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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Term 6

LoE: What have the Romans done for me?

In Term 6, Year 4 will be exploring all the amazing things the Romans introduced to the United Kingdom . We will be learning about exciting new ideas that the Romans used to make everyday life easier. We will be experimenting with aqueducts, use maps to explore roads, create mosaic art pieces and create an invitation using only the Latin language.   


We will finish our enquiry by writing a non- chronological report on what we believe the most important entities the Romans have brought to the United Kingdom are. These reports will then be made digital using the google chromebooks. 

Year Reflections:

As we finish our final term together in Year 4 we all thought about what we had done and what we had enjoyed.

Here are just a few of our thoughts and reflections:


Phoebe- ‘The moment that I’m most proud of was when I finally received my pen licence as it meant that I could write with a pen.’


Bailey R: ‘The book I enjoyed the most this year was ‘Ice Palace’ because the villain was very good at being scary and was like a child catcher.’


Jacob: ‘My favourite enquiry this year was ‘Why does it snow?’ because we got to make snow that was fake!’


Kacie: ‘The book I enjoyed the most this year was Jemmy Button because there was a lot of description in it was a wonderful story.’


Aqueducts were designed to keep Romans healthy. Channels were built over and under ground to bring in fresh water for drinking and bathing. They were also used to take out waste so the Romans were only left with clean, safe water. Using some guttering, we had a go at creating an aqueduct to transport water. We got pretty wet!


Roman mosaics can still be seen in England today. More often than not, they are found on ceilings or floors. After learning that they were often commissioned by the wealthy to either tell a story or to praise a hero, we had a go at creating our own mosaic designs. 


To kick start our enquiry 'What have the Romans done for me?', Year 4 were visited by a Roman workshop. In the morning we became Roman soldiers and learned battle formations the Romans would have used to successfully invade Britain. We then became archaeologists and dug up authentic artefacts all the way from Norfolk. 


Finally, we looked at the Romanisation of Britain and what the Romans have left behind for us today. We were amazed to find out that the Romans brought us things such as; art, straight roads, new language, aqueducts, police and even stinging nettles. Have a look at how we got on:

Barbara Hepworth

Our art focus in Term 6 was sculpting. We were given the artist and sculptor Barbara Hepworth to study. We analysed her work and created our own sculptures mimicking her style. 

Challenge - What does it mean to belong?

Having come to the end of our Power of Reading text Jemmy Button, we created a piece of artwork that showed the two locations that Jemmy had spent time in. We then put a picture of Jemmy behind one of the locations to show where we thought he belonged. 


This term, Year 4 have to pleasure of Bristol Rugby leading our indoor PE lessons. Their focus is to improve the children's knowledge and ability in gymnastics. Have a look at some new poses that we have learned in our first lesson:

Charcoal Silhouettes

The strangers in our Power of Reading text Jemmy Button are always shown as silhouettes.First, we used tissue paper to help decorate our Georgian men and women. Once we had finished, we created our own silhouettes of Georgian men and women using charcoal. Can you tell what they are silhouettes of?

Term 5


LoE: What does it mean to belong?

In Term 5, Year 4 will be exploring the fascinating continent of South America and comparing it to the UK. We will be locating and plotting the major countries, cities, rivers and mountains before zooming into Tierra Del Fuego as we discover the life of Jemmy Button through our Power of Reading text.


After following Jemmy's extraordinary encounters as an outsider in an unfamiliar land and his emotional return home, we will finish our enquiry What does it mean to belong? with a piece of artwork.

What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?

To conclude our unit looking at Humanism, Judaism and Christianity we made our own life rules that we felt that we could follow. Having written our rules we then created a scroll using a wash of cold coffee. 

Makey Makeys!

This term, our computing unit was Makey Makeys. We discussed the role of the keyboard and then used the Makey Makeys as a replacement. After recapping conductors and insulators, we replaced certain keys with celery, foil, paperclips and forks! We then used these to play an online piano. 

Finger printing

Our art focus this term is printing. Having printed using potatoes, we tried our hand at finger printing. We took inspiration from a beautiful illustration in our Power of Reading book Jemmy Button. He's on his way to the UK and we're going to use this trip to inspire our writing where we will be focusing on describing different settings. 

