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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to class 4DLT


Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the information you need to know about what we are doing in class throughout the year. The children will also be sharing some examples of work through the page, including writing, maths and various work from the range of enquiries we will be covering throughout the year. 

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Term 6

Who Were More Powerful: the Athenians or Spartans?

For our final enquiry, we will be travelling back in time to the Ancient Greek civilisation, thinking about were more powerful - the democratic Athenians or the battle-ready Spartans. We will focus on a range of areas, including social life, army and the role of women, whilst deciding which state was ultimately the most powerful. Additionally, we will consider the impact of both on the modern world as well as taking an in-depth look at the Peloponnesian War. This should be a great enquiry and we can't wait to get started.

Art Week

As part of the school's art week, we started off by creating bunting for a competition about making Bristol greener. We all pledged one way we'd make Bristol a greener place and used these pledges to create our own designs on bunting. Sienna thought, " I really enjoyed creating and designing the bunting because it was fun and we were given freedom over our work. It was really fun!"


We then followed this by creating Linoprints representing the flora and fauna of the Kingswood area. This was really fun and we got really messy. We used our Lino cuts to create a class mural of prints showing the different types of wildlife in our area. 

Perfect Programming

This afternoon we carried on our computing learning into algorithms and debugging. We practised writing algorithms that were more efficient by using the repeat function on the Probots. After practising this with small shapes, we then started preparing for our counting challenge by creating algorithms to move around simple racing circuits. Here is Lucy's incredible programming of Alan, who she even managed to park. 


"I found it really challenging because the program wasn't perfect first time round. So I had to debug, which means correct, it several times until it was right. I was really pleased when I eventually got it right." Lucy Baker


Here's Lucy's perfect programming. 

Lucy's Program

Still image for this video

Acting as Historians

As we continue looking at the similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta, this week started to act as historians in our lessons. We started by looking at an array of historical images from the Ancient Greek period. From these we searched for clues that gave an indication into what life was like in the two places. 


Nell thought, "From looking at the pictures I learnt that Athens and Sparta very different because Athens was rich while Spartawas poor." 


Following on from this we got out some Ancient Greek artefacts, such as clothes weights, a spinning top and discus, and used these items to play 'Call My Bluff'. We had to investigate the artefacts, listing it's possible uses, and then choose two that could confuse the other teams. The team of Charlie, Nell, Liam, Summer and Brooke won the game.


Charlie said, "This was a really fun game because you had to take risks when trying to work out the right answers for the other teams."




Responsibility: Planting Sunflowers

To start our learning into responsibility we have been challenged to work in teams to grow a sunflower. Today we started by assigning roles and responsibilities  in our teams as well as deciding where to leave our plant. Some of us decided to put it on the window sill, while. Others planted their sunflowers outside. One group went that extra mile! Grace thought singing to their seed with give them the advantage. Have a look at Sam and Ellis' version of Uptown Funk.

Grace's 'advantage'

Still image for this video

Our Value: Responsibility

As we started discussing this term's value, responsiblity, we thought about what responsibility was and what this looked like in our own lives. We considered how we can be responsible members of the class and small changes we could make to uphold this important value. As a class we came up with some lovely ideas as to how we could be responsible class mates this year. Here's a few:


Edie: "We could all do something everyday to make the class better."


Evie H: "We could all be responsible for choosing our learning partners."


Lucy: "We can all be responsible for keeping the pen pots tidy."


Nam: "We can be responsible for our own actions."


We then role played these suggestions, freeze framing into different poses.

Programming with Probots

This afternoon we started our computer science work, learning how to program robots using the Probots. We learnt about the different parts of the Probot and asked lots of questions about how it works. We then experimented moving the Probot around using simple instructions which we learnt were called algorithms. We can't wait to get the hardware out again soon! Sienna thought, "I loved this lesson it was amazing. I like using computer equipment and it was fun working as a team to create algorithms!"

