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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 4CG's class page! Here you can keep up to date with our learning journey and find out what we have been doing and what will be happening in the future. We look forward to sharing this with you.

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Term 6

Term 6 Newsletter

LoE: Who were more powerful: Athenians or Spartans?

In Term 6, Year 4 will be exploring the exciting (and sometimes terrifying) Ancient Greeks. We will be looking into their lives, beliefs and how they differ from us today. We shall focus on Athenians and Spartans; how they were similar and how they were different and which one we think was the most powerful. Through our research, we shall be writing a non-chronological report. As well as this, we shall be looking at Greek Myths and having a go at writing our very own.

Foodie Fun Day!

Wow, what a day we've had! In order to raise money for the Food Bank, we took part in a Foodie Fun Day based around a certain country. Year four focused on Spain. Dressed up in Spanish colours , we tried some tapas and learnt how to play a Spanish game called chapas.  We documented the day's events on the Ipad by creating an E-book. It was great fun! 

Road Safety

4CG were incredibly lucky to have a visitor in to teach us how to keep safe on the roads. We had different mats which we had to create healthy bodies and safe roads. We learnt about the many different ways we are kept safe as pedestrians, for example: lollipop people, speed bumps and zebra crossings. As well as this, we looked at healthy ways we could get to school that are good for us and the environment. For taking part, we were allowed to take home a reflector and a ruler!


Today was the first day of our new enquiry: Who were more powerful: Athenians or Spartans? To get us in the mood to learn about Ancient Greece, we looked at the Greek alphabet and carved our names into clay, tried a variety of modern Greek foods and watched the film Hercules in the afternoon. We're looking forward to finding out more about the Athenians and Spartans! 


After learning about the water cycle, we dived a little deeper into the world of clouds. We learnt about the different types and did some artwork to reinforce our learning. Can you spot any of these in the sky above you?

Water cycle comic strip

We created these fun comics based around the water cycle.

Class assembly

We are so proud of the writing we have done this term so we used our class assembly as an opportunity to show it off! Thank you to all of the parents and carers that came to watch us. 

Does gas have a weight?

We've been finding out about gases this week. We knew the gases oxygen and helium already but we then discussed the gas that we breathe out, carbon dioxide and the importance of plants to our survival. Following this, we had an excellent conversation about why a helium balloon floats and why the one our teacher blew up didn't. We then looked further into the weight of a gas by blowing up two balloons to different sizes and hanging them from a hanger to see if the hanger would tilt. Although it didn't work brilliantly well, we got the idea behind it!

Observing over time

It's been so hot this week that we thought we'd actually measure the temperature throughout a day. Luckily, we have a thermometer right outside of our classroom! At different points of the day, groups from the class were given the responsibility of reading the thermometer and recording the results on our class table. It got to 37 degrees celsius! We then used our data to plot a line graph and answer questions based on our results. 

Which will melt the quickest: Butter, chocolate or an Ice cube...

95% of the class were certain that the ice cube would melt the quickest and the butter would melt the 95% of the class were shocked to see that it was actually the other way around! Here are photos of us conducting our experiment. 

Solids, liquids and gases!

We've kicked off Term 6 with a two week science enquiry. Here, we're pretending to be particles in solids, liquids and gases!

Gas particles!

Still image for this video

Term 5

Term 5 Newsletter

LoE: What does it mean to belong?

In Term 5, Year 4 will be exploring the fascinating continent of South America and comparing it to the UK. We will be locating and plotting the major countries, cities, rivers and mountains before zooming into Tierra Del Fuego as we discover the life of Jemmy Button through our Power of Reading text. After following Jemmy’s extraordinary encounters as an outsider in an unfamiliar land and his emotional return home, we will finish our enquiry What does it mean to belong? by writing a letter ‘home’ from the perspective of Jemmy.

Challenge: To write a letter home

To finish our topic "What does it mean to belong?" we pretended to be Jemmy, from the story, and wrote a postcard to his parents. We described the places we had visited, explained how much we missed home and realised that home is where you feel you belong the most; where you feel the most safe. To finish off our postcards, we created a front cover of either famous landmarks in London or places described in the book. 

Angles in the real world!

Today we embarked on learning about angles! After learning their names and looking at a variety on paper we went on an angle hunt in the real world. We started in our classroom and then went outside to see what angles we could spot around our school and in nature!


What an exciting computing lesson we had! Using the Probots, we had to spot bugs in algorithms, debug the issue and then create our own algorithms to make different shapes! We programmed the Probot to make squares, rectangles, triangles and octagons. Some us even made decagons and dodecagons! Wow!

Under the sea

We continued our story 'Jemmy Button' and focused on the underwater picture where Jemmy embarks on his journey across to the UK. Using poster paint and our fingers, we recreated the underwater scene ready to use for our setting description writing. Have a look at our masterpieces! 

Figurative language

We started to read our Power of Reading text 'Jemmy Button'. Taking inspiration from the beautiful picture on the first page, we wrote a setting description to show off our use of figurative language.


4CG started their brand new enquiry with research into Jemmy Button’s home continent – South America. In our pairs, we were given a flag of a South American country which we needed to research to create an information poster about. We couldn’t believe how big it was! We created some superb posters. In the afternoon, we got to watch Rio 2 and we loved every minute of it – it is so funny!

Term 4

Term 4 Newsletter

LoE: How are wolves and humans similar?

In Term 4, Year 4 will be using their investigative skills to answer the question: How are Wolves and Humans similar? We will grouping and classifying different animals before focusing on wolves, their habitats and the dangers they face. We will then move onto looking at the digestive system and teeth of both wolves and humans before finishing our enquiry with a small presentation based around a Venn diagram.

Challenge - Are wolves and humans similar?

To finish off our enquiry, we presented our findings on a Venn diagram and then explained them in a short presentation.

Are wolves and humans similar?

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We went outside today to have a go at playing a Chinese game called kikbo. We had to try to kick a feathered object and keep it in the air. It was very tricky!


Still image for this video

Windows of forgiveness

Having come to the end of our enquiry, Is forgiveness always possible?,  we wrote a prayer about forgiveness in our writing lesson. As our challenge, we picked a symbol of forgiveness and coloured it in the style of a stained glass window. We then oiled the paper to make it translucent and displayed all of our pictures together to form two beautiful stained glass windows of forgiveness in our classroom. 

Does Jesus forgive?

As part of our RE enquiry this term, we read the Easter story in the bible and discussed who Jesus forgave and why. We read in the bible 'Then , after supper, he raised the cup and gave thanks. "Drink, all of you. For this is my blood, poured out for forgiveness. It is the blood of the new covenant - the binding promise of God."'  and discussed Jesus dying in order to forgive people's sins.


Below, are the freeze frames we created of important moments in the story. These include: Peter denying Jesus, Judas betraying Jesus, Jesus washing Judas' feet and finally, Jesus getting crucified.

RE - Is forgiveness always possible?

We started off looking at this important question by answering the following questions based on our own opinions:


What is forgiveness?

How do you show forgiveness?

When have you shown forgiveness?


We then looked at a few known symbols of forgiveness and picked the one that we thought represented forgiveness the most.  We drew this onto the jumper of the person we had designed.

Computing - Scratch!

This term it was all about programming! We used a free online programming language called Scratch to create our own animation. We were able to programme the sprite to do the following:

  • Move forwards and backwards
  • Jump
  • Change colour and size
  • Glide to a specified location
  • Make a sound
  • Play a drum
  • Speak using a speech bubble


We also learnt how to change the background and how to programme more than one sprite so that several sprites would move at the same time! It was great fun!

Bouncing ball!

Still image for this video

Sorting and grouping

As part of our science enquiry this term, we are learning that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways. Here, we are creating our own branching diagrams to help us sort different animals. 


We have been lucky enough to work with the Bristol basketball coaches for our outdoor PE sessions this term. Here we are playing jailbreak during one of our sessions. 


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Google virtual reality! 

What a great day! We got to use some goggles fitted with a special App to explore lots of different places. It was like we were there! We went through the human digestive system, went to outer space and swam with sharks in the space of half an hour!

Google Virtual Reality

Still image for this video

Google Virtual Reality

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Athletics challenge

We were really lucky to be able to take part in an athletics challenge. We showed off our skills in the speed bounce, chest push, sitting throw, vertical jump, standing long jump and balance. It was a great day!

World Book Day

WOW! What an amazing day we had! We came in, in our fantastic costumes, ready for the fun day ahead. There were costume competitions; book quizzes; story writing and book token competitions. Even the teachers dressed up and performed in assembly!


