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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop. 

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We now have our own email! Please fill n the form below to send us your comments and feedback. We are really excited to see what you think about all of our hard work and we will be checking regularly. Thanks, 6RC. 



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Term 6

Prop Making!
In preparation for our school performance, we have been working together to design and make all of our own props. We've been making treasure chests. bunting, flags, eye-patches, swords and much more and they are looking great!
Heritage Week
We have spent the whole week learning all about the origins of our school houses: Grace, More, Blackwell and Cossham. We have been involved in lots of drama, artwork and spent time with some very special visitors. Throughout the week, we have been in our houses learning about why each person that represents them was famous and what a great impact they had on our society. To end the week, each house performed a short piece of drama explaining where the names originated from and why we use them as our house names at St Stephen's. We also collaboratively created a piece of artwork to represent each house which will now be displayed on our house points display in school!

Term 5

Term 5 Newsletter

To begin this term, we will be using a documentary based on the planet Pandora-mostly famous from the film Avatar. After learning all about this planet, we will be creating a non-chronological report to explain and inform all about this fantastic place. We will also be using it to create an information leaflet and much more-be prepared to want to take your very own trip here!
Pandora Planets
In small groups, we designed and made our own version of the planet Pandora using paper mache and paint. It took us a very long time and we needed to have patience for it to dry but in the end, we were very pleased with the result! 
Non-Chronological Report
After researching the planet Pandora, we gathered all of our information together and began to organise it into areas. Following this, we used all of the facts and figures to create a non-chronological report to explain all about Pandora.

Term 4

Term 4 Newsletter

To inspire our spooky story-telling, we are exploring ‘Alma’, a short story of a young girl who ventures into town in the snow. She is drawn to a shop window by a familiar looking doll. From there, the story takes a sinister turn…
Alma inspired stories
After watching Alma in detail, we used the structure to then plan our own stories. We had to design a character and setting and think about how and where they were going to get trapped while building suspense. We did a fantastic job! Check out some of our talented writing.
The video of Alma displays a fantastic setting of a snowy Barcelona. We watched and re-watched the video so that we could really get a feel of where she was and what it might have been like. We then described the setting around her and from inside the doll shop that she intrudes...
Before watching Alma, we each had to create ourselves in a doll form. We thought about our appearance and what key features help to identify us. 
Outdoor Inspired Writing
We took our writing outside to use our new learning of colons and semi-colons within a list. While outside, we explored to see what we could see, hear, smell, taste and even feel in the school grounds. Using this, we create setting descriptions with colons and semi-colons.

During Term 4, we will be using a range of short stories and short films to inspire our writing. The Viewer, written by Gary Crew, takes us into a world of lots of different strange images that flicker into life, taking us to many different worlds and eras throughout time.


In order to immerse us into the book 'The Viewer,' we explored the first page of the book where the character is portrayed as a baby on a patchwork quilt surrounded by objects that are important to him. We used this as inspiration to create our own patchwork quilts that hold images of objects that are important to us.
Patchwork blankets

Term 3

Term 3 Newsletter

Our enquiry: How do offspring inherit charactersistics?

Our enquiry in Term 3 is based on the book Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This is a story about a young boy, August, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome. The plot takes us through his very first days at school and we learn how he is treated by others just because of the way he looks. We will go on a journey with August and discover the emotional roller-coaster that he takes as he steps into school life. Throughout the term, we will be using the text as a stimulus for our writing and will also be learning about genetics and how this effects the makeup of us.

"I quite like Wonder because it sends a really important message about not judging a person by their face." Anya


"I've loved reading Wonder because you get to hear about how a boy ,with Treacher-Collins Syndrome, has to conquer the troubles in his life." Ruby




To end our enquiry, we had to produce our own leaflets that inform what is Treacher Collins Syndrome. Within this, we needed to show our knowledge of genetics and inheritance.

Accident In The Woods
During their residential in the story, August and his friend come into a spot of bother. We collected notes on the whole event and then produced a newspaper report explaining what happened. 
Diary Entry
We recapped August's first few weeks at school and thought about how it is going for him. We discussed how others have been towards him and how he has been finding it himself. Putting ourselves in his shoes, we wrote a diary entry recounting the first few weeks when August started school.
August, the main character in the story, suffers from Treacher-Collins Syndrome. Throughout the story, we have learned how hard it is for him having to live with the reactions and attitudes towards him from other people. Using the descriptions from the story, we listened carefully and sketched how we think August might look. All of us had a very similar interpretation. 
Inheriting characteristics 
Within science that is based on inheritance and genes, we each designed our own dogs. We thought about the characteristics of different dogs and how a puppy would inherit different genes from their parents. We have come up with some interesting combinations!
A letter of advice
While we have been getting into the story, we have learned that August-with Treacher-Collins Syndrome-has never been to school before. To help him settle in, he was given a pre-term tour by some students. We thought about how each character treated August when they first met him and then wrote a letter in relation to this. 
To start out enquiry this term, we explored the front cover of Wonder. We discussed who the character might be on the front and thought about how and why they have been illustrated in this way. Using the same style of art, we then created our own faces by just showing our hair and one eye to identify ourselves. When we were all finished, we collected all of our faces together to form a class collage for our door displays. 
Mosque Visit
As part of learning about Islam, we visited a mosque to get a feel to what it their place of worship is like. It was amazing how different it was to a church and we found out so much about their religion. 

Term 2

Term 2 Newsletter

Our Enquiry: What is the impact of global warming?



