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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find

information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Key information:

3ZB will have outdoor PE on a Tuesday and indoor PE on a Thursday.

Term 6

Enquiry Overview: Are plants alive?

Once, in a house on Egypt Street, there lived a china rabbit named Edward Tulane. The rabbit was very pleased with himself, and for good reason: he was owned by a girl named Abilene, who treated him with the utmost care and adored him completely. And then, one day, he was lost…


This term, we will be following the journey of a very extraordinary rabbit. We will follow him to  land, sea and everything in between. We will watch him become various different characters and learn how to love.


" My favourite part of this term was when we went to We The Curious." Joel

"I really enjoyed the Light Fantastic show at We The Curious." Tilly

"My favourite part of this term was PE with Bristol Sport." Henry

"I really enoyed doing our parade with our floats during Carnival week." Josh


This morning we had a wonderful time showing off our costumes, instruments, dance moves and amazing float to our parents, career and the infants. We absolutely loved taking part in this wonderful event and we are so proud of everything that we have created and the cool dances that we have learnt.


This afternoon, we had a fanatic time using Garageband to create our own amazing music. We couldn't believe how easy it was to make some amazing music!


We have had a fantastic start to Carnival Week because we have been creating lots of fantastic accessories, masks and animals for our amazing display on Friday!


Today we were lucky enough to have an hour and a half dance lesson with a very talented dance teacher. We learnt the dance that we will be performing on Friday and we can't wait to show it off to everyone!

Art-3D Models

In art this week, we have been learning all about Andy Goldsworthy and his work on 3D sculpting. We have taken inspiration from his work to create 3D models of Edward Tulane, the travelling rabbit from our class book. Once we had made our models out of clay, we painted them with powder paint. We were very pleased with the results!

WOW- We The Curious 

Today, we had a fantastic time exploring We The Curious. We got to play with bubbles, learn about the human body, explore magnets, harvest our own flour and even milk a fake cow! We also got to take part in Light Fantasic which was a workshop where we got to explore lots of different types of light and the effects these have on our eyes and what we see.

Sports Day

This morning, we had a fantastic time competing in Sports Day. We all had a go at lots of different activities including running, skipping, throwing and tug-of-war! We really enjoyed our day and we can't wait to see what house won!

Paralympic Athlete 

Today, we were lucky enough to be visited by a Paralympic athlete who showed us some great exercises to keep us fit and healthy. He told us all about his footballing journey and motivated us to keep focussed on our hopes and dreams.

Do shadows always stay the same length?

Today we have been exploring shadows and how the length of shadows can change depending on where the light source is. We used torches and measured certain distances away from our opaque object. Then we measured how long the shadow was and tried to find patterns. We found out that the closer the light source is to the object the larger the shadow. We did not expect this to happen!  

Bristol Sport

This week, we have been working on our hand ball skills. We had a chance to work on our throwing and catching skills and we can't wait to play a big game together next week.

Bee Bots 

Today we learnt all about how many degree are up a quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn and full turn and how this links to our learning on right-angles. We used Bee Bots to then have a go at creating squares, rectangles and other shapes with right-angles inside.

Rock Steady Workshop 

Today we were lucky enough to have a workshop from Rock Steady. We learnt all about the instruments used in the band, some of us got a chance to use some of the intstruments and we all got a chance to get involved as a key member of he audience. We loved this workshop and we can't wait for this to become a club at our school in September!

Angles Hunt!

Today we went on an angle hunt around her classroom, searching for right-angles, acute angles and obtuse angles.

Year 3 WOW- Teddy bear Picnic!

This afternoon, Year 3 had a fantastic time with our favourite teddies at an exclusive picnic on our school field. We had some tasty treats, played with our teddies and listened to the first few chapters of our wonderful new book, Edward Tulane. We can't wait to hear about the adventures that Edward goes on!

Term 5

Enquiry Overview: What makes a hero?