Wow, what a start we've had to our new enquiry! We started off with a slow reveal of our new text before Miss Gayton revealed our enquiry question and we thought about what we already knew and what we wanted to find out. Next, we worked in groups of three to create a piece of art using different mediums of art. After that, we tried to match up animals with their footprints before making our very own wolf footprint out of clay! Finally, we used the Ipads to do some research on wolves and created a mini booklet with this information in. 

Term 3

Term 3 Newsletter

LoE: 'His eyes, like headlamps, glowed white' How is this possible?

This term, we will be learning about electricity, particularly focusing on: how electricity powers a lamp; which materials are conductors and what happens when you break a circuit. We shall be carrying out different experiments to solve these queries as well as using ICT to create our very own game using conductors. Alongside the science, we shall be reading our Power of Reading text: The Iron Man and using what we learn about him to create a 3D model of Iron Man with eyes that glow!

Challenge - Robot heads!

4CG had a go at their challenge: To make a 3D model of Iron Man with eyes that glow. We took cardboard boxes and tin foil to create our masterpieces! Once we had the head ready to go, we built a circuit to put inside to make the eyes come to life!

Conductors or insulators?

Having mastered how to build a circuit, we set up an investigation to find out whether certain items were insulators or conductors.

Chinese New Year

We're very excited to be learning Mandarin again and thrilled to have Miss Nie teaching us! To celebrate Chinese New Year, Miss Nie taught us how to fold paper and how to do some calligraphy using special brushes!

E-safety: Cyberbullying 

4CG have been looking at what Cyberbullying is, where and when it occurs and what we can do if we ever experience it. Have a look at the comic strips we created to educate others on what to do and how to deal with the situation.


As the space-bat-angel-dragon landed on Australia, we took this as an opportunity to find out a little about this country. Using the Ipads, we conducted some research and then wrote a non-chronological report. We also had a go at some aboriginal inspired art!

The space-bat-angel-dragon!

The arrival of a space-bat-angel-dragon in Australia allowed us to show off our use of expanded noun phrases in character descriptions. We also learnt how to draw dragons in preparation for our writing.

Furious farmers!

Having discovered that the Iron Man was feasting on all of their tractors, ploughs and other metal farm machinery, the farmers gathered together to discuss what to do about the Iron Man. We used this as a great opportunity to practise using speech punctuation.

Junk modelling!

After our exciting trip to the Synagogue, we challenged ourselves to recreate it in junk. This helped reinforce the key features of a Synagogue. Can you spot the Ark where the Torah is kept? Can you see the Bimah, the Ner Tamid, the Rabbi's podium and the stained-glass windows? Now we feel happy discussing the similarities and differences that we spotted between the Synagogue and St Stephen's Church

Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue 

Wow! What a great trip we had today to the Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue. We learnt lots about the Jewish faith and it was great to see the key features of a Synagogue. We're looking forward to junk modelling the Synagogue tomorrow and having further discussions about any similarities and differences we've spotted between the Synagogue and St Stephen's Church.

Electrifying Circuits

We had so much fun experimenting with electrical components to make circuits. First, we began making circuits so a lightbulb would work and then added in a buzzer - they were so loud! Once we had a practise, we drew our own circuits in our science books - did you know that we draw circuits  using special symbols?

Fantastic Fractions! 

Wow! What a few days we have had! We began looking at what a fraction actually is. We did so many different activities to help us with our knowledge! We folded paper, measured water and grouped objects! Now we can recognise many different fractions and show them in different forms. We just need to remember that we're looking for a part of a whole!

Reader's Theatre: Iron Man

To immerse ourselves into the story we learned part of the opening and used our voices and actions to retell what we read. We are loving this book and really enjoyed creating actions for it - we hope you enjoy it too!


Still image for this video


To kick start our enquiry, Miss Gayton slowly revealed the first part of our Power of Reading text Iron Man. Next, working collaboratively in groups, we planned and made our very own robots out of junk, identifying what we thought the key features of a robot were. Finally, in the afternoon, we took our robot pals into the hall and watched the film Robots.

Term 2

Term 2 Newsletter

LoE:How can we make music from junk?

In Term 2, we shall be learning about sound and the 3R's (recycle, reuse and reduce.) We shall be learning how we hear sound, how sound travels and how we can make sound from recycled and reused materials and items. We will be using “Junk” taken from our homes to create our own musical instruments to be used in our very own Stomp-inspired performance.

Stomp Challenge!

