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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 6DP's class page.


We invite you to explore all of the exhilarating learning we have been enjoying throughout the year. We will be sharing with you examples of our work, video clips and photos of us in action!


We hope you enjoy looking at our class page, make sure you check back for regular updates!

6DP during 'Spectacles Day'!

We would love your views!

We would love for you to email us any comments or questions you have about all the great things we are doing in school. Please fill in the form below and it will be sent to our class email. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Term 6

The London Eye Mystery - continues!

Term 6 Newsletter

This term we are continuing to read The London Eye Mystery and hoping to solve the mysterious disappearance of Salim. In week 2, we will be writing a Newspaper Report on all the intriguing events from this mystery! We also have our Junior Apprentice topic and Year 6 production to look forward to- an exciting term ahead!

Weeks 4-7

A lovely farewell email we received via our class email from Charlotte - one of 6DPs Shining Stars!


 Good luck to everyone in year 6 for the future and best wishes for everyone. Although we are all going our separate ways, we may lose friends but we will always have memories of the past and all those good times. Also something everyone must remember, 6DP rules. Goodbye !! xx

Thank you for every who supported us with the production either by watching, helping with costumes, listening to lines or being woken up by some singing practice coming from the shower! It was an outstanding performance - if we may say so ourselves!

Year 6 Production!

We love your views! This is a message we received in Week 4 through our class email.


"Well done on all your fabulous young apprentice businesses. Hope you made lots of profit Becky Drake, Chair of governors"


Thanks Mrs Drake!

After all the blood, sweat and tears of production, in week 4, we had our Junior Apprentice sale! We created our own stall as a company and enticed customers from years 3-5 and members of the community over to buy our products. A range of products were available: hand made pencil cases, glitter tattoos, Minion accessories, brooches, fridge magnets and even posters! Every company sold out of their products making the sale a great success with an extrordinary profit margin made!

After each company has paid off their loans, the profits will be used to buy products for our Year 6 performance!

The young entrepreneurs at work!

The young entrepreneurs at work!

We love your views! This is a message we received in Week 3 through our class email.
"Dear Mr Payne & 6DP,

I hope you are all well, and looking forward to a well earned break for the rest of the summer. You deserve it for the hard work you have put in.

I just wanted to say thanks for making me feel welcome when I visited, I really learnt a lot even though my stay was only a short one. It just goes to show you never stop learning!

All the best for the future.

Mr Perry

Ps I'm loving the junior apprentice ideas!"


Thanks Mr Perry!

Weeks 1-3


An email we received in week 3 to our class email: 

 "​You've been doing some fantastic work and I particularly loved the singing and role play .... some very convincing acting!
It all looks great fun and I wish I were back at school!!
Well done everyone."

Thanks for your feedback and support!

Our Junior Apprentice adverts!

Still image for this video
To promote our products, we used our new IPads to create an IMovie to advertise the fantastic products we will be selling during the Junior Apprentice sale... Have a look!

Junior Apprentice adverts!

Still image for this video

Junior Apprentice adverts!

Still image for this video

Junior Apprentice adverts!

Still image for this video

Junior Apprentice adverts!

Still image for this video

The Junior Apprentice production line!

We have been working relentlessly to create our professional products for the Junior Apprentice sale... Make sure you come along!

Sports day!

Sports Day!


We loved sports day this year and had a marvellous sporty day in the sun!
We won lots of medals in our class: all the More girls won gold for winning the relay race in Year 6 and our star Brooke won two medals for both the sprint and shotput!


Ipad Minis!

In week 2, we had our first venture on the brand new Ipad Minis. We will be using these regularly to support with our learning.

This is what we thought:

"They make educational games fun-the maths games were really challenging!" Alex.
"They are an exciting piece of technology!" Mya.
"The IPads make me smile! Treasure.
"They are REALLY cool and the APPs are very educational!" Ellie.
"They are SO useful to find information instead of going to your teacher or partner." Charlotte.
"They are so FUN!!!" Ella.

London Underground artwork.

