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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop. 

Key information:


PE - this term we will have PE on the following days;

Wednesday - Outdoor

Friday - Indoor

We now have our own class e-mail! Please fill in the form below to send us your comments and feedback. We are really excited to see what you think of all of our hard work and we will be checking our e-mail regularly! Thanks, 6CJ

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Please feel free to contact us if you have a questions, comments or queries about our webpage or work! Thanks 6CJ

Term 6

Term 6 Class Newsletter 6CJ

Term 5

Term 5 Class Newsletter 6CJ

To begin this term, we will be using a documentary based on the planet Pandora-mostly famous from the film Avatar. After learning all about this planet, we will be creating a non-chronological report to explain and inform all about this fantastic place. We will also be using it to create an information leaflet and much more-be prepared to want to take your very own trip here!
Term 4

Term 4 Class Newsletter 6CJ

During Term 4, we will be using a range of short stories and short films to inspire our writing. The Viewer, written by Gary Crew, takes us into a world of lots of different strange images that flicker into life, taking us to many different worlds and eras throughout time.



To inspire our spooky story-telling, we are exploring ‘Alma’, a short story of a young girl who ventures into town in the snow. She is drawn to a shop window by a familiar looking doll. From there, the story takes a sinister turn…

Newspaper reports


Towards the end of our work based on Alma, we wrote a newspaper report about her going missing. We had to think carefully about our headlines, using formal language and making sure we included all of the features of a report. Some of them are shown below! 

Our own versions of Alma


After seeing the video and writing a story based on Alma, we then got to plan and write our own versions of the story which had our own characters, settings and plot in. Below are some photos of parts of our stories.  

Alma - dolls


To start our work around the video, Alma, we design and coloured our own dolls. This links to the video as in it a girl called Alma sees a replica doll that looks exactly like her. She is then enticed into a shop and follows the doll until something strange happens...

As part of our wow for 'The Viewer', we designed our own patchwork quilts and put things that were important to us on them. We did this because one of the first pictures in the book is the main character led on his blanket as a baby with lots of things that were important to him around him. 
Term 3

Term 3 Class Newsletter 6CJ

Our enquiry: How do offspring inherit characteristics?


Our enquiry in Term 3 is based on the book Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This is a story about a young boy, August, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome. The plot takes us through his very first days at school and we learn how he is treated by others just because of the way he looks. We will go on a journey with August and discover the emotional roller-coaster that he takes as he steps into school life. Throughout the term, we will be using the text as a stimulus for our writing and will also be learning about genetics and how this effects the makeup of us.

Newspaper Articles - Wonder


During one writing lesson, we wrote a newspaper article about an event from the book that we are focusing on. We had to think of our own headline and then make sure we included all of the features of a newspaper as well as trying to meet our writing targets. Here are some of the newspaper articles that were written by 6CJ. 

Mandarin Bookmarks


During Mandarin this week, we made Chinese bookmarks to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The symbol on the front of them meant 'luck'. We got to use some special calligraphy brushes to make sure the symbols were clear! 

Fractions Jigsaw


To consolidate some of our fractions learning, we all worked in pairs to try and solve a fractions jigsaw. Each pieced matched together with others by being an equivalent fractions. However, to find the equivalent fractions we had to add, subtract, multiply, divide and convert them! It was quite a challenge but we go their in the end! 

Ordering Fractions - Outdoor Learning

We spent some time outside thinking about comparing different fractions. We all chose a fraction, then compared it to the chosen fraction by finding a common denominator! Finally, we had to move to the correct side.  

WOW - 'Wonder' Self-portraits


To start our learning related to our new book, Wonder, we created some of our own self-portraits based upon the front cover of the book. We had to sketch the outline of our head and then only add 3 details, one eye, our ears and our hair. It's amazing how much you can tell who each picture is just from those details! 

Shah Jalal Jame Mosque Visit


In effort to discover more about the Islam faith, Year 6 paid a visit to Shah Jalal Jame Mosque in Eastville where we had a tour and discussed how a Muslim’s faith and customs determine their behaviour and outlook on life. We learned so much about the 5 Pillars of Islam and we are now well equipped to answer our RE Enquiry question: What is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to God?

Term 2

Term 2 Class Newsletter 6CJ

Our Enquiry: What is the impact of global warming?


During Term 2, we will be starting our new enquiry based around the Global Goals and linking this in with our new text, Floodland. The Global Goals are 17 goals set out by the United Nations to protect our world and make it a better, safer place to live for everyone. We will be focusing in on a couple of the Global Goals, eventually, coming up with a campaign against global warming.  

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Incarnation Art


During week 7, we focused some of our learnign around the real meaning of Christmas. We thought about the nativity and what the story was really telling us. We then thought about the word 'incarnation' and what it meant. To help us with this we looked at a piece of art work by Fernando Aritzi. This piece of art was titled 'Incarnation'. It showed God's hand sending Jesus down to Earth. We discovered incarnation was the act of being made into flesh, and Aritizi showed this by God's son becoming a human.



