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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.


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We have our own 4NL email! If you wish to contact us, please do so with the secure form below - we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Term 6

Ancient Greece: Who were more powerful: Athenians or Spartans?

For our final enquiry, we will be travelling back thousands of years to Ancient Greek, in the quest to find out whether the Athenians or Spartans were the most powerful. We will focus on many different aspects of Greek life, such as: food, women and children, military, lifestyle, homes and clothing. We are extremely excited to get started! 


Challenge: To create an e-book showing what we have learned over the term

Our safari artwork

Olympic Week

As part of Olympic week, we looked at South Africa; where in the world it is, what the climate is like, their food, currency and famous people. We also had a go at recreating our own South African art. We then collated all our work into these boards below! As well as this, we learnt about the history of the games and how long it took Rio go get ready. We were so shocked to find out, that the 2012 games was the first year ever that all countries allowed women to take part! 


Ancient Greek Pottery

We had such a fun afternoon making our very own Greek pottery! We looked at how they were made and what they were used for. Did you know, the pictures on the pots tell a story? We used many different Greek patterns and the Ancient Greek alphabet to decorate our masterpieces! 

Computing Day: HTML Coding

We have been learning all about how websites work and what is behind them! We used a special programme called 'X Ray Goggles' which allowed us to see all the codes behind any website! After this, we then began to edit real websites into what we wanted them to say! We changed the text, fonts, pictures and videos! 

E-Safety: Smart Searching

We looked at how to use Google and how to search for information in the most efficient way possible. We found out that the Internet is actually lots of different servers, wires and networks and what we go on, is the World Wide Web! 

Outdoor learning: If a tree could talk, what would it be able to tell us?

In preparation for our writing, we out into the secret and made mud faces! We definitely got a bit messy! We were thinking about how long the trees must have been alive and what they must have seen over the years so we made the trees come alive with their very own faces! Plus, it was really helpful for us so we could get into character for our writing. 

4NL practise their times tables! Do you recognise the song?

Still image for this video

Can you guess what the Greek artefact was used for?

Still image for this video


To kick start our enquiry, Year 4 had an Ancient Greek day. We all came in dressed as Ancient Greeks and watched hilarious Horrible History videos. We wrote our name in Greek, tried different Greek foods, such as: olives (not our favourite!), feta cheese and Greek yoghurt - which we loved! In the afternoon, all of the Year 4 classes got together, to compete in our very own Greek olympics - I say everyone, not the girls, as women weren't allowed to compete or even watch! We took part in many different activities, sprints, javelin, hoplite relay, chariot racing and discuss. 

Term 5

Our Enquiry: What are conductors?

This term, we have a science and DT based enquiry question. This means that we will be looking at electricity, how circuits work, having a go at making our own and working out a way to break the circuit. All of this science will help us with our DT challenge, which is: To create a 3D model of Varjak Paw which has eyes that glow. 

Power of Reading: Varjak Paw

This term we will have a power reading text for Writing. We shall be studying Varjak Paw, where we will learn about different narrative techniques, silhouettes, contrasting colours and how to write our own narrative ending. 

Challenge: To create a 3D model of Varjak Paw

Collaborative Learning

We have been learning about what makes a good collaborative learner and how we can show it in our class. We planned and created posters to tell people how to add and subtract using real story and maths story. We worked so well together, listening to each other's ideas, sharing roles and building on everyone's opinions. Miss Livermore was ever so proud of us and the way we used teamwork to complete the task! 

Conductors or insulators?

We carried out an experiment to find out which materials are conductors and which are insulators. We found out that most conductors are metal objects however, we were really surprised to find out that salt and pencils are also conductors! Did you know that you are a conductor?! 


As parody our enquiry, we have been looking at how to make an electrical circuit. We were given lots of different equipment and had a go at making different circuits using light bulbs, motors and buzzers. We also looked at the role of a switch and how it makes or breaks a circuit. 


Varjak character descriptions 

We have been learning about expanded noun phrases and used these to create beautifully detailed descriptions. We used thesaurus to make our word choices even better! 

