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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 6ST’s webpage. Here you can find out everything that 6ST have been up to and what’s coming up. We are hugely excited about the year ahead and we hope you enjoy keeping up to date with what we are getting up to. Please visit the page throughout the year to see our learning journey and we hope you like looking at our fantastic work!

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Wooftie Day! 

We kicked off our final week by doing all things cat and dog to raise money for Bristol Cats and Dogs Home. We dressed in our canine and feline finery and had a talk from the representative from Bristol Cats and Dogs Home, made masks, took a quiz, cheered on dogs and humans in a dog show and even completed our own doggie assault course. We did all of this while taking care of Dora - a Springer Spaniel cross Beagle- and Lucy - a Springer Spaniel throughout the day! 

Term 5 

6ST's Terrifying Tales
We published our short stories into a class book of some seriously spooky tales and added some accompanying illustrations along the way. 
Wolf Brother Kennings
We chose a character from our Wolf Brother additional chapters and used them as inspiration to write a Kenning. Find out about our characters by having a look at our creations!   
Excellent Eye Sketching!
Our Sensational Showcase! 
Collaborative Learning Challenge! 
In groups, we created posters to determine what 'collaborative learning' looks like, feels like and sounds like. In each group we all had different roles to ensure the task was done to specification, on time and with the quality we expect. Here is what we came up with: 
What other way to launch our Power of Reading enquiry based around the intriguing, 'The London Eye Mystery', than to take our very own adventure on the London Eye?

Term 4 

How do you spook the reader? 

We're really excited about our new enquiry! We're using one of our favourite short films, Alma, as a stimulus for writing. As a starting point, we'll immerse ourselves in Alma's world by retelling her story as a first person narrative. Next, we'll read a variety of spooky stories to generate a writer's toolkit for creating suspense. Finally, after refining our techniques for building tension, we'll be ready to innovate our own terrifying tales and embark on our challenge - to write a short story that gives the reader goose bumps!


Still image for this video
Just like Alma, we were trapped in doll form by Miss Thompson! We were even tricked into signing our names in chalk.
National Book Week 
6ST threw themselves into a fantasy world of literature this week as we celebrated National Book Day over the course of the week. Our minds escaped on great adventured with a storyteller, we wrote personification poetry, read around our 'classroom campfire' and learned all about how to track, keep and look after an adult dragon with Dragon Whisperer, Agent Green! 
Agent Green, Dragon Whisperer 
How to find about all about dragons? Learn from 'real-life' expert, Agent Green
 Inspired by the 'Dragonology', by Dr Earnest Drake, 6ST created their own handbook page containing information they'd learned during their workshop with Agent Green. We even learned how to sketch a detailed picture of a dragon! Have a look below at our fantastic pages.
Dragon Sketching 
Personification Poetry 
We had a poetry workshop with our storyteller - Giles - where we used personification to make an inanimate object take on human qualities. Our creates juices were frantically flowing!
Stories Around a Campfire
After receiving our free World Book Day books, we set up base around our 'classroom campfire' and read, shared and discussed our stories - what a wonderful escapism! 

Our Enquiry:

How and Why has Kingswood Changed? 


To launch our new enquiry, 'How and why has Kingswood changed?', we became historians and embarked on a history walk around our local area. Did you know that before our school was built in 1967, there used to be another St Stephen's Junior School right next door to the church?

Term 3 

Useful Information

Our Enquiry: Why are Living Things Different? 

Our new enquiry, 'Why are Living Things Different?', investigates evolution, adaptation and inheritance. We will be studying how plants and animals have adapted to suit their environment; how humans and apes have evolved from shared ancestors and how different characteristics are inherited from our parents.

Spring Festival fun! 
To celebrate Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, Miss Lee taught us how to make delicious Chinese dumplings. Yum!
We soon discovered that the evolutionary history of life was a vast area of learning and one question quickly led to another! Therefore, we focused our research on the evolution of Homo Sapiens, before applying our knowledge of natural selection to complete the following task:
It is 600,000 years from now and Homo sapiens have evolved to survive in aquatic conditions…
Mary Anning 
We loved finding out about the life and work of famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning. First, we recorded our research using a mind map, before organising our notes ready to write a biography. We also wrote journal entries for Mary and inserted these into our biographies to bring this historical heroine to life. 
To launch our new enquiry, we were lucky enough to spend some time with three very friendly dogs - Dora (a Springer cross Beagle), Tom (a purebred Springer) and Max (a purebred Westie). By carefully studying each of their individual characteristics, we considered how offspring are not identical to their parents but they inherit certain traits. This led to some great work on cross-breeding dogs across three generations, resulting in some very unusual offspring!
It's okay to...
The Equality Team introduced us to a book called It's okay to be different, by Todd Parr. It made us smile and got us thinking about our own unique qualities and characteristics. Inspired by the book's message, we created our own illustrations, in the style of Todd Parr, to celebrate our differences.
The Equality Team introduced us to a book called It's okay to be different, by Todd Parr. It made us smile and got us thinking about our own unique qualities and characteristics. Inspired by the book's message, we created our own illustrations, in the style of Todd Parr, to celebrate our differences.
For the first two weeks of term, we will be continuing our Wolf Brother enquiry. We are in the process of planning our additional chapters and designing graphic novel pages to illustrate them. Visit again soon to check our progress.