Our Final Wow - Ancient Greek Day

We have had a brilliant wow to our final enquiry - Who were more powerful: Athenians or Spartans? We were visited by a ancient Grecian woman who ran a workshop in which we learned loads about the Ancient Greek civilisation. We started by learning about Greeks and Spartans followed by playing a range of ancient games, including a quiz. This was brilliant and we learned lots bout the ancient Greeks. 


In the afternoon we got into the hall and learned some military drills and poses. This got very loud as we were challenged to scare our opponents with army shouts of 'Oi!'. This was followed by an Olympic Games between Sparta and Athens which was eventually won by Sparta after some brilliant humming by Hadyn in 4AD. We finished the day with a group role play of the myth "Jason and the Argonauts". We all had a brilliant day and can't wait to get started with our enquiry. 

Term 5

What are conductors?

This term we will be learning about electricity, particularly focusing on how electronic games, such as ‘Operation’, are created. We will learn about how circuits are constructed, using a variety of components, as well as the effect of adding more components into these. Additionally, we will be investigating the properties of conductors and insulators and their role within a circuit. Using this knowledge, we will then research, design, construct and review our own ‘Operation’ style game, testing these with other children in the school.

The Challenge - Playing Our Games

It took slitly longer than planned, but we have finally finished off our Operation style games. We invited 6DP into class to test our games and give us some feedback. On the whole, our games went down really well and we all really enjoyed making them. It was a great challenge and a great enquiry. 


Sienna in 4DLT thought, "The challenge of making a game was really good because we got to design the games any way we liked and we had to do lots of testing."

Dylan added, "This was one of the best enquiries we have done this year even though some of the task were really hard."

Waleed and Daniel from 6DP evaluated the class' efforts stating, "Some of the games wee very hard because they used big pieces in tiny holes. Also the holes in the games were quite deep which make it tricky."

Challenge pictures

Game Making

After completing our science learning around circuits and conductors, we are now ready to start making our operation games for our challenge. We started by creating our designs as a group and deciding which would be a good game for our target audience (year 6). We then began creating our frame by measuring, cutting and joining wood which we will than start adding components to.

Nature Art

As part of our current outdoor learning focus, we spent an afternoon in the nature area creating artwork out of natural resources. In small groups we were challenged to use the natural items we could find, including twigs, leaves and soil, to create a piece of artwork. We all really enjoyed this and we managed to make some great pieces of art.

Conductors Experiment

As we work towards our challenge, creating our own 'Operation' style game, we looked at conductors and the properties of these materials. We created simple circuits, testing a range of everyday materials from tin foil to paper, to see allowed electric current to flow, completing the circuit.


Wow lesson - Operation

To kick start our enquiry, this week we had a look at the popular game 'Operation'. As a class we played on the game, thinking and discussing about how it worked while we did so. Mr Le Templier then showed us what our challenge was going to be. This is going to be really tough but very exciting. Summer shared, "I can't wait to get started and make my own game," whereas Ruby and Sienna could see that making, and testing, the game would be a bit tricky. Archie, our resident scientist, was given an extra challenge - making a battery out of a lemon (as Mr Le T couldn't manage this). He used crocodile clips, nails and copper coins to make a circuit, in the aim of powering a bulb. Unfortunately it didn't work, however Archie is determined to solve this problem for our next lesson.

Outdoor Writing

As the weather is glorious, we decided to get outside for part of our SPAG lesson, focussing on using prepositions to add detail to our writing. We have done writing tasks like this before but we've always found it tricky to visualise what we were being asked to describe - pirate ships and forests. Getting into the playground made it a lot easier to think of ideas and, as a result, our writing was great. 

Brushing up on our Mandarin

Still image for this video

Buzzing Electricity
As we start our latest enquiry, this week we got in to the hall to start our PE learning, focussing on 'electricity dance'. For our first session we thought about making circuits with rhythmic movements, exploring the different ways if travelling on our feet. We practised really hard in groups and performed our routines to the rest of the class who gave us some feedback. 

