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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 6NH's class page!

Hello and welcome to 6NH's class page. Here you can find out what we've been up to and what's coming up. We hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful work. Please visit again soon to follow our learning journey through the year. 

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Term 6

Abstract Art


We examined some of Picasso's abstract art and had a go at creating our own masterpiece using watercolour paints, pastels and chalks. 



Healthy Hearts!

As part of our science enquiry about the human circulation system, we learnt about how to keep our hearts healthy and created advice posters. 


Samba Taster Day

In preparation for our Samba Week and Year 6 performance, we had a taster day where we experienced Samba drumming, dancing and costume making. 

Samba Dancing

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Term 5

Underground Mosaics

Our Terrifying Tales

Road Safety Workshop

The Road Safety Team visited us today to teach us about cycle safety, pedestrian safety and being safe in a car. 

The London Eye Mystery

Working hard on our London Eye writing

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What other way to launch our Power of Reading enquiry based around the intriguing, 'The London Eye Mystery', than to take our very own adventure on the London Eye?

Term 4

World Book Week!

Today we were joined by dragon whisperer, Agent Green, from Dragon Conservation Head Quarters (DCHQ). She told us all about her own dragon companion, Fuse, and about training, looking after and tracking dragons. We will be using this information to create a dragon owner's handbook. 

How to Draw a Dragon

We used this great tutorial to draw a dragon for our 'Dragon Owner's Handbook'. Check them out below and have a go yourself!

For World Book Day, we dressed as fantasy characters. Can you spot the dragons, knights, princesses and princes?
To launch World Book Week, we were lucky enough to have storyteller, Giles Abbott, spend the day with us. In the morning we heard two amazing stories: one about a Nordic fisherman and a skeleton woman and another about a ferret that can grant wishes. In the afternoon, Giles inspired us to write some very clever personification poems. 

Our Enquiry:

How and Why has Kingswood Changed?



To launch our new enquiry, 'How and why has Kingswood changed?', we became historians and embarked on a history walk around our local area. Did you know that before our school was built in 1967, there used to be another St Stephen's Junior School right next door to the church?

Term 3

Our Enquiry:

Why are Living Things Different?

Our new enquiry, 'Why are Living Things Different?', investigates evolution, adaptation and inheritance. We will be studying how plants and animals have adapted to suit their environment; how humans and apes have evolved from shared ancestors and how different characteristics are inherited from our parents. Our challenge will be to create a quiz to showcase our new knowledge and understanding. 

Spring Festival Fun!

To celebrate Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, Miss Lee taught us how to make delicious Chinese dumplings. Yum!


We soon discovered that the evolutionary history of life was a vast area of learning and one question quickly led to another! Therefore, we focused our research on the evolution of Homo Sapiens, before applying our knowledge of natural selection to complete the following task:
It is 600,000 years from now and Homo sapiens have evolved to survive in aquatic conditions…

Mary Anning


We loved finding out about the life and work of famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning. First, we recorded our research using a mind map before organising our notes ready to write a biography. We also wrote journal entries for Mary and inserted these into our biographies to bring this historic heroine to life. 


To launch our new enquiry, we were lucky enough to spend some time with three very friendly dogs - Dora (a Springer cross Beagle), Tom (a purebred Springer) and Max (a purebred Westie). By carefully studying each of their individual characteristics, we considered how offspring are not identical to their parents but they inherit certain traits. This led to some great work on cross-breeding dogs across three generations, resulting in some very unusual offspring!

It's okay to...

The Equality Team introduced us to a book called It's okay to be different, by Todd Parr. It made us smile and got us thinking about our own unique qualities and characteristics. Inspired by the book's message, we created our own illustrations, in the style of Todd Parr, to celebrate our differences.

Our Enquiry:

How does Michelle Paver Engage the Reader?

For the first two weeks of term we will be continuing our Wolf Brother enquiry and writing our additional chapters in the style of Michelle Paver. These will be published on this page when they are complete. 

Term 2

Our Enquiry:

What is the True Meaning of Christmas?

During our enquiry, we thought deeply about the real meaning of Christmas before creating our own artistic representations of the Incarnation.

Our Enquiry:

How does Michelle Paver Engage the Reader?

Our exciting new enquiry for Term 2 is based around the highly-acclaimed fantasy novel, Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. The children will become deeply immersed in the text through drama and art activities. We will pick apart Michelle Paver's techniques as an author and then produce our own additional chapters for Wolf Brother using what we have learnt.

Hidden People Poetry


We used figurative language to write some haunting poems about The Hidden People in Wolf Brother:



Readers' Theatre


We used expression, actions and a variety of performance techniques to retell an extract from Wolf brother. Watch our amazing videos below:

Readers' Theatre 1

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Readers' Theatre 2

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Readers' Theatre 3

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Readers' Theatre 4

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Readers' Theatre 5

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Readers' Theatre 6

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Readers' Theatre 7

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Readers' Theatre 8

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Wolf Brother: What we think so far!

(Spoiler Alert!)


I predict that the main character, Torak, is the listener and wolf, a wolf cub, is his guide and friend. - Jessica


In Wolf Brother, there are a lot of mysterious events, such as the demon bear, which add excitement that hook me. - James


So far, Wolf Brother has been amazing. My favourite character is Torak who was given a quest by his father. - Gurkesh


So far I'm really enjoying Wolf Brother. It's very mysterious an I would like to know more about  the character Torak. - Robyn


Wolf Brother has been really good. The best bit was when Torak gets into an argument with Raven Clan. - George


I really love Wolf Brother despite missing some. .It has great description an a phenomenal quest. I love quests. - Isaac


I like Wolf Brother because it has lots of interesting description that is enticing. It's a book to definitely re-read! - Jasmine


I like Wolf Brother. It is very interesting, adventurous and it is very mysterious. The fight is very well described. - Molly


I think Wolf Brother is very good because the vocabulary is amazing and the description has lots of figurative language. - Hannah


I like the book because brave Torak beats Hord by using steam to help the small wolf cub stay alive. - Harry

Freeze Frames


We freeze-framed Torak's exciting dual with Hord.

