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Welcome to 4EI's class page!

Welcome to 4EI's class page! We hope you will enjoy looking at a selection of our work, photos and video clips from this year. In Term 4, our topic was based on the book Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley and in Term 5 we are looking at the book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Throughout the term we will be adding more work, so please pop back to have a look! We will also add our class newsletter as well as any other important information.  

Contact us!

We have our very own e-mail address! If you would like to get in touch with us or comment on anything you've seen on our web page, we would be delighted to hear from you!

Term 6
Weeks 4-7

In our Power of Reading book this term, the main character, Varjak Paw, goes out into the city and needs to find shelter. In week four, we worked in teams to build shelters. We were all given the same materials and equipment and each group came up with completely different designs. 
This term, we made shelters outside. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In science this term, we've been learning about the human body. We've learnt about the digestive system, our teeth, how we move and our heart and lungs. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
On Friday 4th July, we spent the day at Kings Oak Academy doing a variety of different lessons. Some of us had a science lesson, where we investigated how much energy was in different crisps. Some took an art lesson, where we designed and made badges. Drama involved playing games and performing a scary story. For PE we did athletics on the field. 
Varjak Paw

Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamian Blue kitten. He lives high up in an old house on a hill. He's never left home, but then his grandfather tells him about the Way - a secret martial art for cats. 

Now Varjak must use the Way to survive in a city full of dangerous dogs, cat gangs and, strangest of all, the mysterious Vanishings.

Week 1-3
Our collages showing what we visualised when Varjak first saw 'Outside'.
We have been working on our complex sentences.

We've been focusing on writing in role and using emotive language.

We used freeze framing to help us think about the relationship between Varjak, his Father and his brother, Julius.

We've been enjoying playing rounders in the sunshine this term!

Term 5
The Iron Man
"It's a very mysterious book!" Ben

Conscience alley

Still image for this video
To support us with our diary writing, we did a conscience alley to consider all the thoughts going on in Hogarth's (the main character's) head. He didn't know whether to feel guilty about trapping the Iron Man in a hole, or delighted!
"It has loads of cliffhangers!" Billy

We made circuits to light up the Iron Man's eyes.

Our junk model Iron Men

Readers' Theatre

Putting actions to the story helps us to think about the language used and helps us to remember some of the author's vocabulary to use in our writing. We did this for the opening to the Iron Man.

Our Iron Man display

Freeze Framing

We acted out a scene from the Iron Man and froze to show how the character's were feeling at that point in the story. This helps us to write in role. 

Term 4
"My favourite part of Krindlekrax was when Ruskin made the crocodile go back into the sewer at the end because it showed that he really was the hero!"

Our cracking Krindlekrax work!

"My favourite part of Krindlekrax was when Ruskin's Mum kept saying 'Pollywollydoodle all the day' and his Dad kept saying 'it's not my fault' because it was really funny!"

Some of our displayed work

"My favourite part of Krindlekrax was when we found out that it was Ruskin's Dad who released the crocodile from the zoo because it was really unexpected. So it actually was his fault!"

Our Krindlekrax display