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Chinese Culture Day February 2015

To launch the teaching of Mandarin at St Stephen’s, we all took part in a Chinese Culture Day, immersing ourselves in different activities to learn more about this vibrant, rich and ancient culture. Here are some of the things each year group did…

Year 3 enjoyed singing along to the Chinese number rap as well as making their own dragon puppets. 

Picture 1

Year 4 started their day with some tai chi before trying their hand at some Chinese calligraphy. Balance, stroke order and direction are all really important things to remember when writing Chinese characters. They finished off their day trying to master using chopsticks. They practised using marshmallows, smarties and then finally, individual grains of rice! 

Picture 1

Year 5 began by exercising their bodies and minds with a tai chi master class. Next, they played a brain-stretching game of Chinese chess and had a go at a cup and dice game that involved counting in Mandarin and using hand actions for each number. Finally, they spent the afternoon discovering the Chinese art of serving and drinking tea.

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Picture 2

Year 6 used shadow puppets to tell the story of the Chinese New Year race, practised some tai chi and tried their hand at Chinese tangrams. A tangram consists of seven geometric shapes that originally make up a square – one square, one parallelogram and five triangles. These shapes can be moved around to make a wide variety of forms and figures. 

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Keep up with our learning journey by trying some of these activities at home! Here are some useful links, documents and videos to get you started. 

Numbers rap

Still image for this video
Fancy learning how to count from 1 to 10 in Mandarin? We really enjoyed this video!
Practise writing Chinese characters with this special paper: