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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 6AG's class page. Here, you can find out what we've been up to and what's coming up. We are very excited about the year ahead and we hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful work! Please visit again soon to follow our learning journey through the year.

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Term 6

Our Class Assembly

Term 5

Can a person simply disappear?

Our sensational showcase!

Terrific tiling!

Road safety workshop

Another collaborative learning mission accomplished!

Whitehall walk

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Riding the Eye

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'My favourite part about London was going on the London Eye because if you stared down, the meandering River Thames danced in the sunlight!' (Lily)


'My favourite part about the London trip was at the summit of the London Eye because I could see lots of amazing views and everywhere I looked was forever-changing. Below, everyone looked like scurrying ants.' (Ellis T)


'Our trip to London was very fun but our favourite part was going on the London Eye. Whist at the summit, we saw everything: Big Ben, the Shard and the Gherkin. The forever-changing picture shocked everyone with its beauty.' (Colby and Katie)


'My favourite part of London was the London Eye because it was an amazing experience and the whole city stunned me.' (Jessie)


'Our trip to London was fun because we saw Buckingham Palace up-close, the beautiful home of the Queen.' (Mica)

Term 4

Useful information

A small selection of our short stories... Prepare to be spooked!

How do you spook the reader?

We're really excited about our new enquiry! As a starting point, we're using one of our favourite short films, Alma. First, we'll immerse ourselves in Alma's world by retelling her story as a first person narrative. Next, we'll read and analyse a variety of spooky stories to generate a writer's toolkit for creating suspense. Finally, after refining our techniques for building tension, we'll be ready to innovate our own terrifying tales and embark on our challenge - to write a short story that gives the reader goose bumps!


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Mica's story map


Just like Alma, we were trapped in doll form. Trapped by Miss Garroch! We were even tricked into signing our names in chalk. After being displayed on a shelf, we spent a long time watching, discussing and re-watching the chilling tale of Alma - it's packed with imagery. Already inspired, we've started to come up with inventive ideas for our own short stories. Watch this space and prepare to be spooked!

How and why has Kingswood changed?

Our enquiry: How and why has Kingswood changed?

The Cock Road Gang

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, we enjoyed a fun-filled, dragon-themed day with Agent Green the Dragon Whisperer who flew here from DCHQ (Dragon Conservation Headquarters) on her dragon companion, Fuse. In the morning, Agent Green thrilled us with dragon tales and introduced us to Bitey Bob the hatchling. In the afternoon, we attended an apprentice workshop where we were trained in finding, feeding and flying a dragon. While we listened, we collected word treasure which we used to create a magnificent dragon owner's handbook.

A Dragon Owner's Handbook

Fantasy dress

Agent Green the Dragon Whisperer

A new book for everyone!

6AG's wonderful winning costume...

Term 3

Useful information

Spring Festival fun!

To celebrate Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, Miss Lee taught us how to make delicious Chinese dumplings. Yum!

Collaborative learning

On our journey to become Purple Learners, we put our collaborative learning skills to the test in a special mission. Our mission, if we chose to accept it (which, of course, we did), was to create a poster to show what collaborative learning looks like. We were each assigned a specific role within our groups before setting to work. It was a rewarding challenge and it gave us the opportunity to reflect on our strengths and areas for development when working as members of a team.

It's okay to...

The Equality Team introduced us to a book called It's okay to be different, by Todd Parr. It made us smile and got us thinking about our own unique qualities and characteristics. Inspired by the book's message, we created our own illustrations, in the style of Todd Parr, to celebrate our differences.

Why are living things different?

During this enquiry, we will investigate inheritance, adaptation and evolution and research the life and work of famous fossil hunter and paleontologist, Mary Anning. Our challenge will be to design a quiz to showcase our new knowledge and understanding. 


We soon discovered that the evolutionary history of life on Earth was a vast area of science and each question was only answered with another! Therefore, we focused our research on the evolution of Homo Sapiens, before applying our knowledge of natural selection to complete the following task:


It is 600,000 years from now and Homo sapiens have evolved to survive in aquatic conditions…

Mary Anning

We loved finding out about the life and work of famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning. After recording our research as a mind map, we organised our notes ready to write a biography. We also wrote journal entries as Mary and inserted these into our biographies to bring this historic heroine to life.


To launch our new enquiry, 'Why are living things different?', we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon with three very friendly dogs - Dora (a Springer cross Beagle), Tom (a purebred Springer) and Max (a purebred Westie).

By carefully studying each of their individual characteristics, we considered how offspring are not identical to their parents but they inherit certain traits. This led to some great work on cross-breeding dogs across three generations, resulting in some very unusual offspring!
For the first two weeks of term, we will be continuing our Wolf Brother enquiry. Currently, we are planning our additional chapters and designing graphic novel pages to illustrate them. Visit again soon to see the final product!

