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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Year 4 Newsletter

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Key information:


4RM will have outdoor PE on Monday and indoor PE on Wednesday.

Term 6


Enquiry Overview: What have the Romans done for me?

In Term 6, Year 4 will be exploring all the amazing things the Romans introduced to the United Kingdom . We will be learning about exciting new ideas that the Romans used to make everyday life easier. We will be experimenting with aqueducts, use maps to explore roads, create mosaic art pieces and create an invitation using only the Latin language.   


We will finish our enquiry by writing a non- chronological report on what we believe the most important entities the Romans have brought to the United Kingdom are. These reports will then be made digital using the google chromebooks.

Barbara Hepworth


Our art focus in Term 6 was sculpting. We were given the artist and sculptor Barbara Hepworth to study. We analysed her work and created our own sculptures mimicking her style.  We loved experimenting with the clay and manipulating it into the shapes we wanted.



What a week! We have had such an incredible time creating and performing in our very own carnival. Throughout the week, we had a lot of different workshops including dance, music, float making and costume making ones. We made flame masks and wristbands, as well as creating skirts to create flame effects. One of our favourite things was tie-dying the t-shirts. It was so tricky to tie the elastic bands tight enough. We also created decorations for the float and constructed it in groups. It was a masterpiece! We even made our own instruments for the procession which sounded like fire. 


Have a look at just a few photos from a phenomenal week:



Dance Workshop


What an experience! We had a wonderful dancer come in to allow us to express ourselves through music, to relax and to enjoy it. We then learnt a class dance for our performance in the carnival. 

Making Music


As part of our carnival week, we were lucky enough to have a professional musician visit and teach us the basics. We learnt how to use Garage Band to create our own melodies and rhythms, altering the tempo and tone of the instruments chosen.

Sports Day!


We enjoyed a great sports day this morning in the beautiful sunshine. First thing, we all did basketball shooting, skipping, speed bounce, tug of war, target throwing and distance running. We then finished off the morning with distance running, sprint and team sprint. Well done to everyone who took part and a special well done to Cosham who came first!

Google X-Ray


As a part of our computing enquiry, we used the tool Google X-ray to help us edit ANY website we wanted. This tool showed us not to believe everything we read online as it is very easy edit content. 

Jack Rutter - Paralympic athlete


4RM were lucky enough to be visited by Paralympic athlete Jack Rutter this week. It was all a part of an incredible fundraiser held by our school. Jack led a circuit for our class and we used this experience to raise money for new PE equipment for the school. Phew - it was absolutely exhausting!

Roman Wow


What a day! We have had a fantastic day learning all about the Romans and reenacting fights between Romans and the British. We discovered all about Roman soldiers' lives, uniforms and duties as well as learning about how the Romans changed Britain. We even got to be archaeologists and dig up real Roman artefacts! It was a great way to start our new topic!



Term 5

Enquiry Overview: What does it mean to belong?

In Term 5, Year 4 will be exploring the fascinating continent of South America and comparing it to the UK. We will be locating and plotting the major countries, cities, rivers and mountains before zooming into Tierra Del Fuego as we discover the life of Jemmy Button through our Power of Reading text.


After following Jemmy’s extraordinary encounters as an outsider in an unfamiliar land and his emotional return home, we will finish our enquiry What does it mean to belong? with a piece of artwork.





During the e-safety session in our computing day, we learnt about how to create safe passwords by using upper and lower case letters, symbols and uncommon pattern. For a challenge, we had the same information as everyone else, but had to create a unique password that we didn't think anyone else would get. It was incredible what variety passwords we had.

After that, we used the Makey Makeys to create a keyboard which would control our chromebook. We were then able to experiment with different conductors and insulators to see which enabled us to control the keys. 



In music, we have been discussing how and why music is created, and the impact it has on us. We listened to some songs, noting down how it made us feel and how the pitch, tempo and rhythm effected our moods. We then created an accompaniment to Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' using body percussion, helping us develop our understanding of rhythm and pulse.


