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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 5CG's class page! Here you can keep up to date with our learning journey and find out what we have been doing and what will be happening in the future. We look forward to sharing this with you. 


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Term 6

Term 6 Newsletter

Term 6 Home Learning

LoE: What might Skellig be?

'I told myself I was stupid. I told myself I'd been dreaming. I told myself I wouldn't see him again. But I did.'


In Term 6, we're immersing ourselves in Michael's world as we join together our Power of Reading text, Skellig, with our enquiry: What might Skellig be? Using different mediums of art to piece together our thoughts about what Skellig might be, we will join Michael on his voyage of discovery as he ventures into the garage and discovers this intriguing stranger. Our challenge will be to create a scrapbook page about what Skellig might be.


Sports Day!

What a scorching day! However, we kept our cool and tried our best at a range of different sporting events in order to win as manay house points as possible for our house. In the end, Cossham won but we were all very proud of what we achieved. We persevered to the max!

Wooftie Day!

Wow! What a great success Wooftie Day has been. The children came to school dressed as cats and dogs and brought with them a generous donation of a pound. All the money raised is being donated to our chosen charity, the Bristol Cats and Dogs Home. Today we  had an assembly run by the RSPCA, a dog show with real cats and dogs and  even an obstacle course that had to be completed in record time! What a brilliant day!

Olympic Week!

This week we have been busy focusing on the Olympics. We have used atlases to locate where the Olympics is being held, as well as researching other countries that are taking part. We have looked in detail at the country Australia, finding out what animals live there to create mini fact books. In addition, we learnt an aboriginal story, produced our own aboriginal art and redesigned the Australian flag... What a great week! 

Challenge - Scrapbook pages

We can't quite believe it but we have finally finished our last enquiry. We have really enjoyed being part of Michael's voyage of discovery and piecing together our thoughts about what Skellig might be. These are our wonderful scrapbook pages with our ideas! Whereas some of us are certain about what Skellig is, others of us still remain puzzled due to the complex nature of this character. If you ever get a chance to read the book (we all think you should!) we would love to hear what you think Skellig might be...

Sculpting Clay

Taking inspiration from the baby blackbirds that we read about in Skellig, we have been learning to work with clay. We have learnt to mold the clay by applying the right amount of pressure and have added details by using special clay tools. We then left them to dry so that we could add paint to our sculptured, clay birds.

Kings Oak Academy taster day

Year 5 have had a day full of fun,spending the day at Kings Oak Academy. They used PowerPoint to create an animated screen saver, learned how to play a tune on the keyboards and puzzled over some great problems in maths. All the children really enjoyed the day, learning what it will be like to venture off to secondary school. I'm sure they'll sleep well tonight after such excitement


Are they wings?

"We had our arms around him. Our fingers touched behind his back. We explored the growths upon his shoulder blades. We felt them fold up like arms. We felt their soft coverings. We stared into each other's eyes and didn't dare to tell each other what we felt."


We discussed what we thought they had felt on his back and why Michael and Mina didn't want to tell each other what they were thinking. We think he has wings! After exploring different sketching techniques, we had a go at sketching cartoon, traditonal and angel wings. Here are some of our sketches.

It was all a dream...

Michael, trying to cope with what is happening since he moved to Falconer Road, has a nightmare about his baby sister. We wrote some beautiful pieces retelling his dream with a focus on using embedded clauses to add extra detail.


Today, Year 5 was puzzled as they entered the classroom. A heap of dusty  feathers lay before them on the floor; why were they here? Where had they come from? This term Year 5 will be trying to uncover the curious appearance of the feathers, whilst undoubtedly discovering more than they bargained for on the way... 

Term 5

Term 5 Newsletter

Term 5 Home Learning Jigsaw

LoE: Why do we have day and night?

