As part of e-safety week, parents were invited to an information session around the dangers of social networking and the internet as a whole. We focused on Facebook and the potential dangers that are associated with the site, many of which the children who use Facebook are unaware of. Parents and carers were also updated on how we, as a school, are addressing e-safety issues and the support we can provide both children and parents.

Feedback from the session

Did you find the session useful?


'Yes. The video really emphasised how easy it is for information to be 'out there'!


Yes it was very informative. It made you aware of the dangers etc.'


'Knowing what the children are learning about was really useful.'

Power of Reading

The Power of Reading is the strategy that the school is using to develop reading.  The approach involves the children engaging in high quality text and a range of activities to allow them to show their understanding of what they are reading.  These activities include drama, writing and even artwork!  The Power of Reading is having a positive impact, with all year groups making good or better progress. 


In addition to the Power of Reading, we also use Literature Circles to develop reading and Talk 4 Writing for writing.  Please see the presentation below for further details.

Feedback from the session

Did you find the session useful?


'Helpful to understand how the children are being taught literacy and how it gives them more understanding of the text they are reading.  Great session, easy to understand.'


'Helpful to see in more detail the process sued with text.  It was good to try an example.'  Well presented and clear to understand.'


'Yes.  I like to know how things are taught so that I can discuss issues with my daughter and be better informed.'



Year 6 SATs Tracker Information

The focus of this information session was to share with the tests that your children will be taking in May, to look at how you can support them at home and to explain the SATs tracker folder that your child will be bringing home with them.   Parents and carers who attended experienced the 'delight' of the mental maths tests for themselves so that they could understand more what it will be like for the children.  Please look at the presentation for more information.




If you would like to have anything from the presentation clarified or are unsure of what to do with the SATs tracker, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Year 6 teachers.

The New Curriculum, Assessment and Becoming Purple Learners

During this session we discussed the changes to the national curriculum and the new higher expectations for the children to achieve.  We then looked at our new curriculum and shared how the 'enquiry' approach works at our school.  This was followed by a look at the new assessment requirements and the changes that schools are required to make.  There was an opportunity for parent/carers to have a say on the level of information that we report and how we can keep them up to date with how their child/ren are doing in school.  Finally, we shared our 'becoming purple learners' strategy that has been introduced to the children.


Please see the presentations from the evening below. Information regarding 'Purple Learners' can be found in the children's section.

Feedback from the session

Did you find the session useful?

'Yes I did.  It was nice to see how the children are working through the line of enquiry.'


'Yes very informative on what is going to happen and how it will be implemented.'


'Yes.  Expected levels - EYE OPENER!!'


'Very useful to find out how the curriculum is changing.'


'It was great to be able to attend an information evening at school as I am unable to come during the day.'