To complete our challenge we had to produce a campaign against global warming. We thought about the persuasive features of a campaign and then researched some facts that we could use to try and persuade the audience. After researching, we then wrote a script and practised speaking to make sure our voices were clear and loud enough to be heard...something we didn't need much practise at!!


Here are some examples of our campaigns.

Global Warming Campaign

Still image for this video


Within Floodland, a boat, Lyca, becomes a very crucial part to the story. Lyca is a small rowing boat the Zoe has done up in order to try and escape the flood. We discussed what we thought Lyca might look like and used charcoal to create some fantastic pictures of the boat.

Anti-bullying Week


As part of anti-bullying week we had various discussions and did lots of different activities based upon what bullying is and how we can help to make sure it doesn't happen. We then made some posters to encourage people to not be a bully and instead make the right choices. 



To kick-start our new enquiry, we had a day doing lots of different activities linked to survival and teamwork, two key aspects that arise from our new text. We did some teamwork games in the hall, made dens in the secret garden and also had to try and make a freestanding beacon, over 1m tall that could help us signal an aeroplane! Here are a few photos from throughout the day! 



Here are some of our iMovie war reports that we produced over the last two weeks. We practised using iMovie, spent time researching our topic, planned our iMovie and then wrote a script before finally shooting the movie. 


We hope you like them! 

War Report 1

Still image for this video

War Report 2

Still image for this video

Our Class Assembly


During Week 2, we had our class assembly. We were very excited to have the opportunity to share some of our fantastic work that we has produced during the previous weeks. Our assembly happened to be near Remembrance Day so we also showed some of the work we had produced around a famous poem, In Flanders Fields.   

Outdoor Learning


During Week 1, we went to have a go at practising using imovie to create a short movie ready to help us with our enquiry challenge. We chose a topic to make our short movie about from three ideas; Sport at St. Stephens, How we use the secret garden and What we can do during breaktime and lunchtime.


We thought about what scenes we wanted to include and we also had to think about how we were going to film them to make it interesting for the viewer as well as thinking about sound and light to make sure we could hear and see the movie. We now feel much more prepared to attempt our challenge over the next couple of weeks.

Term 1

Term 1 6CJ Class Newsletter

Our Enquiry: What Won the War? 


This term, we are investigating the First World War. We will be conducting research into the significant events and evaluating the impact they had on the outcome of the war. We will then film news reports live from the battlefield. Alongside our enquiry, we will also be reading Michael Morpurgo's moving wartime novel, Private Peaceful

Propaganda Posters


As part of our enquiry into the First World War, we looked at a range of propaganda posters that were used during the war. We thought about the messages they were trying to get across and then used these ideas to create our own propaganda posters. You can see some of them below.



Four our challenge, we had to think about our visit to the church and what we had learnt this week and use this information to design, sketch and label a Christian place of worship. Some of them are shown below!

Comparing Different Religions


After visiting the church, we got into groups and discussed the similarities and differences between what Christians and Hindus believe about life after death. By sorting the different statements onto a venn diagram we found out that there were quite a lot of similarities between what the different religions.

Church Visit


In order to begin our learning all about what Christians believe about death, we visited our local church to listen to the vicar. They explained to us what happens to Christians when they die and we were able to look at a coffin to see what this was like before a body is placed in it. After this, we explored the church and sketched different areas of the building that interested us.
Arnos Vale Cemetery 


In week 6, we visited Arnos Vale Cemetery where many people who fought in WW1 are buried. We learned lots throughout the day across different workshops. We did lots of exploring and looked at many headstones that belonged to some really important people. Part of the day was dedicated to researching different areas of the cemetery and the other part was dedicated to WW1. It was interesting to learn how many injured people came to Bristol to be treated that then sadly died here and that is the reason why so many are buried there from across the world.

To launch our enquiry, Lance Bombardier Evans shared his expert knowledge of soldier life before putting us through our paces on the marching court! Next, we shared our own prior knowledge of the First World War.

Natural Art Work


As part of WIld Week, we went out into the secret garden to make some pictures using the natural environment. We did this through collaborative learning, deciding on the different team roles and then working together as a team.


Our mission brief was to create a picture using only natural resources, materials with different textures and to be creative!


Here are some of our fantastic pictures...can you guess what they are?

Natural Badges


During Wild Week, we went out into the long grass and tall trees area at the top of the field. We thought about what different natural materials we could use to create a face to go on a badge. Some of us were very creative and we used a wide range of resources! It was great fun to be outside and learning!

Perseverance - values day


During values day, we focused on the value of perseverance. We thought about what it meant and watched a video about Derek Redmond showing perseverance. We then thought about how we could persevere to achieve our goals. We decided on 3 goals; one short term, one medium term and one long term. After thinking of the goals, we then decided on some little steps that would help us to achieve our goals.


Some of the posters showing our goals are below.