This term is all about science! After our last exciting enquiry, we're getting stuck into our next enquiry: Why do we have day and night? In order to write a scientific explanation about this for our challenge, we're going to first immerse ourselves in the solar system, looking at the 8 main planets before focusing our attention on how the Earth and Moon orbit the Sun.

iMovie Madness!

Year 5 have been busy using iMovie to create some super science shows. We have used our knowledge about forces to create a movie which explains and demonstrates how the force, gravity is acting on a dropped ball. We spent some time exploring all the things we can do with iMovie from cutting a clip to adding a voice over. We had a brilliant time creating these movies... we hope you enjoy them!

Noah and Lakshdeep

Still image for this video

Ruby and Erica

Still image for this video

Ella and Lillie

Still image for this video

Erin and Kristian

Still image for this video

Bailey and Luke

Still image for this video

Kelly and Hayley

Still image for this video

How can Sikhs show their commitment to God?

Throughout Term 5, we have been thinking about ‘How Sikhs can show their commitment to God.’ We created hidden panel books and filled them with research and information as to how Sikhs can show their commitment. These books then helped us to write a letter, answering our key question.

Showing respect online

Staying safe on line is so important! We have been thinking about what it means to show respect online and how we can make sure that we do. We understand that facial expressions and body language can not be seen through a text or email so we must think before we write. Be careful with what you write and how you write it!

5CG's Class Assembly

Today, 5CG led an assembly showcasing the work we have done on Send My Friend To School, an organisation that helps all children access an education. After talking through what makes a successful piece of persuasive writing, we shared our persuasive speeches that we plan on sending to our local MP in some specially designed rucksacks!


To conclude our enquiry, we wrote an explanation to describe why we have day and night. We combined all the information we have learnt during our immersion activities to write our explanation. We also included labelled diagrams to illustrate each step.


To explore more about our enquiry: 'why do we have day and night?', we used a globe and a lamp to see just why we have night and day. The Earth rotates on its axis, which means half the world is facing the Sun, which is in daylight. The other half is facing away from the Sun, which is in darkness.


To learn more about the position and distance between the planets in our Solar System, we took our lesson outside. We all had a turn at being one of the planets in our Solar System. We measured how far away each of the planets are from one another and realised that Neptune would have been outside the school playground! It was very interesting to see how far away each of the planets were from one another.

To kick off our next science enquiry, Why do we have day and night? we took a trip to @Bristol! We spent the day exploring the different exhibitions and rounded off our trip with a visit to the Planetarium. The planetarium show helped us to learn about our solar system. We can't wait to find out more about our new enquiry!

LoE How does air resistance affect moving objects?

We start this term with an exciting science enquiry ‘What affect does air resistance have on moving objects?’ We will be exploring a range of forces, from gravity to friction and designing experiments to show how these forces act upon moving objects. Throughout this topic, we will be discussing and explaining what we have observed, ensuring we use precise scientific vocabulary. Our challenge is something we are really looking forward to, where we will plan, design and create a parachute to see how long we can keep a lego figure in the air.


To complete our enquiry, we made our final parachute and competed against each other to see whose design would stay in the air for the longest period of time. We made sure we carried out a fair test and discussed how air resistance was affecting our parachute. As we were dropping the parachutes from the window, we took the wind into account! Congratulations to Kelly and Ella whose parachute stayed in the air for the longest, with a time of 7.25 seconds!

Planning our challenge

To prepare for our challenge next week, we tested different materials in a range of different shapes to see which would make the best parachute. By testing and evaluating our previous parachute, we made adjustments to create our perfect prototype. We're looking forward to making and testing our final parachutes next week!

Exploring air resistance

Today, we investigated air resistance by running in the wind with different materials to feel which gave us the greatest air resistance. We concluded that larger but thinner surface areas created the most air resistance! These results will allow us to plan and experiment with smaller materials that will contribute towards our enquiry question.

Friction: Observing and recording

For our friction experiment, we tested what materials would make a toy car travel down the ramp the quickest (or slowest). We used 5 different materials, some were smooth and some were rough. The rougher materials created more friction, which made the toy cars travel slower down the ramp. As a class, we concluded that the shiny wooden surface created the least amount of friction.

Send My Friend To School

We are revisiting persuasion this term in literacy and we have got ourselves involved in the 2016 Send My Friend To School campaign that is focusing on providing education to the millions of children that have been affected by emergencies such as conflict, climate change and health epademics. We are using persuasive techniques to write a persuasive speech to bring attention to this really important cause.


Here you can find out more about this important campaign:

Water resistance investigation 

As part of our enquiry, we investigated how water resistance affects different shaped objects. We timed how long it would take for the different shapes to sink to the bottom of our container. We made predictions and ensured we carried out a fair test.


To kick start our enquiry this term on forces, we watched a rocket launch and Felix Baumgartner's epic jump from space! 

Term 4

Term 4 Newsletter

Term 4 Home Learning Jigsaw

LoE Can change always be reversed?

Science is at the forefront of our minds this term as we launch our first science enquiry: ‘Can change always be reversed?’ Working scientifically, we will be looking at the different properties of materials before moving onto investigating reversible and irreversible changes. We will be planning, carrying out and concluding a range of experiments and using out maths skills to record the data gathered. As our challenge, we look forward to answering the question ‘Can change always be reversed?’ by creating our very own science show, using the ipads.


After a term of scientific investigations, it was finally time for our challenge! We were so excited to work in groups to put together our science show looking at reversible and irreversible changes. Here are just some of the many brilliant ones we did! We hope you enjoy them and most importantly, we hope you learnt something!

Group 1

Still image for this video

Group 2

Still image for this video

Group 3

Still image for this video

Lego We Do Day! 

Our work around The Highwayman has inspired our computing topic this term. Using 'Lego We Do' we have created an input and output device to warn the Highwayman that danger is on the way! This was a really exciting day where we explored the use of motors and sensors and created our own device in pairs. We hope we can save the Highwayman!

Group 1

Still image for this video

Group 2

Still image for this video

Group 3

Still image for this video

Recording our results

Having conducted our scientific investigation, we gathered all the data onto a table and used this to produce a line graph. From this, we discussed our findings and compared them to our original predictions before we finally brought it all together to evaluate.

What material would keep you warmer?

Inspired by watching a mountaineering video, we planned an investigation to investigate what material would be the best insulator. We agreed as a class what variable we would change (material) and what we would keep the same to ensure as fairer test as possible.


After listening to Agent Green, a dragon whisperer, from DCHQ (Dragon Conservation Headquarters) tell us a story and all about her interesting life with Fuse, her dragon, we learnt to draw a dragon. We then did a Year 5 workshop with Agent Green where we learnt about keeping and tracking a dragon. Inspired by what we had discovered, we created our own class dragonology. Here are some pictures of our dragons and some of the pages from our dragonology. We hope you enjoy them!

World Book Day

We really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day! These were our top four costumes in 5CG and Tyisha (Queen of Hearts) was voted as our number one! Well done Tyisha!


Reversible and irreversible changes 

In science, we conducted an investigation looking at reversible and irreversible changes. Our experiment involved combining vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, as well as effervescent tablets and water, in order to see if a gas was produced. We then went on to observe how glow sticks go through a chemical change resulting in them glowing in the dark! It has helped us to gain a better understanding of reversible and irreversible change. We know that some good indicators of irreversible changes are when heat, gas, colour change and light changes occur. 

Storytelling and poetry!

What a fabulous start to World Book Week Year 5 have had! We were lucky enough to have Pat come all the way from London to start our day off with some stories and riddles. Ask us about the story of the three China dolls based on a great leader and his storyteller or the one about the star woman.


It took us a rather long time to work out the riddles, specially this one below - Can you work it out? 


What starts with an e, ends in an e and only has one letter in it?

After our morning workshop with Pat, he came and spent some time in 5CG. He taught us how to write some surreal poems and read us some limericks before we had a go at writing our own! Here are some we came up with:


(Lillie and Ruby)

There once lived a pretty parrot,

whose favourite food was carrot.

The parrot stole,

and went back on his pole,

hoping not to see a maggot!



Once there was a man called Mike,

who road to work on his bike.

His boss said, "Welcome to work!"

"Don't go berserk!"

"Or I'll put your head on a spike!"



There once was a beautiful girl,

who had a precious pearl.

She gave it away,

and said, "Hurray!"

Then went to marry an earl.


(Erin and Kieran)

A man with a purple leg,

he always had to beg.

He was extremely poor,

he didn't have a door,

and he died on the streets of Peg.

"It was fun, especially when we listened to the stories at the beginning of the day." (Ella)


"I enjoyed it when Pat told us the limericks that he had." (Lily)


"It was epic, especially when he told us the riddles and we had to try to solve them!" (Erin)


"I enjoyed it when we made up our own limericks - hearing them made me giggle!" (Erica)


"It was fun when we did the surreal poems because we had no idea what it was going to turn out like." (Lillie and Kelly)


PE- Bridges

Our indoor PE unit this term is gymnastics where we are focusing on creating a range of bridge shapes with the back, front or side of our body towards the floor or apparatus. We are working towards creating a sequence that includes two high bridges and a low bridge. We will be using turning and rolls to move between them. Here are some of the bridge shapes we have done so far.

What a treat we have had today! Mr G presented a science show and amazed us with some fantastic Science! He showed us lots of experiments that made us think about our enquiry question this term: 'Can change always be reversed?' We made ice cream which we got to taste, created flubber and even watched an explosion between coca-cola and mentos! In class, we have focused on the scientific vocabulary we will be using this term and have designed posters to show our new understanding. 

Makey Makey Game Controllers!

Wow! We absolutely loved learning to use the Makey Makeys! First, we discussed what was meant by an 'input' device and learnt how to put the Makey Makeys together. We then discussed conductors and insulators and tested out different materials to see what would make suitable buttons for a controller. Next, we used everything we had discovered to design a game controller, testing as we went to make sure the connections were secure - this was a crucial time to make any changes! Finally, we headed back down to the ICT suite to play on various games using our awesome game controllers!

Term 3

Term 3 Newsletter

Term 3 Home Learning Jigsaw

LoE Were all Vikings brutual plunderers?

This term, as historians, we are investigating whether all Vikings were brutal plunderers. In order to answer this question, we will learn all about who the Vikings were, how and why they traveled, settled and invaded and what impact they had on our land. Furthermore, we will train to become informed and persuasive debaters, learning form the best in Westminster, then later putting our debating skills to good use to debate the big question: Were all Vikings brutal plunderers? 

Challenge - The great debate!
After transforming our classroom into the House of Commons, we were finally ready to put our discussion skills to the test and debate our enquiry question, 'Were all Vikings brutal plunderers?'

Following the strict conventions of the House of Commons, we presented clear and convincing arguments, strengthened by our detailed historical knowledge and understanding. Our expert discussion skills enabled us to both support our side and challenge the opposition with confidence.

Discussion - Were all Vikings brutal plunderers?

Using everything we have learnt about how to write a discussion piece, we brought together all our knowledge about the Vikings and wrote a balanced argument. We started with an introduction before moving onto arguments for and against, making sure we developed each point fully. Finally, we concluded, giving our own opinion about whether we thought they were all brutal plunderers.

E-Safety: Reliable websites

Learning about E-safety is really important as it helps us to keep safe online. This term, we have been thinking about how we use a website to research. We now know that we can't always rely on websites to be honest and trustful and it is important to check information several times from a range of websites before we can ensure it can be relied upon. We created our very own 'Website Nasties' to help us to remember this important lesson.

Imovie - Lindisfarne 793AD!

As we head towards our final end write and challenge, we learnt about a very important Viking raid. To help us remember the key events, we put together an Imovie trailer. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Archie, Cole P, Anton and Kieran

Still image for this video

Lillie, Erica, Ella and Lily

Still image for this video

Toby, Noah and Bailey

Still image for this video

Kristian, Joseph and Luke

Still image for this video

Chinese dumplings!

To celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), we made Chinese dumplings with Miss Li. It was a lot harder than we thought to get the right shape! Not all of us liked them but most of us tried them and were surprised by how delicious they were! Yum!

Collaborative Learning - Viking Life
Year 5 been busy researching the Vikings! We have used information books to find out about various aspects of their lives, ranging from what they ate, to what they did in their leisure time. From our notes, we formed groups and worked brilliantly together to produce posters to showcase our new acquired knowledge. We confidently presented these to the rest of the class. Reflecting on our team work, we are really proud with how we took turns, shared out roles and built on each other's ideas to create a fantastic end product. We can't wait to work collaboratively again soon!



This term we're really going to immerse ourselves in fractions, decimals and percentages. We started off by identifying different fractions and had loads of great discussions about what a fraction is, as well as the role of the numerator and denominator.


We then looked at different shaped containers ('wholes') and discussed how to work out how much water had to go in each one if we were looking to find a quarter,half,third, fifth etc ('parts').


We finished off by showing a fifth in each of these bottles and then discussed: How is it possible for different sized bottles to have the same fraction filled but contain different amounts of liquid?


To get us started, we designed our own Viking shields and then listened to and did some drama based on Viking sagas. Next, we designed our on Viking jewellery and made it out of salt-dough. Finally, we made a Viking longship. We're looking forward to finding out whether all Vikings were brutal plunderers for our enquiry!

Thor and the Giants - Part 1

Still image for this video

Viking longships

Term 2

Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Home Learning Jigsaw

LoE: How does art enhance storytelling?

During this enquiry, How does art enhance storytelling?, we will be investigating and evaluating a range of storytelling methods, including plays, audio books, stories told through music, art and text. Our final challenge will see us put together a class e-book starting with a music composition to introduce our innovated stories which will be told through the mediums of art, prose and spoken work.

5CG's Reflections

"I really liked the tag rugby unit because it was fun to learn the different techniques and practice our passing." (Bailey)


"I enjoyed it when we did the gossiping about the story." (Ella)


"I enjoyed learning Mandarin because I like knowing other languages." (Kelly)


"I loved it when we got into groups and acted out a paragraph from the Princess' Blankets." (Erin)


"I liked acting out the Three Little Pigs story with Lillie T and Erica." (Danielle)


"I liked reading the Princess' Blankets because we did lots of drama and art." (Hayley)


"I liked it all because most of the time it has been really fun!" (Noah)


"I enjoyed making a part of the Secret Garden blanket with Kristian because we found a piece of bone to put in it which nobody else managed to find." (Darren)


Is the Christmas story true?

In order to investigate our key question, we first looked at a typical version version of the Christmas story found in any story book. Next, we compared this version with two found in the bible. These were Luke Chapter 1:26-38 - 2:1-20 and Matthew 1:18 - Chapter 2:12. We looked at the similarities and differences between them and used this to answer the question.


We brought together everything we have done this term to create a whole class Ebook that includes our magnificent paintings of the Secret Garden as well as audio extracts from our own innovated fairytales. We hope you enjoy listening to them and that our artwork enhances your experience!

5CG's EBook

Still image for this video

Square ball!

The rain didn't stop us from having a great PE lesson with Bristol Rugby! We learnt the new game 'square ball' where we had to decide when to attack and when to defend!

Game 1

Still image for this video

Royal rumble!

Still image for this video


This term our value has been friendship. As we grow up, we will make many friends and continue to realise how important true friends are. We made a friendship paper chain in the class to show how we are all in it together and will support each other as friends throughout our learning journey.  

