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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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We have our own 5KW email! If you wish to contact us, please do so with the secure form below- we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


Term 6

Key information:

PE days for  Term 6 will be- Indoor PE on a Monday and outdoor PE on a Wednesday with Bristol Sport.

Why do we care?

This term we are looking forward to finishing Skellig and answering our question ‘Why do we care?’

We can’t wait to create our own winged angels using photography in art.  Keep popping back to find out how this units ends. 

Last day in 5KW , we have had so much fun! We have shed a few tears today, well Mrs Williams did anyway! 

Carnival Day

These photos speak a thousand words! What a day! 

Dance Practise

We busted our moves, got hot and sweaty but had such fun preparing our dance for carnival day. 

Visit from Paralympic athlete

The athlete was impressed with the level of fitness in our class.  


Trip to We The Curious

Wow what a day! We loved becoming scientists and exploring many key scientific questions in a hands on way. We loved our session with Sam, learning all about The Sun, Earth and Moon and especially enjoyed visiting the planetarium. 



We had a great session with ‘Rock Steady’ today and had fun creating our own band. 



This term the professionals are in again but this time we are learning how to improve our cricket skills!

How do we get night and day?

We loved researching this and then explaining our findings in anyway we wanted.  Some of us made books, others composed songs, designed board games or posters and some of us created dramas. 

Term 5

Key Information:

PE will remain on Tuesdays and Thursdays for this term. 

Why do we care?

This term we will be answering the question, 'WHY DO WE CARE?'  We will kick start the term by listening to a variety of carers from our own community.  A nurse, a volunteer from the homeless project, a paramedic and a mum will visit our school to share their roles with us.  From this, we will plan and carry out our own act of kindness to make a difference in our own life. We aim to present our act of care on an A4 sheet of card to create our own class book.  We hope to then widen our thoughts to see how we can make a difference to the world.  This links nicely to Global Goal number 3 - Good health and well being.  To inspire us with all of this, we will be reading the book Skellig by David Almond.  This book will take us on a magical journey where care and compassion are the underlying themes of the story.  We will be writing biographies about Mary Seachole, creating magazine articles about how people care and re-writing our own versions of Skellig with care at the centre of our plot.  We are hoping this term that we can make a difference to those closest to us and further afield.. Watch this space.....



’I loved writing the biography on Mary Seacole!’  Owen


‘I love Skellig because it’s full of mystery.’ Millie


’My mum loved my act of kindness as I cleaned the whole house and made her a cup of tea in bed.’  Erin



We can select, use and combine a variety of software to create designs.  We hope you like our Tessellations. 


Using microphones to help us edit our work was a real success.  We could easily hear our mistakes and found sentences we could improve.  Mrs Williams is so proud of our biographies on Mary Seachole. 

What a day!! We were joined by three Bristol Rovers players today for our PE session. They tried to tackle us but we coped pretty well.


We’d like to thank all of the carers who came to visit us today and tell us how and why they care for others.  We have come away feeling really inspired to make a difference.  Some of us are already planning how we can help the homeless of Bristol and are going to bring spare items from home into school so Trish can take them to our street friends. 


We also enjoyed planning our own act of kindness for someone we love to show them we care.  We can’t wait to carry out our mission and present our acts on a page for our class book all about caring.  

Term 4 

Key information:

This term the children will have indoor PE  on a Tuesday  and outdoor PE  on a Thursday.

What forces act upon us every day?

To kick start our term, we have been lucky enough to study The Highwayman by Alfred  Noyes. We have shown great maturity and have already enjoyed re-telling verses orally, sketching in the style of the book and re-telling our own versions. 

Wow, what an end to our studies. Testing our very own questions was so much fun.  Balloons, hockey sticks, balls, cars water, clay - what ever we could get away with we did!  Mrs Williams didn’t mind as long as our questions could be tested fairly and were related to force. I’m pleased to say we are a class of scientists. 

