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The skills of our group are:

  • being able to complete a puzzle,
  • play a board game, be able to lose,
  • be able to take turns,
  • follow rules 
  • to create a new and amazing game


We spent the morning looking at how it feels to lose and is it alright to lose. We talked about the feelings and sensations that losing may incur in us. In order for us to be better competitors we looked at how to be a good sport- in small groups we made our top 10 list of ways to be a good sport:

  • don't say mean words
  • don't have a paddy and don't scream and shout just try your best
  • it doesn't matter if you lose, you may win next time
  • be polite
  • cheer for people on your team
  • listen to your team members
  • never give up- persevere!


Just before lunch, we played a variety of games- chess, Uno, puzzles, cards, Top Trumps and Where's Wally board game. Many of us tried a new game that we had never played before. Our final task was to devise a new game as a group. We had to consider the rules and make sure that they are clear, clear enough for a 6 year to follow, the theme of the game and how to be a winner- if this mattered of course!

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