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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Dear 5AG,


What a fantastic year we've had! I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching each and every one of you and if you continue to work as hard next year as you have this year, you will undoubtedly be the best Year 6 class! Mr Hallows is very lucky! Thank you for being such a wonderful class and thank you for your generous and thoughtful cards and gifts. You spoiled me! And a special thank you to those of you who kindly helped me move classroom this afternoon. Have a super summer holiday all of you. Stay safe and have fun!


Best wishes,


Miss Garroch

Welcome to 5AG's class page. Here, you can find out what we've been up to and what's coming up. We hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful work! Please visit again soon to follow our learning journey through the year.

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If you have any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you! Please use the secure form below to contact us.

From Summer: 

I loved our Superhero day because we did fun and exciting things like making masks and playing Corners. The best bit for me was playing Corners because I stayed in for a very long time. We also had Golden Time and the reading challenge reward. My second favourite part was watching Macbeth.

From Daniel:

I still cannot get over the Professor Dan thing. Love this website! Shout out to Mr Stinchcombe for setting up this good system! No lag or mis-stream. Can't wait to see more of our lovely work. I think we still need more science lessons though. Can't wait until Heatree House. If by any chance you are some anonymous person just looking at our website, try this school out! It must have some spaces free :-)


High praise indeed!

From Caitlin:

Year 5 is amazing! I love it so much I wish I could stay here longer but we've got to move to Year 6.

From Jackie (Olly's mum):

I have just watched the dancing. I really enjoyed it. What fun you all had. Brilliant.

From Joe:

I have really enjoyed this year. It's been more fun, more epic and more fab than any other year in my life! I have learnt loads and Superhero day was amazing! There's nothing I would change about it but I'm really looking forward to Year 6. I need one more read to complete the reading challenge. Yay!

Term 6

During the first half of Term 6, our topic will be based on the highly-acclaimed, thought-provoking and beautifully-illustrated picture book, ‘The Lost Thing’, by Shaun Tan. As well as thinking deeply about the text, we will be studying the award-winning short film adaptation and creating an artistic masterpiece!


During the second half of term, our topic will centre on a powerful and haunting narrative poem… to be revealed!

Useful Information

Weeks 5-8

We had a great Week 5 with Miss Lewis! Thank you for teaching us!

The Highwayman

We only began reading 'The Highwayman', by Alfred Noyes, today and already we've used chalk to recreate a setting, researched highwaymen on the iPad minis, drawn and annotated a picture of the highwayman and written a setting description! Visit again soon to see some of our work.

The story so far...

Our learning journey so far...

Group Challenge

Miss Garroch set us a five-task challenge to deepen our understanding of the events and characters from 'The Highwayman'. We had to work as a team to order the seventeen verses of the poem, discuss our response to the characters, read between the lines, propose answers to some challenging questions and investigate Charles Keeping's illustrations.

Verse III

Still image for this video

Verse VII

Still image for this video

Verse X

Still image for this video

Verse XIV

Still image for this video
We used charcoal on white and chalk on black to create inverse reproductions of Charles Keeping's illustrations. We were really impressed with the results!

Perfectly published prose

Spontaneous Dance Battle

Still image for this video

'It was really fun because my group had lots of creative ideas!' (Darcy)


'I dance out of school so I led my group and we had a lot of fun!' (Kai)


'We really enjoyed making the dance videos because our group got along well.' (Ella W & Louisa)

Round 1

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Round 2

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Round 3

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Weeks 1-4

Sports Day

We've been training hard for Sports day which takes place on Friday 20th June. We've set ourselves some challenging goals and we can't wait to compete! Visit again soon to see photos of all the sporting action and to read a report.

A huge thank you to Izzy, 5AG's official Sports day photographer!

5AG girls 60m sprint

Still image for this video

Year 5 boys relay

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'It was a hot day after lunch, when Years 5 and 6 lined up on the playground in our houses, loudly cheering and chanting. We were wearing our house-coloured shirts, shorts and trainers.' (Imogen)


'Firstly, we played non-competitive games like: skipping, dishes and domes, tennis relay and water relay. These events went really quickly but all of them were fun. My favourite was the bean bag throwing.' (Joe)


'After all the cheering and fun on the playground, our annual Sports day started to get serious! We all made our way onto the field and we sat down on the grass in our classes. Then, the competitive events started!' (Sophie)


'When we moved onto the field, it was very nerve-racking because there were dozens of parents screaming and shouting your name or house!' (Gabi)

The Lost Thing

Reading 'The Lost Thing' has led to some impressive descriptive writing and several thought-provoking discussions. Now, we're in the process of planning and writing our own 'lost thing' stories which will appear here as soon as they're published!

Planning boards

Our Curious Quest Stories

An extract from Brandon's story:


Hi. My name is Billy. So you want to hear a story?


It was a long time ago on a beach. No one was there. I looked around. Nothing was there. I looked again. Something was there!


It didn't do much so I took it home. Not even my parents noticed it so I put it in the shed.


The next day, when I looked at it in the shed, it made a peculiar expression at me. It kept changing shape, from a dog, to a man, to a tyre!


I decided to take it to The Lost City. A rusty sign read, 'Contaminated area'. The lost thing ran swiftly towards it. We arrived at a crumbling wall...

Awesome Animation!

We used iMotion HD to bring to life Utopia from 'The Lost Thing', using stop motion animation. Creating smooth motion took time and patience but we persevered! It was a lot of fun and we were pleased with the final results.


Animation 1

Still image for this video

Animation 2

Still image for this video

Animation 3

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Animation 4

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Term 5

This term, we will be refining our writing skills by enrolling in a Superhero Academy. Those who work hard to perfect their writing superpowers will be invited to a special superhero celebration on the last day of term!


In addition, to celebrate the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth, we will be reading some of Shakespeare’s plays in story form, researching Elizabethan theatre and performing scenes from Macbeth.

You can find out more about William Shakespeare by following this link:

Calling all superheroes!...

As a reward for working so hard to perfect our writing superpowers, we transformed ourselves into superheroes for the day and we had some superhero fun!

Check us out!

Mask-making madness!

Fighting crime is hungry work...

Reflections on our writing progress...

Twelfth Night

We had fun preparing freeze-frames to explore the character of Malvolio, Countess Olivia's vain and haughty steward. Malvolio is deceived by a forged love letter and tricked into parading around in yellow, cross-gartered stockings. We're still trying to decide whether or not he deserves our sympathy!


Can you match the following quotations to the freeze-frames?


'He was wearing yellow tights as bright as canaries, and his face was stretched into a ghastly smile.'


'Malvolio purred, stretching out his leg.'


'He pressed his face against the bars of the window and called out, “Hello, hello! Let me out, someone! I am not mad – truly I am not!”'


We've been busy improving our formal letter-writing skills. Click play to hear Malvolio's letter of complaint to Orsino, Duke of Illyria:



Memorable Maths

'We played a memory game called 'Matching pairs' which helped us to recognise equivalent fractions and decimals. I've learnt that 4/5 is equivalent to 0.8.' (Jayln)


'I know that 0.75 is equivalent to 3/4.' (Max)


'1/5 is the same as 0.2 because 1/5 is equivalent to 2/10.' (Holly)


Check out our super skills! It's not as easy as it looks!

Digging and volleying

Still image for this video

Group bump passing

Still image for this video

Class bump passing

Still image for this video

All the World's a Stage

Take a peek inside 5AG's glorious guide to Elizabethan Theatre. Summer's already had a sneak preview!

Brutal Battle

We created tableaus of the battle scene from Macbeth. We thought carefully about body language and facial expression.


Kai, Josh, Max and Joe performed a rhythmic interpretation of an eerie extract from the story of Macbeth. What a treat!


'Long after the castle had fallen silent, Macbeth left his room and crept along the corridors. His hands trembled, and the sound of his pulse in his ears was like the beating of a battle drum. ‘This is the hour of the wolf and the witch,’ he thought, ‘when evil spirits roam the night.’


And as the words crossed his mind, a ghostly glow gathered in the darkness, shaping itself into a dagger that floated in the air, shining with a sickly green light. Macbeth almost cried out in terror.'

Reader's theatre

Still image for this video
We love shiny words and phrases! Take a look below at all those we've 'magpied' from the story of Macbeth. We innovate these, then use them in our writing. Which is your favourite?

Kwik Cricket

After a gruelling cross-country lap led by Luca, Joe (5AG's pro-cricketer) continued to coach us. Despite our highly competitive attitude, we're always willing to offer advice in order to improve each other's performance.


We investigated closed cuboid nets. Here are seven successful nets. Can you find anymore?