Finally, we listened to various melodies and tried to recreate them on our iPads. We loved trying to figure out the notes and experiment with the rhythm. We then created our own melodies which all sounded so unique! Some sounded quite sad whilst others sounded really upbeat. Take a peek at our incredible skills in the videos:

Composing melodies

Still image for this video

Melody of George Ezra's 'Shotgun'

Still image for this video

Body Percussion

Still image for this video

Rock Assembly

Still image for this video
What a treat! Today we had another musician in to play some rock/pop music. He showed us an assortment of instrument, what they sound like and how they work. We had such a fab time and it's inspired us all to be in a rock band!



To help us understand our main character, Jemmy Button, we recreated London in the 1830s as this is what he first experienced in the book. It helped us envisage what he would see, hear and feel. This will support our writing, enabling us to use figurative language and write setting descriptions.

Positive thinking


We were each given someone's name in the class and asked to write positive things about them and what we admire in them. These were then typed up to keep anonymity and we couldn't let anyone know who we wrote about. The person who we wrote about then received the positive message which helped to boost their confidence and see what others see in them. It also made us appreciate the people we have in our class and realise how lucky we are to be friends.



In P.E. this term, we are working really hard on improving our endurance and stamina. We are learning that no matter how tired we think we are, there is always a little more left in there! We have been doing long distance relays to improve our fitness and attitude to exercise.



We have used the online resource Descriptosaurus to help improve our writing. We planned a story and found lots of similes, metaphors and personification to help create an imaginative, exciting story. It was so helpful as it widened our vocabulary and understanding of figurative language.

Jazz Assembly 


Today we were lucky enough to have a fantastic assembly lead by a group of Jazz musicians. We had a fantastic time learning about the equipment and beats. We really enjoyed the music too! 



To start us thinking about our new R.E. question, What do religions teach us about right and wrong?, we thought about the importance of rules in games. We were given a hoop, a bean bag, a ball and 4 cones and told to play a new game that we invent. We soon realised that we needed to create an aim and some rules to both keep us safe and allow us all to have fun. After that, we linked this to some of the golden rules in Christianity, Judaism and Humanism and thought about how they have the same role.



To get us into our new Power of Reading text, Jemmy Button, we created some exciting button artwork as our Wow! In pairs, we planned out our shape and then created interest and texture using different shades of the buttons. We had a great time!

Term 4

Enquiry Overview: Are we the same as a gorilla?

In Term 4, Year 4 will be using their investigative skills to answer the question: Am I the same as a gorilla? We will be grouping and classifying different animals before focusing on gorillas, their habitats and the dangers they face. Using what we learnt last term, we will then move onto looking at the digestive system and teeth of gorillas before finishing our enquiry with a small video presentation based around a Venn diagram.

This term we will be using the book 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne to help us inspire our writing. The book revolves around a girl called Hannah and her love of gorillas. We will innovate the story, creating our own versions and also use it to help us hit our new targets

Term 4 Reflections:


'I really enjoyed computing this term on Isle of Tune.' - Olimpia

' My favourite part of the term was visiting the zoo and all the animals.' - Shania

'I loved doing the Easter Service.' - Sami

'Trying to improve my writing was the best bit of the term.' - George

Easter Service


4RM did an indredible job telling the story of Jesus' last days on Earth. They spoke beautifully and clearly whilst acting out scenes with respect and professionalism. Every single person should be proud of their amazing performance. Well done!

Am I the same as a gorilla?

Still image for this video
For our prove it, we made presentations explaining the differences and similarities between humans and gorillas. We learnt so much that we could fit it all in!

Am I the same as a gorilla?

Still image for this video

Egg-cellent Eggs


Take a look at some egg-cellent egg-samples of 4RM's egg decoration submission. They ranged from Egg Sheran to the Resurr-egg-tion! The creativity blew me away! Bravo. 

RE Wow!


To introduce our new RE topic of celebrations, we had a Year 4 celebration of our own. We played party games which required team work, others which improved our ability to stay calm and focused and then we completed a Kahoot quiz in teams of 5. We had a great day and it got us really excited about our topic ahead.



Today we got to explore Isle of Tune which is music software that enables us to compose our own music. We had so much fun and even developed our understanding of musical notation. We had to figure out the notes of Yankee Doodle and recreate it in our own computerised islands using flower pots and trees! 