During Term 2, we will be starting our new enquiry based around the Global Goals and linking this in with our new text, Floodland. The Global Goals are 17 goals set out by the United Nations to protect our world and make it a better, safer place to live for everyone. We will be focusing in on a couple of the Global Goals, eventually, coming up with a campaign against global warming.  

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Mannequin Challenge!

Still image for this video
Christmas Chocolate Apples!
As our Christmas present from Miss Cook, we spent the morning making our own chocolate apples-mmm mmm!

As part of our Term 2 enquiry, we have learned all about Incarnation and the importance of this happening at Christmas time. After learning the meaning of Incarnation, we produced some artwork that reflects our understanding and explains what happened.

Within Floodland, a boat, Lyca, becomes a very crucial part to the story. Lyca is a small rowing boat the Zoe has done up in order to try and escape the flood. We discussed what we thought Lyca might look like and used charcoal to create some fantastic pictures of the boat.
Showing Cohesion within our Writing
In order to link our sentences within a paragraph, we have been practising a range of different skills such as: fronted adverbials, causal conjunctions, addition conjunctions and using pronouns to replace character's names. 
Reported Speech
We have learned how reported speech shows a person was talking in the past to another person/people and they are 'reporting' what was said. We used characters within Floodland to show how reported speech can be used.
As part of Anti-Bullying week, we took part a range of activities to really get an understanding of what it means to be bullied. At the end of the week, we produced some fantastic posters to share our learning. 
Expanded Noun Phrases
When learning how to use expanded noun phrases accurately to add detail, we described William from the story. William is an old, weak man who often acts in a strange and mysterious way. 
Freeze Frames
In order for us to understand how different characters were feeling and to experience what was happening in the book, we performed some freeze frames of different parts of the story from when Zoe is trying to escape Norwich. 
To begin our new enquiry in Term 2, we had a day all about survival. The day began with us being told that we had been stranded on an island, all around us there was water and only water. Throughout the day, we built shelters in the secret garden, created a beacon to hold a light that could be seen by a passing aeroplane using only papers and 2m of tape and a range of team building games. 
To end our enquiry based on WW1, in small groups we created our own news reports focusing on an area of life that would have been affected by the war. Some of us looked at life in the trenches while others looked at animals within the war. Enjoy watching us take on the roles of news reporters and war veterans!

Freddie, Ruben and Ryan

Still image for this video

Ruby, Gracie and Maddie

Still image for this video
Bristol Rugby
During our outdoor P.E sessions this term, we are really lucky to be taught by some Bristol Rugby coaches. In week 1, we had our first lesson where we had lots of short games to practise our throwing and catching skills. We can't wait to see what else we will be doing throughout the term!
To begin Term 2, we have began learning all about Algebra and how  to crack these tricky number sentences! We had great fun working collaboratively with our Learning Partners trying to work out the numbers that each picture/symbol represents. Who knew Algebra could be so much fun?!

Term 1

Term 1 Class Newsletter

How were people of Britain effected by the first world war?
This term, we are investigating the First World War. We will be conducting research into the significant events and evaluating the impact they had on the outcome of the war. We will then film news reports live from the battlefield. Alongside our enquiry, we will also be reading Michael Morpurgo's moving wartime novel, Private Peaceful.
Church Visit
In order to begin our learning all about what Christians believe about death, we visited our local church to listen to the vicar. They explained to us what happens to Christians when they die and we were able to look at a coffin to see what this was like before a body is placed in it. After this, we explored the church and sketched different areas of the building that interested us. 
Arnos Vale Cemetery 

In week 6, we visited Arnos Vale Cemetery where many people who fought in WW1 are buried. We learned lots throughout the day across different workshops. We did lots of exploring and looked at many headstones that belonged to some really important people. Part of the day was dedicated to researching different areas of the cemetery and the other part was dedicated to WW1. It was interesting to learn how many injured people came to Bristol to be treated that then sadly died here and that is the reason why so many are buried there from across the world. 

The day the aeroplane landed
Within the story, an aeroplane, for the first time ever, landed near where Tommo and his family live and they were lucky enough to see it. Using our TTV, deliberate word choices, we described the aeroplane in detail. 
Character description
Tommo, one of the main characters in Private Peaceful, tells the story through his eyes and we have been following his journey as WW1 is about to start. We got into role as him and imagined what he would be like and then from this, we wrote character descriptions of Tommo. 
As our WOW, Mr Evans took on the role of a WW1 Officer and we all had to get into role as soldiers and follow his very strict orders. We learned how to march properly and understood how important it was to follow him exactly. 
Wild Week

Wild Week has been based around getting us outside and using the outdoors for learning. We have been exploring the school grounds across a range of different lessons to give us inspiration for artwork, writing and much more! 


We ventured into the secret garden to create some 'nature scenic' artwork. This involved us working collaboratively in small groups where we decided on a scene that we were going to make using the natural resources around us. We were also given some words that had textures on that we had to incorporate into our artwork. 

We then used nature to create our own badges to resemble ourselves. Lots of us used berries and plants to create a face.
At the end of the week, Mr Walters re-introduced the Play Pod to us where we spent the afternoon playing and creating our own games and had so much fun!!
Values Day

To start the school year, we had a day that was filled with activities based on our school values. 6RC focussed on trust and thought about what this means which led on to us thinking about who we trust inside and outside of school.


During the afternoon, we got into our Learning Partners whilst blindfolded and were guided around the school-putting trust in them to get us around safely.