Islamic Gardens

'Water is at the heart of an Islamic garden. Because of this, we placed a fountain in the centre.' (Jamie)


'The colour green represents paradise in Islam. Therefore, we planted lots of shrubs.' (Neo)


'Privacy is important to Islamic culture. As a result, our garden has a wall all the way around it.' (Franzyn)


'Our Islamic garden is symmetrical, in order to create a sense of peace and harmony.' (Darcy)


'The number eight is associated with paradise. Consequently, we included eight plants in our garden.' (Alfie)

Term 4

This term, our topic was based around a powerful and exciting story called ‘Floodland’, by Marcus Sedgwick. We researched climate change, investigated the water cycle, studied maps, composed raps and painted sea storms.


'Floodland' inspired some exceptional writing and mature reader response. We recorded our work as a learning journey and we constantly reflected on the story.


‘Floodland is a gory, exciting, action-packed story of survival. I would recommend it to anyone over the age of nine.’ (Joe)


‘The book was awesome! Full of action!’ (Alec)


‘Floodland is a book which you cannot put down – a real page-turner. It’s emotional, with characters I could really relate to.’ (Josh)


‘The activities we did were different because we combined art skills with literacy skills, ranging from making wave paintings to writing character profiles. It was really fun!’ (Amelia & Summer)


‘Overall, it was my favourite topic. It had sadness, action, happiness and emotion. The story is about holding onto hope and never letting go. It was the best book I have ever read.’ (Ella W & Imogen)


‘Floodland was amazing! It was sad at some points and at others happy – an emotional roller-coaster.’ (Caitlin)


‘Floodland raises questions about what might happen to the world if we don’t take care of it.’ (Kai)


‘In science, to link to Floodland, we learnt about global warming and tried to solve William’s riddles.’ (Izzy)

We found it useful to prepare freeze-frames to explore how the characters were feeling. Here, we were freeze-framing Zoe's escape from Norwich.
Click play to listen to Imogen's superb setting description of Munchkin's lair:

Munchkin's lair

Climate Change Week

We researched the impact of global warning, designed information posters and recorded persuasive films to inform the public about what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sea Storm

We used a variety of painting techniques - colour-blending, stippling and scraping - to create sea storms inspired by Floodland. What do you think of our collaborative final piece?

‘The Floodland art was really fun because we got to use scraping and stippling. The results were outstanding!’ (Darcy & Alfie)


‘The waves were difficult to paint because I couldn't get the shape right. In the end, I managed it. I used a variety of blue tones which I mixed in my palette.’ (Louisa)


‘The techniques we used produced astonishing results. Even if something went wrong, it made it even better!’ (Imogen & Ella W)


‘It was so fun and the paintings were very impressive. The final display looks awesome!’ (Sophie)


‘It was quite hard because I had a picture in my head and I wanted to get it right. My final painting didn’t turn out quite as I expected, but I was still pleased with the result.’ (Beth)


‘We painted a background, added a wave, and used stippling for the froth and scraping for the motion of the wave. I managed to create some impressive results; it was almost as if I was in the book when I looked at my painting.’ (Daniel)


Chinese New Year Assembly

We celebrated Chinese New Year on 31st January with a class assembly. We all dressed in lucky red, and we made Chinese lanterns and colourful banners.


We thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Skellig', by David Almond. Have a listen to our soundtrack. 5AG, can you remember for which part of the story this music was composed?

Skellig soundtrack

Still image for this video
After we had finished reading 'Skellig', we used relief printing to create stunning book covers.

‘The technique we used is called relief printing. We cut into polystyrene, rolled over metallic ink and printed it onto paper.’ (Daniel & Izzy)


‘It was fun and creative. I really enjoyed it and I was extremely impressed with the final results!’ (Amelia)


‘To begin with, it was hard because I kept stabbing holes in the polystyrene! However, I learnt not to apply so much pressure.’ (Luca)


‘We used lovely metallic ink. My design had two feathers and a heart; this was inspired by the feathers from Skellig and the heart which Skellig carved when he left.’ (Gabby)


While investigating electrical circuits, Daniel discovered a parallel circuit. Can you explain how it works, Professor Woodhouse?

Parallel circuit

Red Lodge

5AG visited Red Lodge to find out more about life in Tudor times. We dressed up, explored the house and investigated artefacts.