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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 6OL's webpage. Here you will see regular updates and pictures about the different activities we have been doing throughout the year.

6OL Contact Form

If you would like to comment on some of the things you see on our webpage or on some of the things you have heard from the children then send us an email! All contacts are greatly appreciated as we would love to share some emails as a class!

Term 6

Our Enquiry:

How can someone simply disappear?

Our new enquiry is based around the book: The London Eye Mystery. It is about a boy called Ted and how his cousin, Salim, rides on the London Eye and then mysteriously disappears. 

Challenge: News Report

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Challenge: News Report

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Challenge: Newspaper Reports

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London Art Project

We worked in groups to create some giant art work related to London.

Ted's way of understanding emotions

Our enquiry:

Can people change their ways?

Our new enquiry this term is based around Louis Sacher's book: There's a boy in the girl's bathroom. It focuses on Bradley Chalkers, a boy who doesn't have any friends, and his time at school when a new boy, Jeff Fishkin, arrives to become his only friend.

Our Challenge: Can people change their ways?

For our challenge we wrote letters from Bradley to Carla about how she has helped him change from being known as the class bully to having a group of friends that invited him to a birthday party. We also created some art work that linked to the book

SATs are over!

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Post SATs Picnic!

Graphic Novel - Jeff and Bradley Square Up

Focusing on one of the main points in our book, we created some graphic novels based around a potential fight between Jeff and Bradley. We used sketching pencils to create different shades.

What should Bradley do?

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What should Bradley do?

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We role played being the good side and the bad side of Bradley and what each side of his personality would be telling him. We tried to use references from the book and be as persuasive as possible!

Bradley Chalkers - Role on the Wall

We analysed the character of Bradley and unpicked what he was like as a person, his thoughts and what other characters think of him. This is Tyler's phenomenal example!

Anti-Bullying Day!

For Anti-Bullying day we discussed important issues such as what bullying actually is. We came up with a class definition and also thought about how it would feel if you were bullied. We also discussed what you should do if you see bullying occurring and who you should speak to.

How you feel if being bullied

Anti Bullying Day - What is bullying?

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What is bullying?

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What is bullying?

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Term 4

Our enquiry:

What do Christians believe about life after death?

The Challenge

In this enquiry, we studied the Christian belief on life and death and the Buddhist so we could make comparisons.

Our Enquiry:

How and why are all living things different?

This term we will be spending the first two weeks investigating evolution and inheritance. We will look at how different plants and animals have adapted to their environment and how specific characteristics are inherited. The children's challenge will be to use this knowledge to create a junk-model dog choosing particular characteristics from different species.

Road Safety

A big thank you to the road safety team from South Gloucestershire for our class workshop. We learnt lots about staying safe whilst travelling to and from school.

Respect: Do unto others

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Respect: Do unto others

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Following our assembly with Miss Wilson that looked at the quote 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' We acted our own scenarios that showed this quote in practice.

Comic Relief - Look funny for money

To raise money for Comic Relief we took part in the look funny for money campaign and dressed up as spy's or heroes as you can see we had some fantastic outfits!

World Book Day with 4AD

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For world book day we had some fantastic costumes from children and teachers! We also had a great time with 4AD when we took part in the big read and shared our books with them.

Learning Difficulty Awareness.

We were visited by the Learning Difficulty Awareness team: Mike, Adam, Mat.

They talked all about learning difficulties, like: the best way to talk to people with learning difficulties, they told us about 'Valuing People Now' and we talked about inclusion and what it means.


The LD Awarness team are a small family run business who are passionate about promoting the rights of people with learning difficulties and autism.

WOW: Visit of different dogs

China Day!

We are learning Mandarin!

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world with over 955 million speakers worldwide. We are soon going to be part of this group! To start off and learn more about China's rich culture we held a China day where we learnt about Chinese New Year, Chinese Tangrams and even practised some Tai-Chi!

Chinese Tangrams

What we already know about China

Term 3

Our Enquiry:

How and why has Kingswood changed?

For the next few weeks, we will be delving into the history of Kingswood. We will be finding out who put the 'King' in Kingswood, how it has changed since the 17th century and investigating the Cock Road Gang. For our challenge, we will create a documentary film all about Kingswood. 

Weeks 4 - 6

Kingswood Documentary - William, Jake, Matthew, Amber

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Kingswood Documentary - Ashleigh, Jan, Holly

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Kingswood Documentary - Dan, Paige, Georgina, Riley, Kyell

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Kingswood Documentary - Max, Megan, Jayln, Katie

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Kingswood Documentary - Kodie, Amy, Thomas, Tyler

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Kingswood Documentary - Monell, Riley, Molly

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Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset


Our latest development in the Becoming Purple Learners project is all about mindsets. 