Term 2

Our enquiry: What is the real meaning of Christmas? 

During our enquiry, we thought deeply about the real meaning of Christmas before creating our own artistic representations of the Incarnation.

Our enquiry: 

How does Michele Paver engage the reader? 

Useful Information: 

Term 2 Home Learning Jigsaw:
Our exciting new enquiry for Term 2 is based around the highly-acclaimed fantasy novel, Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. The children will become deeply immersed in the text through drama and art activities. We will pick apart Michelle Paver's techniques as an author and then produce our own additional chapters for Wolf Brother using what we have learnt.
Wolf Brother: What we think so far...

Wolf Brother is really interesting because it constantly creates suspense for the reader.
-    Gracie Curtis


It’s totally gripping, it makes you want to read on. 
-    Cerys Williams


(Wolf Brother) keeps me on the edge of my seat.
-    Olivia E 


It’s nice to have a book set in pre-historic time because they have to use their skills to live – cooking, clothes, everything! 

-    Thomas Warr


Torak and Wolf go on a great adventure – its adventurous! 
-    Chelsey McCallam 


Wolf Brother is really exciting. I really like that it is set in pre-historic times. I love that Wolf has his own vocabulary!
-    Ethan Rosenthal 

Torak's World
The Hidden People
After reading Chapter Fifteen, we used evidence from the text and our imaginations to write some haunting poems about the soul-seeking Hidden People, filled with figurative language.
Clan Culture! 
Torak belongs to the Wolf Clan and Renn, his new companion, is a member of the Raven Clan. We invented our own clans and used the outdoor environment to create symbolic items to identify ourselves.
Wild Wolves! 
After refining our drawing techniques, we put them to the test. Marvel at our masterpieces!
Exploring Torak
To practise our new vocabulary target, we used expanded noun phrases to describe Torak's physical appearance in detail.
First Encounter: Torak and the Cub 
Life Skills
During week 2, we went to the Create Centre to take part in a 'Life Skills' workshop. We learnt what to do in emergency situations such as discovering a fire or finding an unconscious person by taking in part in very realistic simulations.

Wow! A Wild Place...

Term 1

Useful information

Term 1 Home Learning Jigsaw

Our Enquiry:

What Won the War? 

This term, we are investigating the First World War. We will be conducting research into the significant events and evaluating the impact they had on the outcome of the war. We will then film news reports live from the battlefield. Alongside our enquiry, we will also be reading Michael Morpurgo's moving wartime novel, Private Peaceful.

Our Sensational Showcase!

We are proud to present our wonderful enquiry work. We hope that you enjoy looking at it as much as we enjoyed completing it!



‘I loved digging the trenches because we all had to work as a team.’ (Ross) 
‘I liked when we did the propaganda posters and the diary entry about being in the trenches.’ (Shaun) 
‘This term I really enjoyed digging the trenches and researching WWI.’  (Callum C)
 ‘I enjoyed our book, Private Peaceful, because it was about these two boys going to the war. My favourite part of the book is when Charlie and Tommo went to visit Wilkie in hospital because he gave a watch to Charlie and Charlie promised it to Tommo if something should happen to him.’  (Chelsey)
‘My favourite bit about Private Peaceful is how it  makes you think Tommo’s going to die but then you re shocked to find it was Charlie all along was going to die and I have to admit I cried.’ (Joao)
‘I liked Private Peaceful because it had a lot of funny parts and the best part is when the gas came and Tommo’s mask came off!’ (George)

Extracts from our 'Private Peaceful' reading journals...

Journalists of 6ST: News Reports

Still image for this video

For King and Country! 


Putting their First World War knowledge and persuasive techniques to good use, 6ST designed some propaganda poster to entice fit and healthy men to join the forces and fight for their country. Have a look at a few examples of what we came up with. 


To launch our enquiry, Lance Bombardier Evans shared his expert knowledge of trench warfare before putting us through our paces and marching us off to dig a trench! Next, we shared our own prior knowledge of the First World War.

Our Enquiry:

How Are Rainbows Formed?

Our first enquiry this term is all about light! We will be exploring where light comes from, how it travels, what it is made from and how it makes colour. We will then use this knowledge and skills set to answer the question: ‘How are rainbows formed?’
During week 2, 6ST arrived to school to see their classroom blacked out of light, with torches emitting light, which in turn were reflected using mirrors. We used our enquiry skills to explain what could be happening to the light. 

Angles of reflection

6ST shone torches in differing angles to a mirror and then recorded the angle of reflected light. We soon found that the angle of incidence was always equal to the angle of reflection, no matter which angle the beam hit the mirror! 

Celebrating the Struggle!

In 6ST, we know that to accomplish something, first you have to struggle. We thought about struggles in our favourite films and books and how without them, the characters would have never achieved success and reenacted them. 


6ST's Trust Prayer

Dear God, 
Thank you for all the people we can trust in our lives and for giving them the ability to trust us. Sorry if we are not always as trustworthy as we could be and haven’t respected the trust of others. Please help us to discover the true value of trust and share it with others so we can be a trustworthy community altogether. 




6ST read ‘The Tree’, a story about the importance of placing trust in others and of being trustworthy, before reflecting on how they can demonstrate the value of trust. We put theory into practice when we played a variety of trust games including: Catch My Fall, Trust Wave and Trust Pinball.