Year Four Writing Workshop

To start term five'a writing with a humorous bang, we were visited by a member of the 'Page Turners Project' who worked with us on comedy writing. As part we heard some funny stories, made some storyboards and invented our own characters. It was great fun. Here's what some members of the class thought:


"I thought it was a vey creative and exciting morning. Everyone really enjoyed inventing their own stories and characters." Brooke Masters


"It was cool because we did activities and we got to do arts and crafts while writing." Kodi Alvis


"I really liked the session because we made our own characters which we can use in our own stories." Evie Harris

Our comedic characters!

Anti-bullying Day

As part of the school's anti-bullying day, 4DLT took part in a range of activities to get us  thinking about what bullying is, what it looks likes and what we should do if we ever see it happening. We started by discussing our own experiences about bullying and coming up with a definition of what it is. We then decided to all so 'No!' to bullying by making a graffiti wall in the classroom. We then acted out a variety of scenarios that may happen in school and discussed what we should do in these situations. Finally, we finished the day by making posters, advising others on what they should do if they are ever bullied. 

Term 4

The Challenge

After lots of practice, we finally managed to complete our challenge - a performance using our junk percussion. We decided to do Queen's 'We Will Rock You' as our final performance, however we practiced playing a range of rhythms using popular songs, such as Uptown Funk. We hope you enjoy our performance recording.

We Will Rock You by 4DLT

Athletics Morning
This morning year 4 have been taking part in an athletics session, led by the sports leaders from year 6. We tested ourselves in a range of sporting activities including shuttle runs, chest pass, standing broad jump and long jump. From this we set ourselves targets for next time we get in the hall. Fingers crossed we all improve. 

E-Safety Week

As part of e-safety week we were taught a cyber bullying by two of our digital leaders - Evie and Lucy (with the support of Mr Le Templier). We looked at the different forms of cyber bullying and how this made us feel. We also thought about what we could do if anyone was rude or mean to us online. We came up with three simple suggestions - tell an adult, save the evidence and don't respond (it's not worth it!). Using this knowledge, we then designed posters for the ICT suite and other computers around the school.

Do Unto Others...


As part of our values work on respect, we followed on from Miss Wilson's assemblies this week by thinking about how we act, and how others act towards us. In groups we discussed scenarios in which people acted in the wrong way towards others and how we would solve these problems. This was followed by some role play of how the varying situations could be solved, thinking about how our own kind actions will lead to others act kindly towards ourselves. Even Mr Le Templier got involved with some role play!

How far can a whisper travel?

As we continue with our current enquiry, this week we managed to get outside and carry out an experiment, focussing on pitch and volume. We looked at how far a whisper can travel, considering the different factors that made this test unfair. 


As a result, we found that some whispers travelled a matter of metres whereas others nearly stretched the length of a football pitch. Needless to say we will be refining our fair testing and measuring skills later on in the term. 

Chinese Culture Day
To kick start our term, we took part in the schools Chinese Culture Day. Our focus was the similarities and differences between our schools compared to the schools in China. We started the day with some traditional Chinese morning exercise, where we tested our balance and flexibility. This was followed by some Chinese calligraphy, learning to write and say 4 key words in Mandarin. Finally, as we prepared for the 'Chopstick Chase' against 4JP and 4AD (which we ofcourse won) we practised using chopsticks to pick up a range of items - including rice! 


We we all had a lot of fun and really enjoyed learning about a different culture. We all can't wait to learn some more Mnadarin throughout the rest of the term.

Our Wow: Junk Percussion

To start off our latest enquiry, we were lucky enough to take part in a workshop, focusing on turning rubbish into useful items - particularly instruments. We learned that pretty much anything, from steel tubing to plastic bottles, to be turned into a musical instrument and then discussed the global benefits of doing this. We then learned about rhythm and practiced performing a range of simple patterns which we then performed to the school.

How are sounds made?

This term we will be focussing on the ear and how sounds are made. We will investigate how sounds are created and use this knowledge to carry out experiments about the pitch and volume of sound. From this, we will create graphs, attempting to spot scientific patterns as we do so. In addition our science learning, we will also be looking at the three r’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) as we create our own sounds through junk percussion. We will bring in our instruments from home and work together in class to create our own mini compositions.