Talking Saftey Online 


Today we discussed the difference between Internet friends and in-person friends. We questioned whether we actually ever really know if they are male or female, old or young.  We know never ever to give out any private information and always use common sense. 

We love how much fun science is.  Today we tested the questions we planned.  We now all know how to design, plan and evaluate a fair test. 
Take a sneaky look at our class assembly. This is how we will open it. 

The Highwayman by us!

Still image for this video
Did you guess?  Hope you like the final product. 

World Book Day 2019


We started the day off with ‘Booky Breakfast’. Many of the teachers shared their favourite book whilst we munched on a croissant.


In class, our text of the day was slowly revealed, bit by bit. We made predictions about what the text was about and who the author might be. Some our predictions were right, some were not. Our text was ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. This amazing story was read chapter by chapter. Although there wasn’t enough time to read the whole text, we were inspired to try and find a copy of our own and discover what eventually happens to Michael. We then went on to do some Japanese inspired art work and design our own desert island, just like the one that Michael landed on in the story.


In the afternoon, we braved what the weather wanted to throw at us and built shelters as if we had been marooned on a desert island….just like Michael. We even got to taste some marshmallows as a reward for working together and building our shelters. 

Can you guess what these will become? Watch this space for the final product. 

WOW day

What a day! We spent the day exploring the forces that act upon us.  We loved every minute: making slime, throwing eggs out of windows, building towers, running around without shoes on, tug of war and so much more.  Think you can now call us force experts. 

Who were the Vikings?

We are very excited to introduce our new book Viking Boy! We will be studying this during term 3 to find out what happens to Gunnar on his quest to seek revenge on his father's brutal murderer. We will find out lots about Viking life on our voyage which sees Gunnar grow from boy to warrior. 
Internet safety is so important to us. Today we learned how photos can be altered digitally. We considered the creative upsides of photo alterations as well as its power to distort our perceptions of beauty and health. 
We had lots of fun using Makey Makey and we now have a class of future programmers amongst us. 
Our prove it was to create an I movie trailor.  We had so much fun making then and loved using all that we have learned to help us.  Check them out below and spot our future actors/actresses. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Indoor PE with Bristol Rovers is really helping us to stay fit and healthy as well as helping us experiment  with different movement patterns to create space. 
We really enjoyed challenging ourselves to skip as many skips as possible in 30 seconds.  We definitely made our house teams proud.  Two of us managed 80 skips in 30 seconds. 

Viking art


We enjoyed bringing shields and longboats to life using collage.  We did get a little messy but enjoyed recycling Christmas leftover wrappers and paper to create our masterpieces. 



WOW! What a way to start 2019..... we went back in time to the Viking Period. Oaf Tarkinagson came to visit us bringing lots of artefacts, armour, games and knowledge from the 8th Century.  We have had so much fun and have learnt so much! Check out our photos below. 

Term 2

The Princess’ Blankets.


We are very excited to explore our Power of Reading text this term - The Princess’ Blankets.  On our journey we will be exploring how the arts can enhance storytelling.  We will create performances with drama techniques, produce music and get artistic with paint.  Investigating properties of materials will also feature on our journey and we will be testing a range of materials that might help keep the poor princess warm. As well as this, we are hoping to make our own class blanket in time for Christmas! 



"I loved the art day and re-creating the forest blanket!" Owen.


"I loved how calm and relaxing it was when we weaved." Lauren.


"Eventhough I was nervous, I loved how creative we could be for our performance." Amelia.


"I loved the performance as I've never had such a big part before." Cain. 

Art Day

What a day! We loved looking at textures, tones and shades today to re create the forest blanket. After practising each skill, we combined each one to produce our masterpieces. 