In particular, a Fixed Mindset where we think we are incapable of changing: we are who we are, we are as good and bad at things as we ever will be and this will never change...


The second is a Growth Mindset. In which, we feel that through perseverance, hard work and focused practice anything can be achieved. We can gain skills, improve and change.


We studies some research which supported the Growth Mindset. It highlighted the fact that the brain actually behaves like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets!


We looked closely at our own attitudes. Who feels they are not good at maths? ​Who feels they are not good at writing? Why do we think of people as 'smart' or 'dumb'? 

People who we deem as 'smart' have just worked hard and persevered at things.

Whereas, people who we might deem as 'dumb' have just not got there... YET!


Would we call a baby 'dumb'? They can't do anything! They gain EVERYTHING they learn to do through hard work, perseverance and practice.


Katie said "It shows you can do anything if you put your mind to it."


Weeks 1 - 3

Perseverance Pants!

After our assembly with Ms Wilson about Perseverance, this terms value, we completed some of our own 'Perseverance Pants!' where we wrote how we had used perseverance in our lives on a pair of pants!

Kingswood Coat of Arms

Megan "I drew a castle to represent the King, a forest to show the wood and a shoe to show the shoemaking that happened during the 1800s."
Daniel "We had to use symbols to create our very own coat of arms. The symbols represented Kingswood in the past. I drew the chapel, a castle and a bow and arrow to show the hunting from when the king used to hunt here."

Visit from Kingswood Heritage Museum

To help with the research for our challenge, Kingswood Heritage Museum came in to share some artefacts and talk to us about how Kingswood has changed since the Victorian times. We got to look at some old examples of technology as well as some products, such as boots, that were made in the local area! 


Today we had some local experts come into school to tell us about how Kingswood has changed in their lifetimes. We came away with loads of interesting facts and even more questions to research for our enquiry. 

Our Enquiry:

How are rainbows formed?

Our first enquiry this term is all about light! We will be exploring where light comes from, how it travels, what it is made from and how it makes colour. We will then use this knowledge and skills set to answer the question: ‘How are rainbows formed?’

Creating Rainbows with light boxes

To help us with our challenge, we used light boxes and prisms to create mini rainbows in the classroom. We learnt how the prism refracted the white light and split it into the spectrum.

Creating 'Reflective Bob'

We designed some clothing using bright and reflective materials to keep Bob, our black paper figure, safe at night.

Mr B explains how light travels through an object


Weeks 5 - 7


Shepard's Visit

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Stable Scene

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Angel Visits Joseph

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The Stable

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Three Wise Men

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Christmas Story Animation

Working in small groups, we challenged ourselves to recreate a scene from the Christmas story. We used clay to make characters and drew our own backdrops. We then used Lego Movie Maker to film our animations.

RE Enquiry: Why do Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th?
To start our RE enquiry we discussed how Christians celebrate Christmas and created some of our own decorations for our classroom.
Computing Day
We completed a computing enquiry where we found out about binary and linear coding and the importance of a good network. We completed various games such as battleships and discussed and mapped out our own networks. 
Wolf Brother: Our thoughts

Megan -  "It's good because it's such a dark story and when Mr L stops reading I really want to hear what happens next."


Amy - "I thought it was really really good because of all the suspense."


Nethan - "It's creepy. Especially the part about the Hidden People."


Tyler - "The cliffhangers make you want to read on. It gives you a really dark feeling inside."


To complete our enquiry we wrote our own additional chapters for Wolf Brother in the style of Michelle Paver. We challenged ourselves to include: precise adjectives, figurative language and wolf brother language. Once we had completed them, we published them and created our own front covers to turn them into our very own mini books!

Weeks 1 - 4

Graphic Novels and Wolf Descriptions

We created some graphic novels and wrote some brilliant descriptions of wolves to build even further on the skill of using figurative language. We have really started thinking about - What would Michelle Paver do?

Figurative Language - A Wolf

We used figurative language: similes, metaphors and personification to write some fantastic dark descriptions of a wolf.

Emotive Language - Diary of Torak

We got into role as our main character Torak and wrote a diary entry from his point of view about the worst day of his young life! Check out the amazing emotive language we used to tug on the readers heartstrings.
Immersion into Wolf Brother

Our WOW for this enquiry involved us studying evidence from the world of Wolf Brother. We then asked insightful questions to interogate them further.

During our study of the book, we have been hunting and recording the many devices Michelle Paver uses to engage the reader: figurative language, description, Wolf Brother language and some of the complex themes.


We have also begun to think about our Challenge - which will be to write in the style of Michelle Paver using her arsenal of techniques to engage the reader!

Our Enquiry:

How does Michelle Paver engage the reader?