Reading Buddies!

LoE: How are sounds made?

Term 3

Our Enquiry: What is Snow?

Our enquiry this term will allow us to become scientists in order to understand what snow is and how it is formed. We will carry out a range of experiments to help us identify the differences between the three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas.

The States of Matter - Let's Get Moving!

As well as fake snow we also had a go at acting like particles. After learning about the three different states of matter and sorting everyday materials, we then looked at what is happening at a molecular level to form solids, liquids and gases.


We learnt that particles in solid are packed tightly and don't move, while particles in liquids move in the object they are contained within. Particles in gases are free to roam as long as they aren't contained. We put this knowledge to use in the playground as we acted as the three different states.

Sorting materials

4DLT on the move! Can you work out which state of matter we are?

Still image for this video

Which liquid makes the most snow?


For our wow, this week we made our own snow in class! Ofcourse, this wasn't real snow - we don't know how that is made yet! We were given a polymer and asked to investigate which liquid made the most snow - water, coke or orange juice.


We had to really think like scientists in order to find the answer to this question. In groups, we observed, measured and then recorded our results in our books. It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to find out what we will be doing next.

Ice Trap!


To kick off term 3, we are currently focussing on Meredith Hooper's novel 'Ice Trap!'. This book is based on Sir Ernest Shackleton's expedition to the Antarctic on the Endurance, following the story of Percy: a stowaway who has finds himself enlisted as a member of the crew.


We started by reading the opening scenes of the story. Here Shackleton discovers Percy looking for food. We role played this scene and, as you can see, the children really got into character.

Term 2

This term we will be focussing on the Robert Swindells text 'Ice Palace'. Through this we will be looking at what a quest is and learning the skills we need in order to write our own quest stories.  As part of our immesion in the text, we will be taking part in a number of art activities, drama and a range of computing activities to further our learning.


It should be a great enquiry and a very exciting term!

We all really enjoyed the story. Here is what some of us thought:


"I really enjoyed the book. It was really interesting and I always wanted to hear more! My favourite bit was when Ivan found his brother towards the end." from Summer.


" The book was really good because the author really thought about it and she made me want to hear more." from Evie S.

Week 5-8

Our RE enquiry

As part of our learning, this week we learnt about Judaism particularly focussing on what it meant to belong to this religion. We started off by looking at a variety of Jewish artefacts, thinking about what they were, who would have used them and why. We had a great time and learned a lot about how similar Judaism is compared to Christianity.

One of our outcome videos

Still image for this video

Week 1 - 4

Our Amazing Artwork

As we continue through our enquiry, we were challenged to recreate scenes from the Ice Palace story using a variety of drawing mediums. First of all, we had a go at drawing Ivan's village using pastels attempting to use two new skills: blending and scumbling. This was lots of fun as the blending got us quite messy. 


We then built upon our learning by applying these skills when he looked at how colour can be used to convey mood. Our challenge was to use different tones and colours to show how a scene might look in winter and how this would change in summer. As you can see from some of our work we did a great job with these.


Finally we had a go at using sketching pencils to draw our own versions of the actual illustrations from the book. We learnt about how line and tone were important and experiment with this to create our illustrations. 

Oral Storytelling

After reading our enquiry story, we immersed ourselves with the plot by using talk for writing actions to retell the Ice Palace story. We found this really tricky because there was lots to learn, but we persevered and everyone did a great job. Brooke offered some advice to anyone having a go, "It's really important to keep on practising and working as a team. This way you'll have a better chance of learning it off by heart."


Have a look at our story telling below.



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

The break in

As we entered the building this morning, we were shocked to find that 4DLT has been broken in to, with Mr Le Templier's laptop stolen. Our task was to solve a number of challenges in order to retrieve the missing laptop. We had to solve cryptic codes and riddles, a jigsaw and an anagram. The mystery thief, who disguised himself behind an animated, talking cartoon, hid the laptop in the school orchard. Luckily we managed to work through the challenging tasks and find the laptop, however the culprit is still at large and may strike again.