Cat silhouettes

As Varjak Paw's illustrations are silhouettes, we thought we would have a go ourselves! We used different materials to draw a cat in each box. We used: felt, powered paint, pencil crayon and poster paint. We discussed we which on was easier to use and why and which one was the most difficult. We decided pencil crayon was the easiest as we had more control! Felt was the trickiest as it was very hard to cut!  

Athletics Assessment

We were really lucky to have specialist PE teachers come in to see our athletics skills! We practised lots of different events: long jump, sprinting, balancing, throwing, high jump and speed bounce. We loved every minute of it, but we were very tired by the end!

Angles: Acute, obtuse and right-angles!

This week we have been learning lots about shape! We looked at what an angle was and how many different ones there were - did you know there are four!? We looked at 3 of them, acute, obtuse and right angles - one of us said "they look like L's!" We realised that our classroom has lots and lots of right angles. Then we sorted angles into their categories and went outside to make human angles! 


Finding our spellings, using dictionaries!

Immersing ourselves into Varjak Paw

To get ourselves fully immersed into the main characters of the book, we put ourselves into their paws! We chose key moments of what we've read so far and used facial expressions and body language to show emotions! 

Sorting Polygons!

WOW! The Aristocats

This term our WOW was to watch Disney's Arisotcats. We loved every minute of it, and especially like Tom Cat and Toulouse. Some of us sang along to the songs and we all had some popcorn to share.

Term 4

How can we make music from junk?

This term, we shall be learning about sound and the 3R's (recycle, reuse and refuse.) we shall be learning how we hear sound, how sound travels and how we can make sound from recycled and reused materials and items. We shall use "junk" we have at home to create our own musical instruments to be used in our very own Stomp-inspired performance. 

4NL's Easter Service

Through practising our Easter service, we have learnt all about the importance of Easter and why we celebrate it - it isn't just about eating chocolate! Unfortunately, there were ten people away on our performances days, so we had to step up! We acted and read lines that we had never practised before and everyone, including Miss Livermore was very impressed!


Challenge: To use junk instruments to make a "Stomp-style" performance 

We got the opportunity to create our very own music piece using scrap materials! We played the drums made from old bins, maracas from rice in bottles and even cymbals made from bin lids! Listen to our amazing musical piece below! 



Our Performance!

Still image for this video

World Book Day!

We were really lucky to have a dragon whisperer visit our school and tell us all about hatchlings and how to care for them..she even had her very own dragon called Fuse! We came in school dressed as Knights, princesses, princes, dragons and wizards and sketched our very own dragons. Have a look below at are brilliant costumes and our beautiful drawings. 


Storytelling and Haunted Haikus! 

We have been really lucky and had the marvellous, mysterious, magical Martin come into our class to tell us stories and teach us how to write creepy haikus about haunted houses. Have a look below at videos from our story telling session and at our very scary poems! 

Whose pigs are these?

Still image for this video

The lady and her 7 children

Still image for this video

How far can a whisper travel?

As part of our topic we have been learning about sound and how we hear it. We found out that sound travels in waves so we conducted our own experiment! We went to different areas of the school and outdoor area to see how far our whispers could travel. We then measured how far using metre sticks and trundle wheels! 

Cyber bullying! 

This week have been looking at what cyber bullying is and what to do if it happens. We watched a video to help us understand what we can do if it ever happened to us. We used this information to create comic strips that would help other children. Take a look below! 


Researching the 3R's

This term, we shall be writing a non-chronological on recycling, reusing and reducing. To find out information for our reports we watched videos, read other reports and searched website. We then took our notes and created a mind map to help us organise our research. 

When should we accept an online friend request?

Still image for this video

How to keep safe online

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Our WOW: Stomp!

To kick start our enquiry and to get ideas for our own junk instruments, we watched the fantastic production of Stomp, whilst eating yummy popcorn! 

‚ÄčTerm 3

Our Enquiry: What is snow? 

Our enquiry, this term, allows us to be super scientists! We will have the opportunity to plan and carry out our own experiments that research different states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) and that will answer our enquiry question "What is snow?" We started with the question "what liquid makes the best snow?" Here we tried different liquids to create our own snow that had similar appearance and texture to the real thing. 


Cracking Comprehension!