Our exciting new enquiry for the first four weeks of Term 2 is based around the highly-acclaimed fantasy novel, Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. The children will become deeply immersed in the text through drama and art activities. We will pick apart Michelle Paver's techniques as an author and then produce our own additional chapters for Wolf Brother using what we have learnt.

World War I week!

Which Front won the war? Group 1

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Which Front won the war? Group 2

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Which Front won the war? Group 3

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Which Front won the war? Group 4

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Which Front won the war? Group 5

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Which Front won the war? Group 6

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To finish our enquiry, we came together as a year group and held a debate to answer our main question: Which front won the war? 6OL argued fiercely that the war was won by the Women in factories at home, whilst 6DP protested it was the soldiers on the front line and 6NH claimed the war was won at sea.

We filmed some of the debates and then made our own choices, which front do you think was the most important?

Our Thoughts:

Ashleigh "They liked our activities because they wanted to do it again."


William "Each class gave 110% concentrating on the games."


Matthew "Every class was interested in our part of the enquiry."

Teaching Year 5


Still image for this video

Conkers 2!

Still image for this video

Teaching Year 4

Because we are now experts about the Home Front during WWI, we used our knowledge to create our own exciting lessons that we then taught to all the other classes. We included a range of fun activities such as wordsearches,booklet making, board games and role play. We also got the children to play some popular games from the time such as conkers, marbles and hopscotch.


Our Enquiry:

Which front won the war?

This term, we are investigating the First World War. We will be conducting research into the different fronts and evaluating the impact they had on the outcome of the war. Alongside our enquiry, we will also be reading Michael Morpurgo's moving novel, Private Peaceful.

Weeks 6 - 8

What happened to Charlie Peaceful?

Linked to our Power of Reading text Private Peaceful. We created some of our own newspaper reports explaining the fate of Private Charlie Peaceful. Was he a war hero or a coward? That's for you to decide!


After we text mapped our reports we innovated them to add some more emotive language to have a stronger effect on the reader. We also edited the headline and described the event in greater detail.

Text Mapping

Using the skill of text mapping we learnt to retell a newspaper article through pictures which then allowed us to use some fantastic vocabulary and learn the key features of a great newspaper report. Can you retell the story from these examples?

Weeks 4 - 5

Table Problem Solving

To help visualise our problems in Maths, we decided to write down our calculations in a different way -on the tables! This was not only helpful in being able to break the problem down but was great fun too! 

Trench Warfare

We researched what life was like in the trenches during WWI and found out lots of amazing facts which helped us with our enquiry and gave us useful information which we could use in writing letters home from the front line. Here is Holly and Megan's fantastic example.

Letters home from the front line!

As part of our Power of Reading text and research into World War I we created some of our own fantastic letters home addressed to a character from our text: Private Peaceful. We used some fantastic language and references from the text.

Propaganda Posters

We had a go at creating our own World War I propaganda posters aiming to recruit new young soldiers. We look at several examples that were used at the time and used some of the language to help create our own.

Weeks 1 - 3

Trip to Arnos Vale

Wow! : Marching and Trench Digging
To start our enquiry, we decided to see what it must have been like as a World War One soldier and learnt how to march properly, through the guidance of Sergeant Evans, and also tried digging our own trench on the field. It didn't quite make the 700km as in WWI but we gave it our best shot!


Day 5 - Marshmellow and Spaghetti tower challenge
Day 4 - Marble Run Challenge
Day 4 - 60 Second Rocket Challenge


Still image for this video
Day 3 - The Longest Sucker
Day 2 - Save The Egg!
Day 1 - Vulcanised Rubber

Amber - "We used different rubber bands including some that had been frozen, in sunlight, in water and in oil. We tested which one was the strongest."


Jayln - "I thought the frozen one would be strongest because if you freeze something it goes harder so it makes it stronger. When we tested it I was right."


Jake - "I thought it might of been oil as I thought a chemical might of made it stronger."

Day 1 - Floating fruit

Katie - " We had three different types of food and experimented with lemonade and cola testing raisins, nuts and chickpeas. We had to see if they would float and sink."



Science Week


To start the year off with a bang (literally!) we will be taking part in Science week as a whole school. Throughout the week we will perform various exciting experiments and will post pictures and videos of various examples throughtout the week.

Trust Games - Values Day

For Values Day we focused on the importance of trust and played a range of fun trust games, such as falling and catching and completing a blindfolded obstacle course, in mixed groups with 6DP in the hall.

Witches' Chant Poem

To start the year of we looked in detail at the Witches' Chant from Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' and used the gruesome verses to create some of our own fantastic poems. Here is Jan's fantastic example!

Readers Theatre - Witches' Chant performance

Still image for this video
Watch as our class perform a verse from our year groups chosen poem in front of the whole school!