Bristol Rugby Coaching!

This term, we are lucky enough to have specialist rugby coaching from Bristol Rugby.

Singing Practice

Sadly Nigel couldn't be with us this week for singing practice but that didn't stop us from 'roaring'.


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Life Skills


Today we went to the Create Centre to take part in a 'Life Skills' workshop. We learnt what to do in emergency situations such as discovering a fire or finding an unconscious person by taking in part in very realistic simulations.

Class Assembly


Thank you to all the parents, carers and family members who came to listen to our class assembly about Private Peaceful. Here are some photos from the morning:

A Wild Place Wow!

To launch our Wolf Brother enquiry, we got up close  and personal with some real European Grey Wolves at The Wild Place Project. We also learnt about some animals that no longer live in our forests but will make an appearance in the book such as Aurochs and bears

European Grey Wolves

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Fractions, Decimals and Percentages!

In Maths, we have started our unit on fractions, decimals and percentages. Test our knowledge at home!

Term 1

Term 1 Home Learning Jigsaw

Our Enquiry:

What Won the War?

This term, we are investigating the First World War. We will be conducting research into the significant events and evaluating the impact they had on the outcome of the war. We will then film news reports live from the battlefield. Alongside our enquiry, we will also be reading Michael Morpurgo's moving wartime novel, Private Peaceful.

Twenty-word Reviews of Private Peaceful

My favourite character in private Peaceful is Charlie Peaceful because he is a very kind friend, brother and family member. - Ellie


Tommo and Charlie are amazing characters and the book, Private Peaceful, is amazing. I liked it so much; it's interesting. - Morgan


It is the best book I have ever read. The people are funny and sad. In the end it's sad. - Billy


I love this book! It is very mysterious and that's why I like it. It is very emotional but very unique. - Jorja


Private Peaceful is a great book. There are bits that are sad and bits that are happy. It's my favourite book. - James


I like Private Peaceful because it is really funny. I also like this book because it's got funny characters. - Neve


I loved Private Peaceful! It had an unexpected ending that Charlie died and not Tommo. I hate the death. - Jessica


Private Peaceful is a really great book. I love it because it has lots of deaths and is very moving. - Molly


I thought Private Peaceful was outstanding because the characters were amazing. It also had outstanding descriptions. I adored the book. - Isaac


Private Peaceful was really sad because Charlie, Tommo's brother, was shot and died at the end of the amazing book. - Harry


I loved Private Peaceful and all the characters like: Charlie, Tommo, Molly, Mother, Little Tommo, Big Joe, Bertha and Wilkie. - Arthur


It was a good story with great characters called Molly, Tommo, Charlie, Mother and Big Joe. The ending was good. - Katie H


Private Peaceful was a very interesting book despite all of the death. All of the downs always had an up! - Jasmine


I thought Private Peaceful was very  funny and interesting but it was actually sad and I liked Tommo and Charlie. - Jacob


I thought Private Peaceful was amazing! I loved it. Even though it had lots of death, it was funny too. - Libby


Private Peaceful is a great book and all of the characters are really descriptive and thay are all really peaceful. - Marshall


Private Peaceful is a really good book. I like it because it is really funny. Overall, it was very interesting. - Hannah


I loved it loads. Some parts were funny and some sad. I enjoyed the ending because it was very sad. - Brooke


I like Molly because she is nice. Private Peaceful is a really good, excellent book. The characters are very interesting. - Becky






Letters from the Frontline

We imagined we were Tommo writing home from the Western Front. Read some of our letters below:
We created our own First World War propaganda posters. We also read the famous poem, 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrue and drew illustrations to accompany it. 

Tag Rugby


This week in our tag rugby lesson, we learnt about the importance of lines for defending. 


Ball Tag

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Line tag

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Our Magnificent Maths!


This week we have been getting to grips with long division!

Rugby Rules!

We are lucky enough to have specialist rugby coaches from The Grange teaching us some rugby skills over the next few weeks in preparation for a tournament. 



Tag Rugby

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Tag Rugby 2

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Tag Rugby 3

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To launch our enquiry into the First World War, we learnt how to march and experienced what it was like to dig a trench. 



In our final SURVIVE! workshop, we thought about gender stereotypes. We discussed how gender is portrayed in everyday life and the media. 

Our Enquiry:

How Are Rainbows Formed?

Our first enquiry this term is all about light! We will be exploring where light comes from, how it travels, what it is made from and how it makes colour. We will then use this knowledge and skills set to answer the question: ‘How are rainbows formed?’


For our challenge, we created posters explaining how rainbows are formed. 

Brilliant Balances!

In Gymnastics, we have been performing sequences involving a run, jump, turn and balance

Hockey Heroes!

This term we will be polishing our hockey skills!


We used prisms to split white light into the seven colours of the spectrum. 

Be Safe! Be Seen!

Using what we've learnt about reflective materials, we created some very stylish reflective clothing to be seen on the darkest of nights. 

SURVIVE Workshops

We are lucky enough to have the good people from the charity SURVIVE joining us for workshops every Monday for three weeks. They will be teaching us about healthy relationships and respect. 


To open our science enquiry, this morning, the children came into a blacked out classroom where they could see light being reflected around the room. This generated lots of great talk about how light travels.

Celebrating the Struggle!

In 6NH, we know that to accomplish something first you have to struggle. We thought about struggles in our favourite films and books and freeze-framed them.