Still image for this video
We have been reading a poem based on The Railway Children. It is all about the view a child could see on the train. We had a go our writing our own modern day versions.


This week we looked at algorithms, programming, bugs and debugging! We used Probots to show off our knowledge and program the car to either draw shapes or complete a maze. We wrote down the algorithms that we used and then, using the looping, we made the algorithms even shorter! After we programmed our cars to complete mazes, make noises and reverse when they were stuck, we used that knowledge to complete an obstacle on an app called Beebot. Have a look at the photos and videos below. 

Can you work out where this goes wrong?

Still image for this video

Making the Probot draw a triangle!

Still image for this video

Making the Probots draw a square!

Still image for this video

RE Enquiry: How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them? 

We spent the morning finding out more about the Jewish religion. We already knew how the religion had been created but now we wanted to find out what rules and events they follow. First we spoke about what our favourite foods were andirons we could chose any meal for tea, what would we have? Lots of us love spaghetti bolognese! We then looked at foods Jewish people eat and what kosher food is and why they rules. We looked at all the different rules and special items Jewish people have and decided which one was most important and least important to the religion. We all agreed that the Torah (the sacred text) would be the most important because it is the direct word of God. We then used what we learned to answer the enquiry question. 

Chinese Dumplings! 

This week Miss Li came in and taught us how to make Chinese dumplings! We worked in groups to create dumpling cases and filled them with yummy vegetable filling. We created, what looked like, mini pasties. We even got to eat them. Some of us loved them and had seconds...others of us weren't sure! 

Our science experiment!

In order to begin to answer our enquiry questions, we conducted a science experiment! We looked at different solids (butter, ice, wax and chocolate) and created a fair test to find which one would melt the quickest and then find out why. We were surprised to find that the chocolate took a long time! 


This week we have been learning all about fractions. We have learnt what a fraction is and how we can use different equipment to show different fractions. Have a look at some of our creations! 

WOW: What liquid makes the best snow?

Ice Trap! 

We will begin our enquiry by reading Ice Trap. In this story we will learn all about Ernest Shackleton's incredible journey to the Antartic. 

Term 2 

The Snoozatron: story-telling actions

This week, we have been learning story telling actions, to explain how the Snoozatron works. Thanks to Mrs Challis, we even learnt some BSL signs...we wonder whether you can tell which ones are BSL? Take a look at our brilliant retelling of the explanation! 


4NL storytelling

Still image for this video

Our Challenge! 

This week we have been taking part in our challenge: to write our very own quest story! We planned them using story maps and boxing up and then we began an to write. It took as four lessons and we worked so hard on our handwriting, word choices and speech. Have a look at some of our fantastic work! 

Our second WOW

In week 4, we were lucky enough to have a second WOW! Ana amazing storyteller came in and told us an exciting quest story. We even got to join in! After the main character had defeated the dragon, took the golden apple and married the princess we worked together to create our own quest story! We mapped out our ideas in pictures and wrote key words to tell the story.


PE: Netball

This term we shall be learning skills to be able to play netball. We have began with throwing and catching and looking at chest passes and bounce passes. Already we have improved on the amount of passes we can do in a minute and we hope to keep improving! We will also be learning how to move, defend and shoot and eventually play in a mini class tournament! 

We celebrated our OUTSTANDING ofsted judgement with Mr Whippy ice creams!

WOW: Building Fires

This term our WOW was learning how to build a fire! We learned that, in order for a fire to keep going we need lots of tinder and kindling. Did you know that you also need to create air holes to so oxygen can flow through allowing the fire to keep burning? Once we had learned the skills, we went collecting our own tinder and kindling and made our very own fires. We even got to roast marshmallows and make s'mores! 

Enquiry: What is a quest? 

This term our enquiry will be looking at what a quest story is and how we can write one. We will be reading and studying Ice Palace and using this to create our very own quest story book. We shall be learning new art skills to create our own front cover, for our book and publishing them using Microsoft Word. We shall also be looking at how to use a map and choosing ideal countries for an ice palace to be built in. As well as all of this, we will learn survival skills and how to keep ourselves safe in cold climates. 

Term 1

Enquiry: How can pizzas be healthy?