Olivia Parker particularly liked the day...


"The break in was really nerve wracking because most of us thought the criminal was still in school. It was also really exciting because we got to work as a team and solve lots of problems like riddles and puzzles."

After completing the quest of the missing laptop, we thought we should write to the editor of The Bristol Gazette telling them about our eventful day in the hope they may do an article on it. Here are some of our letters which we all did a fantastic job with. 

=First World War Week


This week we have been taking part in the school's 'World War One' week, taking part in a range of activities organised by the year sixes. These have ranged from playing informative true or false games about key facts, getting outside and playing games, such as conkers and marbles, children from that period of time would have enjoyed in schools and even getting a tad dirty while digging our own school trench.


We have all really enjoyed the week so far. Here are some photos of our week.

Digging Trenches

WW1 Playground Games

Our Enquiry:

Can pizzas be healthy?


Our second enquiry of the term focussed on whether it is possible to create a healthy pizza. We looked at what a healthy plate is and learned about the five groups as well as the importance of a balanced diet. 


Using this knowledge, our challenge was to design and then make a pizza that had less than 500 calories in it. We worked in teams to decide on the ingredients we would use (and their quantities) in order to create the tastiest pizza without breaking our 'calorie budget'. As you can see we all had a lot of fun and they tasted really nice. 

Our Enquiry:

How are wolves and humans similar?

This term we will be looking at wolves and humans, particularly focussing on how they are similar. There are more similarities than you would think!


From this learning we will be creating our very own David Attenborough style documentaries and presenting these in a school assembly towards the end of our enquiry. As well as this, we will be attempting to answer our enquiry question by writing an information text.

Week 5 - 8

4DLT got the chance to have a go at improving their public speaking skills as we prepare for the filming of our documentaries next week. To do this, we debated several topic related to wolves in a 'House of Commons' style format.


While debating whether wolves should be allowed to roam wild in the UK, things did get a bit wild but we all really enjoyed it. Have a look.

We also started thinking about food chains and what a food chain would look like if humans and wolves were in the same one. Obviously being the apex predator in respective food chains, we found it really tricky trying to work out whether wolves or humans would be at the top.


Some of us thought that humans would be the top predator as we have weapons that would defend us from attacks, whereas some of us argued that if we took away the mentioned weapons wolves would actually be the number one predator.


This activity really got us thinking and we all ending up discussing the topic into a lot more depth than food chains. Here is what our final food chains looked like.

Week 1 - 4

Week Four

The hard work really started as we began thinking about what an information text should like, particularly concentrating on the vocabulary we should be using in our writing. First of all we began collecting technical vocabulary by researching the similarities between wolves and humans on the iPads. We then used these terms to write informative paragraphs about wolves. Here are a few examples from the class.

Week Three

To launch our enquiry we visited 'The Wild Place Project' with the aim of learning more about wolves. We were all really excited to see wolves in action and begin thinking about how they are similar to us. When we arrived at the wolf forest they were nowhere to be seen - we guessed they were having a nap. However, after a bit of fun in the barefoot trail, we returned to find the pack of wolves showing off right infront of us. This was a great experience and we all were amazed at how beautiful wolves really were. Here is an insight into what we got up to on our first school trip in year four.

Week Two - Science Week!


We enjoyed a range of activities as part of our school science week! This included melting chocolate, launching film canisters and even making our own slime. Here is a couple of photos of our exciting week...

One of our favourite activities was obviously, chewing chocolate. Here we put chocolate on our tongues to see what happened to it. Here's Billy trying to explain his observations.

Billy's Chocolate Explanation

Still image for this video

Week One - The Boneyard Rap


In our first week, the children were tasked with the challenge of learning and performing Wes Magee's poem The Boneyard Rap. The children found this tricky, but they all worked really hard to perform their section to a very good standard.


As well as this, we also considered what the boneyard may have looked like and produced some artwork depicting this using chalk and black sugar paper. As you can see the finished pieces of art were fantastic!