Year 5 visited the Gudwara today! We learned so much about Sikhism and had a really interesting visit.  During this session we were comparing different places of worship for different faiths. It was really interesting to see the similarities and differences between the Church and the Gudwara. We talked about the holy book, (the Guru Granth  Sahib) saw where it was read and kept, and we even had some drinks and biscuits at the end. We were so grateful to the volunteers that showed us around! 

Science - changes over time

Year 5 visited St Stephens church as part of our R.E. learning. We discussed the actual parts of the church, such as stained glass windows and the altar, as well as asking lots of questions about Christian belief in general. We even rounded off with some singing! We really enjoyed our time at the church. 

Anti-Bullying Week


This week, as a school, we have been focussing on anti-bullying. We have thought about what bullying is, how it makes people feel and how it can be prevented.


We have also had a visit from a touring performance group. We watched a performance all about bullying and its effects entitled- A Bully’s Paradise. We learned lots of information through an interactive show and at the end we were able to determine: what bullying is; the different types of bullying and what to do if we see it happen.

Today’s prove it really challenged us as we had to match up units of measure to create a hexagon. Some of us are bringing this home to challenge our families and complete the mission. 
In Maths we explored capacity by looking at various plastic bottles brought in from home. We then estimated how much they could hold before finding out the answers using measuring jugs.
Maths is so much fun in our class. We loved getting a feel for mass today. We weighed lots of items and got a smell of cheese .......not just from our lunch boxes! 
We love our new Power of Reading text and really enjoyed re-telling the opening. 

Oral story telling

Still image for this video
For our WOW day we thought about patterns and explored different ways art can make us feel. We listened to some classical and heavy metal music and drew whatever came into our minds on the page. We then thought about how art can represent feelings and created our own patterns. Finally we weaved our own patterns using a loom board and a range of materials.

Term 1

LoE: Can I help save the Amazon Rainforest?

This Term, we will be exploring the Amazon and asking ourselves: 'Can I help save the Amazon Rainforest?'Through this enquiry, we will explore where the Amazon is situated and understand how the climate differs from here to there. We will discover the wonderful creatures that inhabit it and explore why this incredible biome is under threat.
This term, we will be reading the story of 'The Great Kapok Tree'. Through this text, we will be finding out why the Amazon is such an important place and discussing what we can to do to persuade people that it is worth saving.

Prove it!


Our challenge was to create a campaign video that persuades the public how to protect the Amazon Rainforest. We hope you enjoy them!

Group 1

Still image for this video

Group 2

Still image for this video

Group 3

Still image for this video

Group 4

Still image for this video



To help us learn all about life cycles, we made our own stories taking inspiration from The Hungry Catterpillar. We then shared our mini books with the new Reception classes.  They loved them! 



We loved pulling apart a flower to identify all the parts to help us learn about pollination and fertilisation. 



We are observing things over time. We predicted what our secret garden might look like next term.  We enjoyed sketching what it looked like today.



We are very lucky to have specialist gymnastic coaches to help us improve our leaps, turns, flips and balance.  Watch out Team GB, we will see you in the next Olympics!


For our WOW day we were lucky enough to have ‘Jungle Jonathan’ come in to school with his collection of exotic rainforest animals. We encountered a tarantula, a scorpion, stick insects, a gecko and even a snake! We learnt about the effects that deforestation is having on these animals' homes. We are looking forward to finding out about what we can do to help prevent this from happening.

We have really improved our swimming skills this week whilst having lots of fun.
Take a look at how exciting our prove it basket looks. 

Purple Learning!

As a class, we have been reviewing what being a ‘Purple Learner’ is all about this week. Today, we looked at collaborative learning and unpicked what it feels like, what it sounds like and what it looks like working in a group on a collaborative task.

Our mission, for our collaborative task, was to produce a document or presentation on how to survive a night in the Amazon rainforest. We were introduced to the task by reading the first chapter of the text ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell, which creates tension by describing the moments before a plane crashes in the rainforest. We shared lots of ideas, thought about what we would need to survive and by talking together, we worked collaboratively on the task.