Our innovated fairytales
Over the term, we have been practising creating detailed setting descriptions and using figurative language to produce vivid imagery in the readers mind. In our end write, we have used similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration to ensure the reader is hooked from the start! Adapting the story slightly, we have changed the stranger that visits and cures the princess but we were sure to keep the happy ending the same! Our end writes have taken a lot of time and effort. We are so pleased with the finished result! 

Our own Secret Garden Blanket

Using oil paints, we experimented with colour and texture to create some fantastic pieces of art. We focused on abstract images and designs which convey the magical secret garden blanket that we are describing within our own innovated fairytales. 

Oral retelling

As we approach our end write, which will include writing our own ending to our innovated fairytale, we got into small groups and used actions to help us learn and re-tell the ending from The Princess' Blankets.

Paragraph 1

Still image for this video

Paragraph 2

Still image for this video

Paragraph 3

Still image for this video

Paragraph 4

Still image for this video

Invasion games

We are so lucky to be working with Bristol Rugby this term. We have been practising all different skills and techniques needed for invasion games and we are looking forward to using them in our tag rugby matches. 


The Secret Garden's Blanket

Determined to earn his reward, the stranger wrapped the Princess in four blankets stolen from nature. Inspired by Carol Ann Duffy's rich use of language, we are going to apply our knowledge of figurative language to innovate a description of the Secret Garden's blanket. We took advantage of our wonderful outdoor space and went outside to gather things for our blanket in a bowl. We then tipped our findings onto our tables and designed our own blankets. We were surprised by how different they all looked! We are looking forward to using them to inspire our writing... 

A stranger arrives...

After countless attempts to cure the Princess, a mysterious stranger arrived at the palace claiming that he knew magic and could stop the Princess suffering from the cold. If successful, as a reward, he planned to carry her back to his own land to be his wife. We took on the role of royal servants and used the stranger's arrival as an excuse to have a good gossip, as well as an opportunity to develop our dialogue-writing skills.

Did you hear about...

Still image for this video

Abstract art

As part of our immersion and have a go for our enquiry, 'How does art enhance storytelling?', we used the medium of tissue paper to create some abstract art. We chose fire and hillsides so that we could link our artwork to the story opening that we wrote where we describe the setting for the story. We didn't want our art to represent an accurate depiction of fire or hills so we zoomed into the pictures and instead used shapes, colours and forms to achieve its effect. 

We are outstanding!

A little bit of rain wasn't going to stop us from celebrating! Well done 5CG, I always knew you were an outstanding class and I feel very proud to be your teacher!


For our Wow, we spent the whole day having fun exploring storytelling in different ways. We looked at different versions of the story of The Three Little Pigs and then worked in groups to act the story out. We looked at the story Eric and investigated how pictures can add more information to a story and finally we looked at how music can affect our mood and make us think about different things. We created some artwork to show how the music made us feel. We are really looking forward to this enquiry.

The Three Little Pigs

Still image for this video


Term 1 

Term 1 Class Newsletter

Term 1 Home Learning Jigsaw

LoE: Why should we protect the Amazon Rainforest?

Our first enquiry this term will provide us with plenty of opportunities to refine our skills as geographers and scientists. We will develop our map-reading skills, research life in the Amazon Rainforest, investigate the rainforest as a vital natural resource and consider the human impact on this diverse, yet vulnerable, environment. Our challenge will be to create a campaign video persuading the public to protect the Amazon Rainforest.

5CG Reflections


'I enjoyed learning about the brilliant animals that live in the Amazon and how they adapt to their habitat when we went to the Zoo.' (Erica)


'The part that i most liked about Term 1 was doing the campaign videos. I enjoyed the campaign videos because not only did I encourage others to save the Amazon but it persuaded me to save the Amazon' (Lillie)


'I most loved doing the Green Screen because i'm a Digital Leader and like learning about new Apps' (Tyisha)


'I liked learning about the Sikhs and how far they have to go for their religion. I know lots of facts about the Khalsa' (Anton)


'I liked it when we had to re-make the Derek Redmond video because our group worked really well. We did have a few mishaps but carried on and persevered' (Harley)

To complete our enquiry, we recorded our own campaign videos to persuade people to help protect the Amazon Rainforest. We wrote our own scripts and used Green Screens to create our videos. We hope you enjoy watching them and that they persuade you to make even one small for change for the good of this wondrous biome!

