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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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We have our own 5DW email! If you wish to contact us, please do so with the secure form below - we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Term 6

Key information:

We have outdoor P.E on Wednesday and indoor P.E on Monday

Enquiry Overview: What might Skellig be?

We conducted an investigation on parachutes. We were trying to find out which size parachute caught the most air resistance and therefore floated in the air the longest. The small, medium or large parachute. We all made predictions and had lots of fun. 
To open up our new enquiry we discussed what possible solutions these two items could of came from. Some said it was a wild goose, some mentioned an angel but what is Skellig?

The Highwayman's final battle


The children have really enjoyed the Highwayman so we finished of by acting the final scenes. 


Still image for this video

Term 5

Key information:

We have outdoor P.E on Tuesday and indoor P.E on Thursday.

Enquiry Overview: Why do we have day and night?

R.E Enquiry Overview: What would Jesus do?

Online safety



Today we looked at how to be safe online. What scenarios there are and how to deal with them. To show our learning, we made some informative posters.

Printing Artwork

We explored the art of printing, considering items we could use to print and the effects these items had on our paper. We began by creating a night sky from our book, Moonman, using sponge and cotton buds to create stars and the moon. After this, we thought about using templates to print a woodland scene. Finally, we put all of our skills together to create the scene from Moonman when he crashed into the forest.

Recreating the Solar System

This afternoon we learnt all about how big our Solar System is, exploring the size of the planets and the distances between them. We couldn't believe how giant this amazing system is!


For our WOW, we visited 'We the Curious'. It was amazing! We got to visit the planetarium where we experienced a space show in 3D! It was great fun and we have learnt so much about space already. Did you know that Pluto isn't  a planet anymore but actually a dwarf planet?

Prior Knowledge

Before our WOW tomorrow, we started to think about what we already know about space.

We thought about what a whole rotation means, why we have seasons and why there are 365 days in a year.

We had some fantastic discussions and can't wait to find out more about our fascinating Solar System.

Term 4

Key information:

We have outdoor P.E on a Tuesday and indoor P.E on a Thursday.

Enquiry Overview: Can change always be reversed

Chocolate lottery
Children had the opportunity to get an Easter egg. The children were excited with anticipation. We also raised lots of money for charity.
The Recovery Position 
On Friday, we looked at emergency situations and when might we need to put an individual into a recovery position. The children were really mature and learnt the steps incredibly fast.

R.E Wow! 



Our Wow was to create our own festival, considering what the main theme of the festival would be, who would be invited and what stools there would be. 

Joe's Fantastic Bike Skills



We had a fantastic morning watching a BMX bike display. We watched Joe, a very talented bike stuntman, performing some amazing tricks! We learnt how to improve our bike skills whilst also keeping ourselves safe. 
World Book Day 2018
Today for World Book day, we all dressed up as famous childrens' book characters. I even shared one of my favourite books 'The Twits'. The children found the pranks Mr and Mrs Twit played on each other hilarious! 

Observing and Recording

We have been finding out about which materials are soluble and insoluble. We did this by creating an experiment. We made sure it was a fair test by measuring the exact same amount of water in each glass. We added the same amount of material to each glass and stirred five times. We recorded what we observed. We found out that salt and coffee is soluble and when mixed with water a new solution is formed. Flour is insoluble and creates a mixture.


We also launched an investigation to which chemical changes were reversible and irreversible. 

Prior Knowledge

To help us think about what we already know, there were several questions set up around the classroom. We walked around and added our answers and thoughts. It was really interesting to see what other people had put.


For our Science WOW, we looked at everyday ingredients that react strangely with one another. We put mentos into diet coke and watched as a volcano of fizz erupted from the bottle. We also made our own gloop out of water and corn flour. One moment it was a solid and the next it was a liquid. Very strange! We can't wait to find out more about this enquiry!

Coke and mentos

Still image for this video

Term 3

Enquiry Overview: What was it like to be a Viking?

RE Overview: If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?

Key Information

5DW will have outdoor PE on a Wednesday with Bristol Rugby and indoor PE on a Tuesday.

Homework (including reads) will be checked on a Wednesday.


Please ask your child about the exciting new reading prompts to help with reading at home.  A selection of questions have now been stuck into your child's reading record and an e mail has been sent offering tips and help. 

