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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 4JP's class page! On this page you will find examples of our work, including writing, photos and art work. We have enjoyed a variety of books this year, including Ice Palace, Krindlekrax and The Iron Man. In term 6 we are reading a new text - Varjak Paw! Throughout the term we will be adding more work, so please pop back to have a look! 

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Term 6

 Varjak Paw 


Varjak Paw is a story by SF Said. The main character, Varjak Paw, is a pure bred Mesopotamian Blue and he lives in the Contessa's grand mansion with his extended family. He is not often allowed outside and has never been further than the garden wall. Strange things start to happen at the mansion, making the Elder Paw worried that something is going to happen to his family. He tells Varjak to find help in the form of a dog, but to do this he must venture into the outside world.

Will he succeed in his mission and will he be able to save his family?

Term 6 Spellings

Weeks 4 - 7

Designing new pages for the book, Varjak Paw

We made posters to show what we have learnt about our bodies.

Activity day at King's Oak Academy

Our artwork, inspired by the illustrations in Varjak Paw

Weeks 1-3
Sports Day
We collected lots of medals on Sports Day, and contributed many house points to our teams! Well done to everyone who took part.

Building Shelters


In our Power of Reading book this term, the main character, Varjak Paw, goes out into the city and needs to find shelter. In week three, we worked in teams to build shelters. We were all given the same materials and equipment, and each group came up with completely different designs, some even had added extras such as welcome mats and washing lines!


This term, our Science topic is growing and living. In week two, we worked together to create a new flower bed on the edge of the school field. We look forward to watching them grow.

Our new flower bed


Decision Alley

Still image for this video
In week one, we started reading the book Varjak Paw. The main character, Varjak Paw, has an important decision to make. Stay at home and protect his family from strangers, or escape to the Outside to find a dog who might help them.

Having never visited the Outside before, Varjak finds it difficult to make this decision. We explored reasons for and against staying, and then acted this out using Decision Alley.

Varjak walks through the centre of the alley whilst the people on the sides, his thoughts, tell him reasons to stay or go. In the end, Varjak must make his decision.

Learning walls and displays for Varjak Paw

Term 5 - The Iron Man

Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Iron Man Junk Models - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!


The Iron Man is happiest when he is sat in the scrap-yard, munching delicious metal. We thought lots about scrap-yards and the recycling process. As a class, we collected lots of junk and built models of the Iron Man.

Read all about it! Space-bat-angel-dragon threatens to destroy Earth.

Our writing

Scrap Yard Poem

Still image for this video
In The Iron Man, the farmers give the Iron Man all of their scrap metal to eat (which makes him very happy!). As a class, we created an scrap-yard poem, using powerful adjectives to describe all the delicacies enjoyed by the Iron Man.
Our Iron Man display

Readers' Theatre

Still image for this video
Readers' Theatre is when we take a small part of the book and perform it as a whole class or small group. We experiment with volume, expression and intonation to make the words come to life.



In Maths we use Numicon to support our learning. This week we have been using it to reflect shapes and patterns across a mirror line.

Reflective Symmetry

Term 4 - Krindlekrax


Our book for Term 4 was Krindlekrax. The book allowed us to explore different styles of writing, from Information Texts about crocodiles, to writing in role as a main character.



Krindlekrax junk models

Children's comments

"I liked Krindlekrax because it was an interesting story. I liked that it had lots of different characters. My favourite part of this topic was when we made Krindlekrax models out of junk."




"I liked the story because the main character, Ruskin, got to be a hero - which is what he always wanted to be. He didn’t get to be the hero in the play, they gave it to the bully because they were all scared of him. I thought it was sad when Ruskin’s best friend died, but in the end Ruskin got revenge and defeated Krindlekrax. Then he was the hero."


Easter Church Service


In the last week of Term 4, we led the Easter celebrations with two church assemblies.

We worked really hard to learn our words and share the Easter story. We were pleased that so many of you were able to come along and enjoy our assembly.  Miss Perrett was very proud of us!!


4JP's Easter Service

We work hard to enjoy our Golden Time