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Cooking is an important life skill! During our skills day, we thought about the types of jobs that require the skill 

of cooking.... there are lots!


We researched different recipes thinking about dietary requirements and the need for the recipe to be part of a healthy, balanced diet. Once we had chosen our recipe, we looked online to estimate the cost of our ingredients. We were surprised at some of the different prices for the same product. 


Walking to Tesco was an exciting part of the day! We got to actually buy our ingredients! Working out what change we should expect was a little more complicated!


In the afternoon, we set to work creating our dish. We learnt two chopping techniques which are important to keep our fingers safe and to avoid accidents.


Once we had created our dish, it was time for the exciting part.... eating it!

Researching our ingredients

Researching our ingredients 1
Researching our ingredients 2

Our shopping trip to Tesco

Our ingredients!

Our ingredients!  1

Cooking our healthy, balanced meal!