Lily, Danielle and Issy

Still image for this video

Lacey, Ella and Lillie

Still image for this video

Cole, Toby and Kristian

Still image for this video

Luke, Joe and Bailey

Still image for this video

Erin, Harley and Noah

Still image for this video

Jack, Darren and Reece

Still image for this video

Anton, Kieran and Josh

Still image for this video

Ruby, Courtney and Tyisha

Still image for this video

Kelly, Hayley and Erica

Still image for this video

Why should we protect the Amazon Rainforest?

Persuasion was our text type for Term 1. We looked at the features of persuasive texts to put together a toolkit for a successful piece of persuasive writing which we did as our end write. We research the various threats to this wondrous biome and most importantly, considered potential solutions to save and protect this exotic landscape for future generations. 

How far would a Sikh go for his/her religion? 

This term we have been researching Sikhism. We discussed what it means to be committed to a religion and how Sikhs may show their commitment to god in different ways. 



Our value this term has been trust. We discussed what it means to be a trustworthy friend and created some anti-gossip posters promoting a trustful friendship.

Food chains

In Science this week, we have been learning about food chains and how devastating it would be if the producer, the Amazon Rainforest, was destroyed.  Here  are a couple of examples of the food chain we drew. 


As our Wow, to introduce our enquiry on the Amazon Rainforest, we went on a school trip to Bristol Zoo. While we were there, we took part in a workshop on rainforests. We learnt lots of interesting information about the diffrent layers within a rainforest and the animals that live there. We met some different animals too: a stick insect that camouflages itself as a leaf, a hissing cockroach and a tenrec. We had great fun and are looking forward to learning a lot more during our enquiry.


As a class we were given the task to focus on the school value Perseverance. We read the story called The King's New Gift and discussed how we felt when we were faced with doing something new. Following this, we discussed how we felt before, during and after a task that we had to persevere at.


For inspiration, we watched Ormie the pig and Derek Redmond persevere in two very different scenarios (videos below) and came up with two things that we wanted to persevere in, one to be completed by the end of September and the other to be done by the end of Year 5. We were so inspired by the dedication and perseverance shown by Derek Redmond that we went outside to recreate his valiant attempt at completing his race. We hope you enjoy our reinactments!

Derek Redmond

Still image for this video

Ormie the pig

Still image for this video

Perseverance - Group 1

Still image for this video

Perseverance - Group 2

Still image for this video

Perseverance - Group 3

Still image for this video

Perseverance - Group 4

Still image for this video

Perseverance - Group 5

Still image for this video

Class Prayer - Perseverance

As a class we came up with the following class prayer that will be displayed in the prayer corner and shared during worship:


Dear God,


Thank you for being there for me when I find work challenging and need to persevere.

Sorry that I sometimes give up too easily.

Please help me to try my best at times when I struggle.



Purple Learners

We continue to strive to be Purple Learners and after a quick recap of how we feel when we are in the challenge zone and what movers and blockers help and prevent us from learning, we focused on how we can be more diplomatic when sharing our opinions and ideas. 5CG decided that we would be being diplomatic if 'we agreed to disagree in a polite and respectful way.' We looked at some useful phrases to help us be more diplomatic and practised using them in a role play. For example, we swapped a phrase like 'That's a dumb view. I think that...' for something more diplomatic like 'I find it hard to agree with the points you are making. I would argue that...' Here are two examples of our role plays where we try to give our opinion in a polite and respectful manner.

Politely giving your opinion

Still image for this video

Politely giving your opinion

Still image for this video