It was finally time to build our instruments out of 'junk' and perform a simple rhythm in a group. We were very creative when it came to making our instruments and we worked really hard to create a rhythm in our groups. We hope you enjoy our performances!

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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In order to investigate pitch, we made some panpipes and investigated how the pitch of the sound varied according to the length of the pipe.

RE: What is the most significant part of the Nativity? 

This week we have been learning about the Nativity story. Firstly, we discussed what we thought we already knew about it. We were shocked to find out that Mary was only in her teens when she had Jesus AND did you know, it doesn't actually say that there were 3 wise men in the Bible?!


As we were looking at what part of the Nativity we thought was most important, we started the week by making Christingles and finding out what each of the elements represent.  Finally, we wrote poems to show the Nativity and created a class advent calendar with pictures of what we thought the most significant part was! We're really looking forward to opening a door each day!

Anti-Bullying Week

As it was anti bullying week across the nation, 4CG thought they would get involved! We started the week learning about what bullying actually is, how to tell whether or not it is bullying and what to do if you think you are being bullied. Remember, there is a difference between someone been rude, mean and bullying you. The acronym STOP reminds us that bullying is when something is said or done...Several Times On Purpose


Throughout the week, we did several activities link to anti-bullying. We designed a poster, created anti-bullying superheroes and wrote a kenning poem about a friend and a bully to highlight the difference between them.


As part of the week, we pulled a name out of a hat and we were tasked with being a a secret friend to that person. We were asked to keep an extra special eye out for them and to do a nice thing for them. Some left messages in their secret friends locker or drawer or made an extra effort to greet them in the morning or pay them a compliment. Finally, we were each given a cupcake and we revealed who our secret friend was by giving them the cupcake.

How are sounds made and how do they travel?

This week, we began the science aspect of our enquiry. We started by looking at how sounds are made - did you know they were made from vibrations? We put chickpeas on a drum and when we hit the drum, the vibrations made them jump everywhere!  Then, we discovered that sounds travel in waves to our ears. We went outside and created sound maps. 'X' marks the spot where we sat. We wrote down all the sounds we could hear and what area we thought they came from.

Our class orchestra!

Still image for this video

Music notation

We were amazed at how quickly we learnt how to draw a treble clef! Having learnt where the different notes go on music paper, we had a go at writing out Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

Itsy-Bitsy Spider

After learning the names of some instruments and classifying them under the categories of Percussion, Wind, Brass and String, we got out the xylophones (both digital and real!) and learnt how to play Itsy-Bitsy Spider. We had a lot of fun learning the song and performing it in front of the class.

Digital xylophone!

Still image for this video

The real xylophone!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


To excite and inspire us ready for this term's enquiry, How can we make music from junk?, we were lucky enough to take part in a music workshop where we used bins, bin lids, homemade shakers and pipes to perform a composition. We worked hard to keep our different section's rhythm going and it sounded great when we all came together!


Still image for this video

Two sections together!

Still image for this video

All together now!

Still image for this video

Term 1

Term 1 Newsletter

LoE: How can you tell a story without written words?

In Term 1, we’re immersing ourselves in the world of storytelling. We will be moving away from the traditional storybook to investigate the many wonderful ways that stories can be told without the written word. Using shadow puppetry, British Sign Language, mime, picture books and many other mediums, we will explore and retell different stories before deciding which medium we would like to use to retell the ending of our Power of Reading text Ice Palace by Robert Swindells.

LoE: What is a place of worship?


Taking inspiration from the key features of St Stephen's church and what a they are used for, we designed an outdoor Christian place of worship. 

Junk modelling!

After our trip to the church, we worked collaboratively to recreate St Stephen's church using junk! We were so proud of how we worked as a team to make the structure and the key features of a church that we have been learning about. Can you spot them?

St Stephen's church visit

This week, we started a brand new enquiry to find out what a place of worship is, in particular in the Christian religion. We kick started the enquiry by thinking about what we thought was inside a church and why these objects were important. In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to visit St Stephen's church to find out the importance of these objects, what they were used for and what they symbolise. We began to look at the shape of churches and sketched our very own floor plan in preparation for our junk model church!

Challenge time!

Using everything we have learnt, we got into groups and chose a medium to use to retell the ending of Ice Palace. As we weren't able to use written words,  we retold it through comic strips, pictures books, artwork, dance and puppetry!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Harvest festival

Thank you to those that came to watch and support us as we led the Harvest celebration at St Stephen's church today.