This term, as historians, we are investigating the question: ‘What was it like to be a Viking?’ Throughout the term, we will learn all about who the Vikings were, how and why they travelled, settled and invaded and what impact they had on our land. To end the term, we will put all of our knowledge to the test to complete our challenge which is to produce a non-chronological report explaining Viking life. What an exciting enquiry, we can’t wait to get started!

R.E Prove it 

Are people more important to a religion than the place? That is the question our class had to debate. We selected four captains, two for each team, to discuss their case and encouraged them to gather evidence with their team before the debate started. It was great fun! 

Well-Being Week
To kick off Well-being week, we discussed all the diverse differences that we have and celebrated them. 
Perfect Publishing
We have been determined to achieve our very best handwriting today ready for display. We have been publishing our Non-chronological reports on Viking life. We are making sure all our letters are a consistent size, sat on the line and that our ascenders and descenders are clear.
Makey Makey Madness
For our computing this term, we discussed how a keyboard and a mouse works. We then explored a Makey Makey. We realised that it replaced the need for the mouse. Because we understand how a curcuit works, we used this knowledge to create our own game controller. We investigated conductors and insulators to help us make our controller. It was lots of fun! 
Collaborative Learning
We were challenged to work collaboratively to produce a product to display our understandings of the Vikings so far. Some of us made posters and others made leaflets. We had lots of fun making our creations.
R.E Wow
We imagined what our ideal place of worship would look like. We thought about the key features of different places of worship and adapted these to match what we would like in ours.
Observing Over Time
In Science, we have been observing over time. In term 1, we recorded our height and arm span. This term, we re-measured our height and arm span and we were surprised to see the difference in such a short space of time. We will continue to observe how these measurements change over the course of the year and then plot our results in a line graph.
Secret Garden Observations
We can't believe how much the secret garden changes each term. Since we visited it in Term 2, we have noticed that it is a lot muddier and all of the leaves that had fallen have now gone. It was nice to see the sun was out even though it was cold and frosty. We don't think it will be too long until we start seeing some new life on the trees! 

Yesterday, we began our exciting new topic-The Vikings. To kick start our learning, we began our day dressed as vicious Vikings, creating our own colourful shields that we could have used in battle. We then created our own runic name and explored other things that Vikings used to say and do. Finally, after a quick run around with Bristol Rugby, we created our own Viking jewellery. We cant't wait to continue our amazing learning!


Term 2

Enquiry Overview- How Does Art Enhance Storytelling?

Term 2 reflections


''My favourite moment of this term was when we went into the secret garden and created pretend fires from the Princess' Blankets book,'' said Aisha.


Chloe mentioned, ''The computing day was amazing and fun!''


Preston said, ''I loved working through long multiplication as maths is my favourite.''


''I enjoyed the challenge of working through our new target of reported speech,'' said Charlottte.


''I enjoyed swimming this term because I've made progress,'' said Louis.

Oil Art

We recreated the forest blanket using Autumnal oil paints. Although this was very messy, we had a great time and we are thrilled with the end results!

Trip to the Gurdwara

Today we were lucky enough to spend the morning in our local Gurdwara. We learnt all about the Sikh religion and how a Gurdwara is used. We explored the Langar Hall, where we had biscuits and squash, and then moved on to the Holy Room where all prayers take place. It was a very interesting trip and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

What happens as we age?

We have been exploring what happens as humans age. As part of our research, we explored the life cycle of a human. We then considered the facts and presumptions that people make about people as they age. To show off all of our fantastic learning, we created an end product collaboratively that could be shared with the class.

Anti-Bullying week

As a class, we discussed what categorizes as bullying, the types of bullying and strategies you can use to prevent them. We decided to educate the nation by making posters and creating videos to show what it feels like. 

The Ocean's Blanket
As a class, we created our own blanket to swamp the Princess. We thought about the things we might find in the vast ocean. We then zoomed in on our image so it became abstract, thinking carefully about shapes, colours and textures. We all created our own mini pieces of art and then created a large blanket of all things from the ocean.

Fun with fire

Our poor Princess is bedridden because she is freezing cold. Using this as inspiration, we created our own fires using natural resources. 

Story opening

Still image for this video
To inspire the start of Princess Blankets, we decided to dramatise the story opening to memorise it for future learning.