Team Games


We were lucky enough to have Year 5 take us for a PE session in which we played castles. This game developed our team skills and defending skills whilst giving us a fantastic workout. We had so much fun! Thank you Year 5!

Art Day


In Term 4 we have been experimenting with printing using the natural environment and taking inspiration from it. We created landscapes to go with our book Gorilla. We explored printing with leaves, stencils and styrofoam to create our backgrounds for Gorilla to swing through. It was really tricky to keep detail but we definitely mastered it. Hope you like the effects we created!

World Book Day


What a fantastic day! We dressed as our favourite book characters and 4RM looked phenomenal in their costumes. So much thought had clearly gone into each costume and we were happy to share our favourite books and the characters.

In school we read the book 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo about a boy who was evacuated from his home in London during World War 2. It was an extremely emotional book which made us consider what life must have been like for David and all the other children who were evacuated whilst learning a little about WW2. We thought about what we might take with us, had we been in his shoes. We then created booklets and evacuation posters to immerse ourselves in the story. 



For our Wow day we went to explore Bristol Zoo. We discovered all of the different animals and had a workshop about food chains and teeth. We got to hold some hissing cockroaches, stroke a slithery snake and pet a wriggling rat! We had a fantastic time.



This term, we are very lucky to have Bristol Sport come in to support us develop our hockey skills. We will focus on dribbling, passing and tackling to improve our game. St Stephen's will be an unstoppable sporting school once we are done! 

Term 3

Enquiry Overview: ‘His eyes, like headlamps, glowed white, then red, then infra-red, searching the sea.’ How is this possible?

This term, we will be learning about electricity, particularly focusing on: how electricity powers a lamp; which materials are conductors and what happens when you break a circuit. We shall be carrying out different investigations to solve these. Alongside the science, we shall be reading our Power of Reading text: The Iron Man and using what we learn about him to create a 3D model of the Iron Man with eyes that glow!

The Digestive System


Today we had a fantastic time getting messy whilst learning about the digiestive system! First of all, we mixed all sorts of food in a bag and squished them all together to represent the food being chewed up in our mouths. We added water and orange juice which acted as saliva and bile in our stomachs. The food got even more churned up with all the juices! We then squeezed the mixture through the tights which acted as our intestines, allowing minerals, nutrients and water to pass through the walls into our bodies. The experiment really helped us visualise the journey of our food as it passes through our digestive system.

Mental Health Week


Across the country it is mental health week and we were asked to bring things to show that make us feel positive and happy. We shared our memories, books and photos with the class and learned a lot more about one another. We definitely all came out with a smile on our faces!

Safer Internet Day


Today was Safer Internet Day and schools across the country took part in a variety of ways. We spent the whole day looking at the terms 'permission' and 'consent', exploring what these mean in our online world. We thought about what we need to do to ask for permission and also how to get consent before taking photos or posting/sharing online.

We then went on to design our own internet superheroes and what their superpower would be. We came up with fantastic ideas that would keep us safe and happy online.


Wow - Pizza Time!


We've managed to squeeze in another science enquiry this term! To finish off the term, we'll be answering the question: Where does my lunch go? To get us thinking, we all made pizzas and then thought about the pizza's journey through our bodies after we ate them. We're going to be looking at the role of teeth and how our digestive system works next.

Challenge - Robot Heads!


4RM had a go at their challenge: To create a 3D model of Iron Man with eyes that glow. We took cardboard boxes and tin foil to create our masterpieces! Once we had the head ready to go, we used our knowledge of circuits to help bring our robots to life!



For computing this term, we looked at Probots. Probots are mini robots that are able to move when you have programmed in a specific instruction. We challenged ourselves by programming the robots to follow circuits and some of us were even able to draw pictures using these intelligent machines. Have a look at the Probots at work. 

Art Day!


For our art day, we started by creating some collages using paper, newspaper and tissue paper. We were practising different techniques to create pattern and texture using simple materials. We then used these techniques to create leaves in a range of colours and the trunks of some trees. Here you can see the fantastic results!