Map and atlas learning

As part of our enquiry, we have been learning about lines of longitude and latitude. We focussed on South America as this is where Jemmy lived with his family. Through our learning, we now know that lines of longitude go from the North Pole to the South Pole and lines of latitude go around the earth to encompass the equator.


We're about to start our new Power of Reading text Jemmy Button so we created some button artwork as our wow.

Potato Printing!

Our art focus in Term 5 was printing. We used potatoes! We started off trying out different repeated patterns before using our new found knowledge to create flowers and plants. Finally, we brought everything together to create a jungle scene. 

Help us save the gorillas! 

We've been learning how to write persuasively this week so we put our new skills to the test and created a campaign video to persuade people to help save gorillas. 


Campaign Video

Still image for this video

Campaign Video 2

Still image for this video

Isle of Tune

Today we looked at a piece of music software called Isle of Tune. After exploring the software, we then learnt the names of the different music notes and had a go at creating a road that played the Tune Yankee Doodle! 

Term 4


LoE: Am I the same as a gorilla?

In Term 4, Year 4 will be using their investigative skills to answer the question: Am I the same as a gorilla? We will be grouping and classifying different animals before focusing on gorillas, their habitats and the dangers they face. Using what we learnt last term, we will then move onto looking at the digestive system and teeth of gorillas before finishing our enquiry with a small video presentation based around a Venn diagram.


Well done to all of the winners from this years Chocolottery! A fun afternoon was had by all and lots of money was raised for charity. Well done SSJ! 


Our Easter Service 

I am so proud of 4BG! We did a fantastic job of telling the Easter Story at church today! We all had nice clear voices and the acting was fabulous!! 


Branching Diagrams



This term, we looked at positive and negative images. We focused on looking at the difference between full colour images and black and white images. We were tasked with creating an E-Book to display our contrasting images. Finally, we thought about how a colour photo and how a black and white photo made us feel. 

World Book Day! 

What a surreal day it has been!! Despite the weather and only having half a day a trip school because of it, we still managed to enjoy ourselves on World Book Day!


We cam to school dressed as our favourite characters and shared some passages from the books that inspired our brilliant costumes. 


As as we have been reading the book Gorilla by Anthony Browne, we decided to do something related to this as ou WBD activity. We were given the outline of a gorilla and we'd had to come up with a new adventure that Hannah and the gorilla could have gone on. We then 'dressed' our gorilla ready for the adventure!! 


To kick start our new enquiry, we went to the zoo to see the magnificent gorillas and take part in a workshop about food chains, fangs and molars. Here are some of the photos from today!

Term 3

LoE: “His eyes, like headlamps, glowed white, then red, then infra-red, searching the sea” How is this possible?

This term, we will be learning about electricity, particularly focusing on: how electricity powers a lamp; which materials are conductors and what happens when you break a circuit. We shall be carrying out different investigations to solve these. Alongside the science, we shall be reading our Power of Reading text: The Iron Manand using what we learn about him to create a 3D model of the Iron Man with eyes that glow!

Challenge - A journey through the digestive system

Having learnt about the functions of the different teeth and about the digestive system, we were challenged to write a story about a piece of pizza making its way through the digestive system. Here are some extracts from our stories!


We started off by looking at various algorithms for different shapes. Mrs Gardiner then challenged us to find the bug and then to de-bug them so that the ProBots would make the correct shape.


Still image for this video

RE - Diamond 9 Activity



Digestive system!

Today, we embarked on learning about the digestive system. We brought it to life through an experiment! It was messy but it really helped us to think about the different parts of the digestive system.

Digestive System Experiment

WOW! - Pizza Time!! 

We've managed to squeeze in another science enquiry this term! To finish off the term, we'll be answering the question: Where does my lunch go? To get us thinking, we all made a delicious pizza and then thought about the journey the pizza takes through our bodies after it is eaten. We will be looking at the role of our teeth and how our digestive system works next. 



Challenge - Robot heads!

4AH had a go at their challenge this week: To make a 3D model of Iron Man's head with eyes that glow. We used cardboard boxes and tin foil to create our final masterpiece. Once we had made the head, we used our circuit knowledge to help bring our robots to life! 