This time our enquiry question will be making us think about balanced diets and healthy eating. We shall be looking into what makes a balanced diet, how nutrition is shown on food packaging and how we can ensure we eat a healthy diet. We will be updating as we go along, so please keep on visiting to see what we are up to! 


Challenge: Making a healthy pizza! 

Over the last 2 weeks we have been learning about how to be healthy and how the Eatwell Plate helps us to understand a balanced diet. We have applied this knowledge into our challenge and had a go at making healthy pizzas. We looked at nutritional content of different bases, cheeses and ingredients and chose, what we thought, were the healthiest options. We did a fantastic job at making our pizzas and they were really yummy! 


Causal Connectives


Today, we took our GPS lesson outdoors! We have been learning about causal connectives and how they can be used in our explanation writing. We chose 3 colours to show information, connectives and punctuation. We used our notes from our research to write sentences about the importance of eating healthily. We had lots of fun writing with chalk on the playground! Have a look at our brilliant writing. 

The Haka!

4NL have been learning the Haka! We learnt that it is a war dance and is used to intimidate people! We watched the All Blacks dance their famous Haka and began to recreate it. Check out our interpretations of the dance and come back next week to see new and improved versions! 


Blackwell's Haka

Still image for this video

Cossham's Haka

Still image for this video

More's Haka

Still image for this video

Grace's Haka

Still image for this video

How can we be healthy? 

In writing, we are learning how to write explanation texts. This week we have been researching about what means to have a healthy diet in preparation to write our explanations. We have been using iPads and QR codes to find websites to complete our research and writing down our notes on apples! 

WOW: Making Pizzas! 

We have had a really exciting afternoon in 4NL...we made pizzas! We had kneeded the dough to make circular shapes and smothered in tomatoe purée and cheese, we then had a choice of toppings: pineapple, mushrooms, pepperoni, onions and sweetcorn. Have a look at our fantastic creations, they tasted as good as they look! 

Enquiry: How are wolves and humans similar?

This term, our enquiry will help us to answer the question; 'How are Wolves and Humans similar?' We will be exploring and researching a number of areas, from social habits to position within the food chain. We will be updating as we go, so please visit again to see what we have found out. 

Enquiry Challenge


Our challenge was to film a wolf documentary, in the style of David Attenborough. We filmed our documentaries using iPads and we even went outside to get a more "natural" setting. Take a look at some of the examples below. 

Group 1

Still image for this video

Group 2

Still image for this video

Group 3

Still image for this video



This term our value has been trust. We have looked at what trust means, how we can be trustworthy people and why it is important not to gossip. In 4NL we made posters to show the importance of not gossiping and we even played Telephone whispers to show how stories can change. 

Non-Chronological Reports


We have been looking at non- chronological reports, what they tell us, what they include and how we write one. We have been using this to showcase our brand new knowledge of wolves. Have a look below at our fantastic writing! 

Amazing wolf art! 


In 4NL we looked at sketching and how we can use our pencil to show different shades. We used the grid method to ensure that our drawings were as detailed as possible. We think we did a fabulous job and we hope you do too! 

Tag Rugby


4NL have been really lucky to have members of Bristol Rugby Club teaching us how to play! We are loving every minute and learn a new skill each session. Have a look at the photos to see how much fun we are having! 

Den Building!


Following our trip to the Wild Place Project, we started to think about wolves and their habitats. We thought about how their habitats are very different to humans, and whether we would be able to survive in an outdoor environment. We worked together to create our very own den! We had to make them from only sheets, bamboo sticks and string. We worked really hard as a team to ensure that our dens were waterproof. This was tested by the teachers pouring water over us! 


The Wild Place Project


Year 4 visited the Wild Place Project to start our enquiry. As well as learning lots of interesting facts about Wolves, we were lucky enough to walk through the Lemur enclosure, see Rams practise their fighting skills, witness Cheetahs prowling their grassland, wolves play fighting and even take part in a barefoot trail! A trail we loved so much, we did twice! 





4NL have been looking at the value responsibility. We looked what the word meant, how we have shown responsibility and why it is important. We also looked at different ways we could be responsible at home, in school and in the environment. We created videos, prayers, posters and a display banner to show this.