Today, we explored our new maths topic of measure in which we discussed what we might measure, the units of measure and the apparatus that we would use. We then went on to estimate and measure length, mass and capacity. We had great fun and were so surprised by how accurate some of our estimations were. It was a great kick-start to this unit in maths and we can't wait to delve deeper into it.



Our outdoor P.E. sessions are focusing on netball this term. We are going to improve our passing, catching, shooting and defending skills.  It's a fantastic sport which will use our spacial awareness and communication skills in order to be successful. By the end of the term, we will be fantastic netballers who will be worthy of St Stephen's netball team.


Conductors and insulators


As part of our enquiry this term, we carried out an investigation to identify whether the materials we had been given were conductors or insulators. Before we started, we set up and tested our circuits. After conducting our investigation, we wrote up our findings and thought about what other things we would like to test in the future. We want to know whether hair, paper and rubber are conductors or insulators.



After slowing revealing the beginning of Iron Man, we made robots out of junk in groups. In the afternoon, we watched the film Robots

Term 2

Enquiry Overview: Would I be a Spartan or an Athenian?



In Term 2, Year 4 are learning about Ancient Greece. We will be answering the question: 'Would I be a Spartan or an Athenian?' During this enquiry, we will look at the Global goal of equality and discuss if we believe men and woman were equal in the past, comparing the roles of men and women in Athenian and Spartan society and look at how this may have changed over time.

Art Day


To immerse ourselves in the wonderful story of The Green Ship, we looked at different brush techniques to really bring the story to life. Whilst this sounds simple, we were amazed at the variety of paintbrushes that there are! We used watercolour to create some incredible paintings ensuring we use a couple of different brushes for effect and texture - we were so proud of our wonderful pictures.

Would I be an Athenian or a Spartan?

Still image for this video

Would I be an Athenian or a Spartan?

Still image for this video

Would I be an Athenian or a Spartan?

Still image for this video

Would I be an Athenian or a Spartan?

Still image for this video

Would I be an Athenian or a Spartan?

Still image for this video

Anti-Bullying Week 


This week, we have been thinking about what bullying is. We understand that bullying is STOP. Several, Times, On, Purpose.

We thought about different ways we might be unkind to one another and how we can make sure this happens less. We also know that the most important thing to do is to TELL. A problem shared is a problem halved!

We made posters to raise awareness of what bullying is and what you should do if you think you are being bullied. 

Year 4 hockey!


In our outdoor PE sessions, 4RM will be developing our hockey skills. We will focus on passing, possession, shooting, dribbling and working as a team. We aim to become secure in each skill before taking part in a mini hockey tournament within our PE lesson. Look at our fantastic skills as far:



We had a great day of computing where we delved into algorithms and coding through Scratch. We had to programme our character to speak, move and change the background which was very challenging! We found we needed to use a lot of trial and error  techniques to get used to instructing the character what to do what we wanted, but we definitely improved our skills. Have a look at what we did!


We also learnt a lot about how to protect ourselves online, differentiating between personal and private information.

Safer, Fitter, Greener


We have been visited by Andy who is part of the Road Safety Team to talk to us about safe places to cross the road. We played games in groups in learn about all the different ways. We know it is important to stay fit and healthy but also how important it is to be seen on the roads and to stay safe. We were given a reflective smiley faces to stick on our school bags to make sure we are seen when we are walking to and from school.

Sampling School Dinners


What a treat! Today we were given the opportunity today to sample school dinners! We tried foods we might not have tried before including chickpea curry and potato, quorn subs and leek pie. We were all surprised by how delicious everything tasted! We even got to try some new desserts!



For our WOW, we dressed up as Ancient Greeks. We spent the day learning about what life was like in the Ancient Greek times. We carried our research to find out our information and created a fact file. We also tasted Greek food. We were surprised by some of the different tastes. Not many of us were very keen on olives!

Tasting Greek Food!


As part of our WOW, we got to taste Greek food! We tried olives, feta cheese, falafels, flat bread and houmous. We were surprised at how much of it we liked but olives are certainly a taste to be desired! We really enjoyed the feta and can definitely see this being added to salads! 

Term 1

Enquiry Overview: Why does it snow?

