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The game of chess is over 1300 years old and is one of oldest and the most popular games in the world. Chess is a two-player strategy game between two armies with 16 pieces for each player. The objective of the game is to place the opponent's King into checkmate, which means the King is trapped. Chess is easy to learn, but can take a lifetime to master.

Chess provides children with an approach to learn and use reasoning skills. These skills then carry over to other educational and life endeavours. Across the weeks the mini-games and activities that the children will experience are designed to boost all levels of critical thinking (knowledge, comprehension, analysis, evaluation). Also….


Chess requires forethought and cultivates visualization skills

Chess improves problem solving skills

Chess improves oracy skills

Chess encourages children to overcome the fear of risk-taking

Chess teaches concentration and self-discipline

Chess enables children to assume responsibility for their decisions

Chess rewards determination and perseverance

Chess raises self-esteem and promotes good sportsmanship

Chess is fun!

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