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Welcome to 4AL.

Welcome to 4AL's web page. Here you will be able to see the fun work that we have been doing throughout the year - from examples of our work to photos and videos of us.

We hope that you enjoy sharing our work with us and keep checking our page to see the new things that we have added.


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Term 6


Varjak Paw

Varjak Paw is a story by SF Said. The main character, Varjak Paw, is a pure bred Mesopotamian Blue and he lives in the Contessa's grand mansion with his extended family. He is not often allowed outside and has never been further than the garden wall. Strange things start to happen at the mansion, making the Elder Paw worried that something is going to happen to his family. He tells Varjak to find help in the form of a dog, but to do this he must venture into the outside world.

Will he succeed in his mission and will he be able to save his family?

Weeks 4-7
Children' s Comments

Term 6 has been truly amazing. I've loved swimming and i have loved the book, Varjak Paw. My favourite part was when Varjak first saw a cat with one icy blue eye and where the other eye was meant to be was an empty socket!



My favourite part of Term 6 was Sports Day. I took part in the sprint, hurdles and relay. I got a medal for the relay and I won the sprint in the first race and came second in the next race.



During Term 6 I have enjoyed reading the book, Varjak Paw. The parts I really enjoyed were when Ginger Tom came and took Varjak down and nearly killed him. I have also enjoyed going swimming because it cools me down and when Mr. Britton takes me out to do some harder things, like breaststroke and butterfly. I find it fun too!



This term I have enjoyed our book, Varjak Paw. My favourite part was when Varjak climbs the wall to go and get a dog from the streets and take it home to Elder Paw and save his family from the black cats. Overall my favourite thing this term has been King's Oak Academy because I like being in secondary school.



In Term 6 we have done lots of fun topics, like Varjak Paw and swimming. My favourite thing was Varjak Paw because I love cats and it's a mystery story, I also liked it because there was a lot of action in it.



This term I have enjoyed Varjak Paw because it is exciting and scary. I also enjoyed my trip to King's Oak Academy because we got to do experiments with fire and play the drums and keyboard.


Activity Day at King's Oak Academy.
We had a great time at King's Oak Academy. We spent the whole day there, doing lots of different activities, including science, music, art, design and P.E.
Our Newsround reports about 'The Vanishings' in Varjak Paw.

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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Group 6

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Group 7

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Group 8

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We have written some great newspaper articles about 'The Vanishings'.

A great piece of artwork completed at home!


Week 1 - 3
Our Sports Day Medalists
Den Building
In Week 3 we had great fun outside, building dens from lots of different materials.
This term our science topic is Living Things. In Week 2 we worked together to plant a new flowerbed at the edge of the field. Over the next few weeks we will be looking after the plants to make sure they grow healthily. 
Freeze Framing
Varjak Paw's family are often mean to him as he is the only one of them with orange eyes. In week 1 we created freeze frames of Varjak and his other family members.

Term 5

Term 5 Spellings
The Iron Man
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, is a story about an iron giant that appears on a cliff top and disappears into the sea. At night the Iron Man emerges from the sea for a midnight feast of tractors, ploughs and other farm machinery. Hogarth, a young boy, sees the Iron Man and, together with this father and the other farmers, sets out to capture him. 

The Iron Man is always watching!

Readers' Theatre

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Freeze Framing.
We created freeze frames of the moment Hogarth first saw the Iron Man on the top of the cliff and when he told his family. We then thought about what the characters could be thinking or saying at these points in the story.
On Display

Conscience Alley

Still image for this video

As part of our work on the Iron Man, we carried out a speaking and listening activity called Conscience Alley. Using a Kennings poem, we try to influence Hogarth's opinion of the Iron Man. The boys are trying to convince Hogarth that the Iron Man is unkind and destructive and the girls are trying to convince him that he is kind and helpful.

The girls won and Hogarth decided that the Iron Man is a good person at heart and is just looking for somewhere to live.

As 'Hogarth' walks down the alley, both sides are whispering their lines of the poem to him to try and sway his opinion.


Boys' lines:

Farm destroyer

Scrap-yard eater

Machine demolisher

Metal cruncher


Girls' lines:

Scrap-yard lover

Metal maker

Light giver

Junk collector


Our Iron Men

Term 4


This term we have been reading the story Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley and this has been the basis of all of our work in literacy and our topic work during the afternoons.

Krindlekrax is about a road called Lizard Street and the characters that live there. Ruskin, a young boy with frizzy red hair and glasses that make his eyes look the size of saucers, is the main character and he discovers a dark secret about a creature living in the sewers below them. 

Reading Krindlekrax gave us lots of writing opportunities for many different genres.
Art Work
During the afternoons, we did lots of different artwork linked to this topic.
Children's Comments

"This term I have enjoyed the story of Krindlekrax. It had some really funny parts and we did some really great activities about crocodiles."


"I really enjoyed reading Krindlekrax and I really couldn't stop listening. I really didn't want Mrs. Lowrie or Mrs. Astin to stop reading."


"My favourite part of this term was the art work we did with Krindlekrax because I love being creative."