Year 4 are starting the year as scientists! We’ll be looking at the characteristics of solids, liquids and gases before focusing our attention on conducting scientific investigations. We will be setting up simple practical enquiries to look at the melting speed of different solids, and measuring temperature changes over time. We shall then use this data to draw simple conclusions and present our findings. Finally, we will look closely at the water cycle and consider our enquiry question: Why does it snow?



As a part of our enquiry 'Why does it snow?', we were given the task of creating a presentation to show-off our understanding of the water cycle, with a focus on explaining why it snows. We worked in groups to collate our knowledge and decide how to present to the rest of the class. Have a look at an example below of what we did!

Why does it snow?

Still image for this video


We had a whole day where we used our computing skills using Chromebooks! We mastered how to create a successful password so we can protect ourselves against others accessing our information. We then worked on Google Classroom where we were had to complete a set of questions, some of which involved using the internet to search for answers, and hand-in our answers online. In the afternoon, we created a slideshow about Purple Learning using Google Slides.

Our Own Water Cycle!


After learning about the key stages of the water cycle, we planned and made our own water cycles! We use a plastic zip-lock bag, drew the water cycle and labelled it. We then poured a little water into the bag and zipped it up. We are hoping to see the key stages of evaporation and condensation to give us a better understand of how the process works.

How long does it take solids to melt?


As a part of our enquiry 'Why does it snow?', Year 4 completed an experiment where we would measure how long it would take take for three different solids to melt. The solids used were butter, chocolate and ice. 

4RM were very intrigued by solids turning into liquids and we now know ice takes the longest time to melt and that butter takes the shortest amount of time. Have a look at the experiment below: 

Collaborative Learning


After researching how to survive in snowy conditions, we worked in pairs to produce an eye catching leaflet to inform others. We thought about layout and how to present our findings. We worked well with our partner and we are really proud of our finished products. 

Sorting Solids, Liquids and Gases


This week we were given images to sort however we thought best. Some of us sorted them into whether they were healthy or not, but then we were introduced to solids, liquids and gases. We then re-organised the images into these groups and asked questions about a few of them - is jelly a solid or liquid? What is spray when it is squirted out of the bottle?

We made fantastic notes about how solids, liquids and gases differ and what makes them unique. Then, we learnt about how all three states of matter have particles, and that these particles have various forces of attraction which give solids, liquids and gases their properties. After learning this, we went out to pretend we were the particles in these states of matter. We huddled together to represent particles in solids with strong forces of attraction, holding hands to show looser forces of attraction in liquids and finally, we spread apart for particles in gas which have weak forces of attraction.


Included and Excluded


During Jigsaw this week, we looked at images of people who were included in a group and others who were excluded. We came up with adjectives to describe how they might feel so we can understand why it is important to be kind and inclusive.

We thought of times when we felt included and how it made us feel. 'I feel included when my friends ask me to play,' and 'I feel included when we work as a team.'

Then, we used our teamwork skills to pass the ball between us. There was were only two rules; we cannot use our hands and the ball cannot touch the floor. Through communication and experimentation we came up with the best technique to pass it speedily between us. We mastered it and beat our time!

Conscience Alley


We helped Ivan make up his mind as to whether he should leave his family and village to go and look for his lost brother or stay. We thought carefully about the reasons 'For' and 'Against' and then created a conscience alley to try and persuade Ivan whether to go or not.

Conscience Alley

Prior Knowledge


To kick start our science learning, we have been discussing our prior knowledge. Finding out about what we already know. We were asked several different questions where we talked to others around us to see if we had similar ideas. It was fascinating and we can't wait to learning more about, 'Why does it snow?'

Collaborative Learning


We have been learning about what 'Purple Learner' is, with a focus on how work in a group successfully. We considered what it looks like, feels like and sounds like when we work collaboratively. We understand we need to take turns, be polite, motivate and support one another. 


Marvellous Maths!


We have been using dienes to help us with our place value. We made 4 digit numbers and thought carefully about what each digit represented.



We kick started our enquiry by making snow! It was great fun! We couldn't believe how it expanded to make so much. We went outside and played with it while the sun shone which was a strange feeling!

Snowflake Fun!