Comparing and Classifying 

In pairs, we comparedand classified geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles, based on their properties and sizes. 

WOW Activity

After slowly revealing the beginning of The Iron Man, we made robots out of junk in groups. In the afternoon, we watched the film Robots

Term 2

In Term 2, Year 4 are looking at our Global Goal of equality. We will be exploring whether men and woman are equal in society. We shall be looking at equality in the present day in the UK and around the world. We’ll then be going back in time to the Ancient Greeks to research and compare the roles of men and women in Athenian and Spartan society. Our challenge will be to debate the statement ‘Men and women aren’t equal.’ in the style of The House of Commons.

LoE:'Men and women aren't equal' What do you think? Convince me!


This term, we have been looking at gender equality between men and women who lived in Ancient Greece. Our challenge was to debate in the style of The House Of Commons. The class was divided into two teams. One team would debate that men and women should be equal whilst the other team would argue that men and women were not equal just as it was in Ancient Greece. Below are the two teams!

Christian Confirmation

This week we have been learning about the milestones in Christianity. One of the main milestones for a Christian is when they get Confirmed. We found out about what happens during a Confirmation service and then acted it out to the rest of the class. 

Christian Confirmation

Life is like...

This term, our RE enquiry question is: Why do some people think life is a journey? What significant experiences mark this? To get us thinking, we created a wall of 'life is like'. Here are some of our bricks:

Life is like.....

Safer, Fitter, Greener - Safe Roads


This week in Year 4 we have had a visit from Andy who works for Road Safety GB. Andy taught us about why it is important to be safe whilst walking to school and showed us lots of different ways to help us stay safe when crossing a road. 

Safer, Fitter, Greener - Road Safety

Bristol Rugby

We've been lucky enough to be coached by Bristol Rugby this term. We've been focusing on developing key tag rugby skills. Here, we're warming up with a game of noughts and crosses before doing some skills practise.

Tag Rugby


Having looked at gender equality issues today, we got ready to travel back in time to explore gender equality in Ancient Greece. To get us thinking about Greece now and in ancient times, we watched Hercules and tried some Greek food. 

Anti - Bullying Week

This week has been Anti - Bullying Week, we have been focusing on ways to stop bullying and raise awareness of bullying in our school. We created 'Words Can Hurt' posters which explained the effects words can have on people and gave examples of more positive words that we can all use. We also created some fantastic Anti - Bullying Superheroes that had some fantastic superpowers to help tackle bullying.

Anti - Bullying Superheroes

Power of Reading

For our power of reading text ' The Green Ship', we sailed through stormy seas and travelled all around the world. Once we were finished, we used descriptive language to help us reenact the trip. The children really enjoyed making out boat! 

The Green Ship

This term, Year 4 will be sailing away with The Green Ship as our Power of Reading text. To immerse ourselves in this wonderful story, we started off the term with our art unit. Our focus was to look at the effect of using different brushes. After trying out the many different brushes, we used what we had learnt to copy the illustration of the green ship, focusing on mimicking the style of Quentin Blake. This was a two step process. First, we selected the right brushes to create the background using a variety of greens that we mixed ourselves using just yellow and blue. Then, once the background had dried, we used fine liners to bring detail to our piece. We were most impressed with how closely they match the the Quentin Blake illustration!

Term 1


Year 4 are starting the year as scientists! We’ll be looking at the characteristics of solids, liquids and gases before focusing our attention on conducting scientific investigations. We will be setting up simple practical enquiries to look at the melting speed of different solids, and measuring temperature changes over time. We shall then use this data to draw simple conclusions and present our findings. Finally, we will look closely at the water cycle and consider our enquiry question: Why does it now?

LoE:Why does it snow?

Happy Birthday St Stephen's!

Today is St Stephen's school 50th birthday. To mark this important milestone in the school's history we all dressed up in 1960's themed clothing. Throughout the day, we learnt a little about what life was like to be a child in the 60's. We also learnt about some music of the 60's, created some tie dye patterns and played some traditional playground games such as hopscotch and 'What's the time Mr Wolf?