Graphic novel pages

Term 2

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

During our enquiry, we thought deeply about the real meaning of Christmas before creating our own artistic representations of the Incarnation.

After completing our works of art, we explained our choice of imagery, colour and composition.

How does Michelle Paver engage the reader?

Our enquiry: How does Michelle Paver engage the reader?

Our new enquiry is inspired by Michelle Paver's highly-acclaimed prehistoric fantasy novel, Wolf Brother. We will immerse ourselves in the text through drama and art activities before studying the author's technique and evaluating how Michelle Paver engages the reader. Our challenge will be to write our own additional chapters in the style of Michelle Paver.
'I enjoy reading Wolf Brother because it leaves the whole class, including me, in utter suspense. It is always exciting and I love trying to write like Michelle Paver. I also like that there are no illustrations because it lets our imaginations break free!' (Liam)

Torak's world

The Hidden People

After reading Chapter Fifteen, we used evidence from the text and our imaginations to write some haunting poems about the soul-seeking Hidden People, filled with figurative language.

Rock on!

Reef's Place your hands inspired some great dance routines...

Rock out 1

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Rock out 2

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Rock out 3

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Clan culture

Torak belongs to the Wolf Clan and Renn, his new companion, is a member of the Raven Clan. We invented our own clans and used the outdoor environment to create symbolic items to identify ourselves.

Wild wolves!

Inspired by Michelle Paver's vivid descriptions, we refined our drawing techniques and put them to the test. Marvel at our masterpieces!


To practise our new vocabulary target, we used expanded noun phrases to describe Torak's physical appearance in detail.

Torak and Wolf meet...

Wild Place wow!

To launch our enquiry, we enjoyed a wild day out at the Wild Place Project where we got up close and personal with a pack of five European grey wolves. As well as watching them in their woodland habitat, we found out about wolf behaviour at an exciting outdoor learning session.


6AG visited Lifeskills - Learning for Living where we learnt how to avoid or make safe a dangerous situation. We practised road safety, fire safety, first aid, water safety and railway safety. It was great fun and by the end of our visit, we had learnt lots of invaluable skills that will help to ensure our own and others' safety in the future.

Term 1

What won the war?

Our enquiry: What won the war?

Now, we are investigating the First World War. We will be conducting research into the significant events and evaluating their impact on the outcome of the war. We will then film news reports live from the battlefield. Alongside our enquiry, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo's moving wartime novel, Private Peaceful.

Our sensational showcase!

We are proud to present our wonderful enquiry work. We hope that you enjoy looking at it as much as we enjoyed completing it!

'I liked the battle scenes because of Michael Morpurgo's vivid and detailed description. However, I thought the story ended a bit abruptly!' (Jocelyn)


'Private Peaceful was full of cliffhangers and I liked that the brothers were very protective of each other.' (Anya)


'Private Peaceful had both happy and sad parts but it was always full of action. My favourite part was when Tommo received a letter from his mother, telling him that Charlie's baby had been named Tommo, after him. It was heart-warming.' (Billy)


'I enjoyed the writing we did around Private Peaceful, especially when we wrote in role as Tommo.' (Alicia)


'This term's enquiry has been fun because the challenge was hard but my group and I persevered to record the best video news report!' (Ethan)


'I enjoyed this term because I love going back in time and learning about our ancestors.' (Liam)

Extracts from our 'Private Peaceful' reading journals...

Skilful skipping

Inspired by this term's inter-house skipping competition, we jumped at the chance to further improve our solo and group skipping skills.

Let the challenge commence!

After weeks of research, we applied our in-depth historical knowledge and our technical know-how to record riveting news reports which focused on our enquiry question, 'What won the war?' Enjoy!

The Battle of the Somme

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The Second Battle of the Marne

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To launch our enquiry, Lance Bombardier Evans shared his expert knowledge of trench warfare before putting us through our paces and marching us off to dig a trench! Next, we shared our own prior knowledge of the First World War.

How are rainbows formed?

Our enquiry: How are rainbows formed?

Our first enquiry this term is all about light! We will be investigating where light comes from, how it travels, what it is made from and how it makes colour. We will then use this knowledge to answer our enquiry question, ‘How are rainbows formed?’


To launch our science enquiry, this morning, we entered a blacked-out classroom where we could see beams of light being reflected around the room. This generated lots of great discussion about how light travels.

Splendid spectrums!

How do we see colour?

After using prisms to investigate the colour spectrum, we shared our findings in a creative first person narrative as a light particle!


6AG read ‘The Tree’, a story about the importance of placing trust in others and of being trustworthy, before reflecting on how they can demonstrate the value of trust. They also had fun playing some trust-building games!

6AG’s Trust Prayer


Dear God,

Thank you for helping us to trust in one another and for never letting us down.

Sorry for the times when we have let others down.

Please help us to become more trustworthy as we grow older and wiser.