"We used sugar paper, cut and coloured squares (to form the tiles) and our own carefully thought through designs to create our London Underground station. Let us know what you think!" Edward.
This term, We have requested piano and singing expert Nigel to come and help us with our leavers assembly and Year 6 production. In week one we began our singing journey with a few brave soloists and a joint Year 6 finally to be proud of! See below for the videos of us in action!

ADELE - Make You Feel My Love

Still image for this video
This was 6DP's first attempt- Adele would be proud!

Beyoncé - Halo

Still image for this video
Treasure's first attempt at this beautiful Beyoncé song- wow!

Coldplay - Fix you.

Still image for this video
Joy's beautiful rendition of Coldplay's 'Fix You' - she had never heard the song!

A big thank you to everyone for emailing us using our class email-see form above.
Here is one of our responses:

"Hi my brother, Michael, watched us sing i thought that it was really sweet because I could hear my little sister sing for once bye xD"

Please email us if you have any questions or comments about our learning.

Term 5
We have our own theories on what has happened to Salim. Use the link below to have your say and vote for the which ending you think is the best!

A visit from the Police Inspector.

Still image for this video
Salim has disappeared... Ted and Kat were 99% sure they were tracking the right pod but he never got off the London Eye.
Where has he gone? Who has taken him? Why did the mysterious stranger give them a free ticket? An emotional Aunt Gloria - Salim's mum- desperately tries to answer the probing Police Inspector's questions.
We role played Aunt Glo's reactions to the Police Inspector's questions.

The reaction to Salim's mysterious disappearance!

Still image for this video
A puzzled and increasingly concerned Kat and Ted stand at the London Eye.
"We tracked the pod he was in..." stammered a confused Kat.
"It's not possible- how could he just disappear?" Ted's hand shook itself out as he quizzed Salim's disappearance.
We role played Ted and Kat's reaction to Salim going up on the London Eye but then mysteriously disappearing!

Our new project: 'The London Eye Mystery' begins!

We have dived straight into our new Power of Reading topic entitled: The London Eye Mystery. We have transformed our classroom into London by making all of the major landmarks of our exciting capital city.

A farewell to SATs picnic!

We thought it only fair after all our hard work this year leading up to SATs week and our very calm, collected and focused attitude during this challenging week that we enjoy a well earned picnic! Sausage rolls, chocolate cake and rounders - what more does one need?

The super heroes of Year 6!

There is only one way to blow off steam after a challenging week. And that is to dress up like a super hero and save some lives!

Ella's incredible artwork!

Ella created this masterpiece of an orangutan at home.

How to survive SATs week! By Matthew.

Matthew and Jamie.

With SATs coming up this term, we decided to write informative and easy to read instructions on how to survive this challenging week.

How to survive SATs week! By Jamie-Leigh.

Standing long jump.

Still image for this video
This term, we are focusing on the technical models for athletic events. Here are some clips of us practising... Look out for us in Rio 2016!

Sprint starts.

Still image for this video
Previously this year...

Alex and Ella.

Here are some examples of our Cubist artwork. We studied Cubism earlier in the year and experimented with many of the styles made famous by Pablo Picasso.

Table maths - dividing using the 'chunking' method!

Dividing by a two digit number can be a little tricky... We made it much easier by putting our books away for the day and using our tables to record our times tables!
Our class assembly on street dance!
We really enjoyed sharing our new street dance moves with the rest of the school. We showed how it had transformed us!

Luke - before learning street dance...

Still image for this video

Lauren - before learning street dance...

Still image for this video

How street danced changed Luke and Lauren...

Still image for this video

6DP can street dance!

Still image for this video

The importance of Spectacles - by Treasure


Earlier in the year, every member of 6DP (including Mr Payne) wore spectacles for the whole day. The purpose of this was to raise the awareness of the importance of spectacles.
In addition to feeling good about raising the profile of wearing glasses we also felt a lot smarter!

We work hard for our Golden Time!

Each week, our excellent behaviour and ability to follow our school's Golden Rules allows us to enjoy 30 minutes GOLDEN TIME