The Princess' Blanket

During this enquiry, How does art enhance storytelling?, we will be investigating and evaluating a range of storytelling methods, including plays, audio books, stories told through music, art and text. Our Power Of Reading text is 'The Princess' Blanket'  and we will be reading and exploring this book alongside our enquiry. As we read this story, we will get to know the cold princess and figure out if she will ever find a way to stay warm. Our final 'Prove it' will see us put together a class e-book starting with a music composition to introduce our innovated stories which will be told through the mediums of art, prose and spoken work.


We have had a fantastic, art-filled day in 5ZB today! To begin this great WOW day, we slowly revealed part of a story and we had to guess what the story was about. We then listened to a classic story involving three clever pigs and one nasty wolf- can you guess what it was? We then acted out scenes from this well-known story. Before lunch, we then used images from a story to help us predict what the story was about. In the afternoon, we explored how music can be expressed with artwork.

The Three Little Pigs

Still image for this video

Term 1

This Term, we will be exploring the Amazon and asking ourselves: 'Can I help save the Amazon Rainforest?' Through this enquiry, we will explore where the Amazon is situated and understand how the climate differs from here to there. We will discover the wonderful creatures that inhabit it and explore whey this incredible biome is under threat.

Enquiry title: Can I help save the Amazon Rainforest?

R.E Term 1: Why do some think God exists?
Term 1 Newsletter

Term 1 reflections 

"My favourite part of the term was today, 60s day," said Louis P.


"My favourite moment of term one was reaching and beating my first prove it," said Joshua.


"My favourite moment of term one was creating our newspaper reports about Hurricane Irma," said Alfie.


"My favourite was going to Bristol Zoo at the start of the term," said Sophie.


"My favourite was going swimming," said Carey.

60s day 

To celebrate the school's birthday, children at St. Stephen's have been dressing up in the theme of 1960s (The beginning of the school - 1967). We have been learning about the music, entertainment, fashion and currency used back in the decade. 


Term 1: Why do some people believe that God exists? 

This term, we are answering the question, ‘Why do some people believe God exists?’ Throughout this enquiry, we will be finding out about the different types of believers and discussing why some people choose to believe whilst others don’t. We will use evidence from the bible to try to gather a picture of what ‘God’ might look like and use this to think about why people choose to believe in him. For our challenge, we will write a newspaper including points of view from believers and non-believers.

R.E. Prove it

To celebrate all that we have learnt in R.E this week, we wrote a newspaper report about Hurricane Irma which explored the views of a Christian and an atheist on the event.

Wanted - God

We read extracts from the bible to gain information on what God is like. Using this knowledge, we created wanted poster that explained what God was like without using a photo.

Campaign videos to save the Amazon Rainforest
In Year 5, we have been researching issues and solutions to the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. We decided to present the content in the format of an informative campaign video to educate others and prevent it from happening in the nearer future. What do you think?

Campaign video

Still image for this video

Campaign video

Still image for this video

Campaign video

Still image for this video

Reception fun!

Today we were very excited to visit the infant school and show the new children our mini life cycle books.  We based our stories on 'The Hungry Caterpillar.'  

How does a flower reproduce?

This afternoon, we have been exploring how a flower reproduces. We had the opportunity to dissect a lily and explore what was inside of it!

Science Week

To kick start science week, we researched living things and sorted them into groups according to their characteristics. We can't wait to continue our scientific enquiry!

Rainforest Artwork
We have been working on our sketching skills using the Austin's Butterfly concept. We had a go at sketching a butterfly and then shared these with our partners. Learning partners then gave each other areas to improve on. We then had another go at sketching using their suggestions to help. We repeated this three times and we couldn't believe the improvements in our sketches! As well as this, we focused on fine lines, tones and shades to make a great parrot sketch.
The Great Kapok Tree
This term, we will be reading the story of 'The Great Kapok Tree'. Through this text, we will be finding out why the Amazon is such an important place and discussing what we can do to persuade people that it is worth saving.

Secret Garden 

This afternoon we explored the secret garden, noting down what we could see, hear, touch and smell. We will use these notes to help us write a setting description. 


As our Wow, to introduce our enquiry on the Amazon Rainforest, we went on a school trip to Bristol Zoo. While we were there, we took part in a workshop on rainforests. We learnt lots of interesting information about the different layers within a rainforest and the animals that live there. We met some different animals too: a stick insect that camouflages itself as a leaf, a hissing cockroach and a tenrec. We had great fun and are looking forward to learning a lot more during our enquiry.