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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 5CR's webpage!

Welcome to our class webpage where your can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.


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We have our own 5CR email! If you wish to contact us, please do so with the secure form below - we will be checking regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Term 6

The Lost Thing.

During the first half of Term 6, our topic will be based on the highly-acclaimed, thought-provoking and beautifully-illustrated picture book, ‘The Lost Thing’, by Shaun Tan. As well as thinking deeply about the text, we will be studying the award-winning short film adaptation and creating an artistic masterpiece!


During the second half of Term 6, our topic will centre on a powerful and haunting narrative poem… to be revealed!

Weeks 4-7

Maths celebrations!

To celebrate all our hard work in maths this year we got together with Mr Walter's maths class to have a celebration picnic! We enjoyed some yummy treats, played some fun games and discussed how our maths had improved over the year.

Here are some pictures of our celebrations:

Literacy week 5

The Highwayman Freeze Frames


We read verses VII and VIII of The Highwayman and created freeze frames for some of the lines.

A red-coat troop came marching -

Marching - marching -

King George's men came marching, up to the old inn door. 

They said no word to the landlord. They drank his ale instead.

But they gagged his daughter, and bound her, to the foot of her narrow bed.

Two of them knelt at her casement, with muskets at their side!

Literacy week 4

We continued our work with The Lost Thing by exploring our own characters out of plastercine and use these to produce a short animation with the Ipad. 

We used art to help us begin to think about our designs of our models.

Here we are making our models.

Here are some of our animated clips.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


During maths, we have spent some time making maths games to play to challenge our maths skills. We thought carefully about what maths skills we need to develop and how we could create a game to help us improve in these areas. 

Our maths games.

'It was really fun making maths games'.

'I love playing the games we have made as it helps me to get better at my maths'.

Weeks 1-3

Sports day!

We have been busy in this term preparing ourselves for sports day on Friday 20th June. We have set ourselves challenges and been training hard to develop our skills. We look forward to having you support us on the day and please visit our webpage again soon to see pictures of our sporting action!

Us having fun at sports day!

Our netball skills!

Our winners!

Literacy - The Lost Thing!

During literacy we have been focusing on the thought provoking text of The Lost Thing. We have explored the text, developed our characters and planned some impressive narrative stories. 

Here are some of our character plans.

Our finished stories will be published and here to view shortly!

Term 5 -  Superhero Academy!

Our topic for Term 5 is superhero academy. This is a literacy based topic where we are focussing on developing our writing skills to become superhero writers!  Watch this space to see how we are getting on!
We celebrated our writing successes this term with a superhero celebration. We watched animated versions of Macbeth and Twelfth Night, made superhero masks and had a superhero party!

Here are some pictures from our fun day:


We took some time at the end of our topic to reflect upon our literacy developments. Here are some of our reflections:



'I enjoyed focusing our learning around Dug's Special Mission. My handwriting has improved this term. I need to work on my complex sentences.'



'I have enjoyed doing a plot summary about Macbeth because it was very fun! I have got better at doing descriptive writing'.



'I have enjoyed writing stories and poems during free writing. I have got better at linking my paragraphs to help the flow of my writing. I need to work on developing my range of complex sentences.'



'I have really enjoyed learning and reading about Shakespeare. I have got better at my diary entry writing. I now need to add more feelings to my diaries.'


During twelfth night we used freeze frames to understand the characters in more detail. Here are some of our favourite freeze frames:
We used conscience alley to explore Macbeth's character and the dilemma he had before him. This allowed us to identify why he should or should not murder King Duncan and understand further the decision he made.

Here is our conscience alley:

Still image for this video
We also used drama to explore Macbeth. First we made freeze frames of the battle and then developed these freeze frames to become scenes from the battle.

Our battle freeze frames.

Lucy and Ella's battle scene.

Still image for this video

Sophie and Aimee's battle scene.

Still image for this video

William Shakespeare

During history this term we have been learning about William Shakespeare. We researched different aspects of his theatres, including; the globe, actors and actresses; and costumes and make-up. We used our research to create an information page and published these to make a class book. 

Jack reading our information book.


In 5CR we love to read.

Planets reading group shared their favourite books during book club and wrote book reviews to share with their friends.

Us reading our favourite books.


Ordering angles.

Shape problem solving.

Outdoor maths.

Mrs Coote and Mrs Walters' maths groups took their maths learning outside. We did timestable races, practised our calculations on the playground using chalk, used the large hundred square to identify multiples and applied our understanding of number facts whilst playing with the parachute.

Our times table races.

Our chalk calculations.

Our multiples with the large 100 square.

Our number facts parachute games.


During Outdoor PE this term we have been developing our cricket skills. Here are some photos and videos of us practising our cricket:

Waleed's big hit!

Still image for this video

Term 4 - Floodland.

Our topic during Term 4 was the book of Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. This book is set in the future after the world has had to respond to the devastating effects of global warming.

'Floodland was amazing! I especially enjoyed the plot of the story and learning about how global warming can affect the world in so many ways.'


'I loved Floodland and would give it a five star rating! I really enjoyed the wave pictures because they made the book come to life.'


'During Floodland I loved creating drawings around the different scenes and writing sing inspiration from the story.'



Our literacy journey.

Global warming

Still image for this video

Sea storm art.