Year 4 Athletics

Today we practised some of our athletics skills with the help of Year 6 and the Schools Sport Partnership. We practised jumping, running, throwing, balancing and aim. Everyone had a great time.

It would fantastic to find someone who could go to the 2024 Olympics!

RE Enquiry: "All places of worship are the same." What do you think?

This week, we started a brand new enquiry to find out what a place of worship was. We looked at both the Christian and Jewish place of worship in particular. We kick started the enquiry by thinking about what we thought was inside a church and a synagogue and why these objects were important.  We had the opportunity to visit St Stephen's church and The Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue. As a group, we looked at the comparisons between both the church and the synagogue and recreated them both through junk modelling. Have a look at our results: 

Models of a synagogue:
The Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue visit:
Models of a Christian place of worship:

St Stephen's church visit:



As a part of our enquiry 'Why does it snow?', we were placed into groups and were given the task of creating a presentation to show to the rest of the class. The presentation would test our knowledge on what we have learnt so far. Working collaboratively, we produced very interesting and detailed presentations. Have a look at the results:

Presentation 1

Still image for this video

Zumba taster!

This afternoon, Year 4 were treated to a Zumba taster session. Led by Fay, we were all put through our paces. There will be a Zumba club starting next term on a Thursday.....we have lots of budding candidates! 


Still image for this video

Take your partners.....

Today, we continued to read more of our Power of Reading text- Ice Palace. The main character, Ivan, continued his quest to find his brother who had been taken by Starjik. It wasn't long before Ivan came upon a group of villagers who were dancing a jig and having fun. To help us immerse ourselves further in the text we too got up, cleared the classroom floor and did a bit of line dancing.

Not quite a jig but fun all the same!


Strictly 4AH!

Still image for this video

Maths outdoors

Today we used the playground to help use explore negative numbers. We drew number lines and counted up and down the scale crossing zero.

It was also great to be in the early Autumn sunshine!

Which will melt the quickest: Butter, chocolate or an Ice cube...

91% of the class were certain that the ice cube would melt the quickest and the chocolate would melt the 91% of the class were shocked to see that it was actually the other way around! Here are photos of us conducting our experiment. 


This week we started out new PSHE learning through Jigsaw. We started off by agreeing our Jigsaw charter- we all felt that only one person should talk at a time, listen to all views and feelings, take turns and respect everyone's privacy.


Although may of us know each other quite well we played 'Mingle Bingo' where we looked to find other people with similar interests. We then went on to calm ourselves through meditation. Finally, we talked about how it feels to be included and what it feels like to be excluded. Everyone agreed that we liked to be part of a group and included. As we shared our ideas we passed Jigsaw Jaz around. 

Ivan's land

We found out early on in our Power of Reading text, Ice Palace, that winter brings Starjik, the child-taker. The book follows the journey of Ivan through a wintery pine-wood forest as he desperately tries to find his brother who has been taken by Starjik.  Using pastels and cotton wool, we used this contrast in mood  to show Ivan's land during  the dark wintery months.

What do you think Ivan should do?

Part of deepening our understanding about our Power of Reading Text Ice Palace we put ourselves in the position of Ivan the main character. His dilemma was should he go and rescue his brother form Stajik or stay at home with his parents.

Suggestions to go were-

'You love your brother, go and find him',

'You are brave, it is the only thing to do'

 Suggestions to stay were:

'Starjik will get you as well if you follow'

'It's dangerous, stay safe at home with your mum and dad'


What would you do?



Fire building

We're starting the year by recapping how to write instructions in writing. We're going to be writing instructions on how to build a fire so today we went out and Mr Walters showed us how to safely build one. We then prepared our own mini fires using tinder and kindling (not forgetting to create a safe area first). After, we had some marshmallows around the fire and listened to the first part of our new Power of Reading text Ice Palace.

States of matter

We learnt about what matter is today and the three states of matter: Solids, liquids and gases.  After learning about their properties, we went outside and pretended to be particles in each one.

Solids, Liquids or Gases

Still image for this video

Liquids, Solids or Gases 2

Still image for this video


We made fake snow in class today to kick start our new enquiry: Why does it snow? Then, we had a go at making paper snowflakes!