Salvation belongs to our God

Still image for this video

Character description

Ivan has finally reached Starjik's ice palace and as he enters and stands before him, we get to know more and more about this hideous man. After skimming through the text for descriptive phrases and creating a role on the wall for Starjik, we wrote a character description to match the picture in the book.

Setting description

Colours and emotions

We found out early on in our Power of Reading text, Ice Palace, that summer is a happy time for the residents of Ivan's small village. However, winter brings Starjik, the child-taker. The book follows the journey of Ivan through a wintery pine-wood forest as he desperately tries to find his brother who has been taken by Starjik.  We used this contrast in mood and the seasons to investgate how different colours and textures are linked to emotions. Here we used patels and tissue paper to show Ivan's land during both the happier summer months and the dark wintery months.

Picture books

Linking heavily to our enquiry, How can you tell a story without written words?, We had a go at telling some well know stories using just pictures. Can you guess what stories they are?

Accuracy and proportion

As some of us may decide to retell the ending of Ice Palace through pictures alone, we have been practising drawing accurately, keeping the correct proportions. We were given a copy of the front cover of Ice Palace that had been split into grids and a plain piece of A4 paper with the faint markings of the same grid. Our task was to tackle the front cover one square at a time, using the grid to help us work out where the different letters and pictures had to go so that the size of the title letters and pictures were correct in relation to each other. We were very impressed with how well we did!


We've started this term with a quick recap of the four operations and how we can use the real story to help us with the maths story. Hopefully, this will also help us to complete our maths homework. 


To build our skills in preparation for our challenge, we had a go at performing a small sketch using puppets. We based our sketches on the well known children's story 'Little Red Riding Hood.' We listened to the story to remind ourselves of the key events and began making our puppets. Once we had done this, we started to practise our sketches. We really enjoyed performing our puppet shows! Here are a few snippets of some....

Group 1

Still image for this video

Group 2

Still image for this video

Group 3

Still image for this video


What a great start to our enquiry! We started the day with a traditional story around the fire and discussed what a story was. After Miss Gayton told us the title of our new enquiry, we discussed the different ways that stories can be told without written words. Next, we started to explore shadow art and created different shapes with our bodies. Finally, we tried our hand at mime and looked at how effective picture books are when telling a story without written words. 

Forest School

4CG were lucky enough to join Tim and Jane for a Forest School session today! After playing a great game that involved listening very carefully, we rotated around three different activities. We did a rope course, learnt how to start a fire and made some amazing clay creatures! We finished off around the fire with a drink and biscuit.

Allotment time!

Today it was our turn to tame our allotment patch after it got a little overgrown during the summer holidays! 

Collaborative Learning

After a class discussion about what collaborative learning would look like, we got into groups (clans) and started our mission: To design and create an item that would identify our clan. As it's Wild Week, we used nature to create our designs. Here are some of the awesome things we produced!

Play Pod

We were so excited to go out and use the Play Pod today! After a quick reminder about the rules, we dived straight in to discover all the great new things that we could play with!

Wild Week

Day two saw the start of Wild Week where we took our learning outside. We also launched the Global Goals. 4CG looked at Goal 2: Zero Hunger. We decided to design a logo for this goal. After planning our designs, we went outside and used chalk to draw our logos. It's a big issue so we made our designs extra big to get the message across! 

'Today I enjoyed it because we were working as a team' (Charlotte)


'I was proud of my work today and felt that it was easy' (Lewis)


'Today I was having fun drawing with chalk' (Reese)


'I didn't give up today when working' (Summer)


'Today I have enjoyed working outside' (Daniel)

Value Day

We're starting the term reminding ourselves of our school values. 4CG focused on the value of friendship and discussed what makes a good friend. We then created a friendship web outside, looking at how we are all linked together by the qualities of a good friend. Recreating a mini web back inside the classroom, we wrote down on tags when we have been a good friend or when someone has been a good friend to us. 

'I enjoyed making the web because we were all stuck together like glue!' (Grace)


'I liked doing the web because i found it quite fun' (George)


'It was really fun because I liked sharing all the kind thoughts' (Mickey)


'I enjoyed making the web because we found out a bit more about each other' (Abbie)

Friendship Prayer

As part of our value day,we wrote a class prayer about friendship:


Dear God,

Thank you for our friends and family.

Sorry that we sometimes fall out, gossip and don't share.

Please help us to understand that friends are important and to know what makes a true friend.