This term, we will immersing themselves in the world of heroes and the Power of Reading text 'Krindlekrax.' We shall be learning all about a young boy called Ruskin and how he became the hero of Lizard Street. We will take part in drama activities including freeze-frames, hot-seating and role play and we shall also be retelling parts of the story orally and using story telling actions. Throughout this we will be thinking about the question "what makes a hero?" We will look at whether a hero needs to be strong, tough or need superpowers. Finally, we shall be thinking about who is a hero in our own lives and write a kenning poem to showcase this. Alongside this enquiry, we will be looking at a Global Goal: Life on Land. We shall be looking at how actions of people, cutting down trees and littering is affecting our planet and what we can do to slow the process down. 


Term 5 Reflections

"My favourite part was the school trip to the Hindu Temple!" Daniel.

" I really enjoyed watching different class assembly to see what they have been learning about." Alyssa.

" The best bit for me was our awesome computing day," Josh.

" My highlight was when we were listening to KrindleKrax!" Freya.

Visit to the Hindu Temple

Wow! What a beautiful place! Our eyes were so busy looking in every direction - there were so many gods and goddesses, so many different colours and lots of jewellery. We had to take our shoes off when we entered the temple to show our respect. Then we went upstairs to look at the shrines with all of the gods and goddesses in. There were so many! We then were given a talk from the priest of the temple and this was so interesting. We really enjoyed ourselves and felt so lucky!


Today we celebrated walk to school week by wearing our favourite footwear to school. We had a great range of slippers, trainers and sanders!

Rock Assembly 

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to watch a fantastic assembly all about rock music! We learnt about the instruments used to create rock music as well as how to us even our voices to complete our rock songs!


Today we have been working on our passing skills in football. We made sure that we kept control of the ball and aimed our passes accurately.

St Stephen's Church

Today, we were lucky enough to visit St Stephen's church where we had a very interesting talk from Lisa, the vicer, all about prayer. We learnt all about the different ways that people pray, why people pray and we had a chance to think about something that we would like to pray for using pebbles and balloons.

Jazz Assembly 

Today we were lucky enough to have a fantastic assembly lead by a group of Jazz musicians. We had a fantastic time learning about the equipment and really enjoyed the music too!


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WOW- Stop motion

Today we had a fantastic WOW day using stop motion to create our own superhero clips. We had great fun creating our own characters and settings.

Stop Motion

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Term 4

Enquiry Overview: Are all rocks the same?

The Stone Age Boy


This term, we will be travelling back millions of years ago to the Stone Age! We will be learning about how people of the Stone Age lived, how they kept themselves alive, how they lived and how they told stories to each other. We will also be learning about rocks and soils. We will be finding out about the different types of rocks there are and what makes them different, how soil is created and why it is important. We also delve into the world of fossils, how they are formed and what their uses are. Our challenge this term will be to create our own fossils. As well as this, we will be learning about fractions and using a picture book "The Stone Age Boy" to inspire our writing. 

Term 4 Reflections:


'My favourite part of this term has been learning about equivalent fractions'-Raihan.

'The best bit of this term for me has been our work on printing in art'-Leon.

'The highlight of this term adding and subtracting fractions in maths'-Tilly.

'I have really enjoy learning about the Stone Age'- Ellie.

PE- Shooting Skills!

This afternoon, during our PE sessions we have been working on our shooting skills. We learnt about the best way to hold the ball, where to stand and how to aim. We can't wait to put all of our skills together in all full game next week.

Year 6 Stories

Thi afternoon, we were vey lucky to be visited by 6CP. Each Year 6 partnered up with someone from our class and read them a story that they had written. We couldn't believe the amazing writing that we heard and we think that there are definitely some future authors in their class!

Wind Instrument Performance

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to be treated to a performance by a group of university student scouts who played different wind intstruments. We couldn't believe the difference pitches that the instruments could make and we loved finding out about each one.

The first song

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Our favourite song!

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World Book Day

Wow, what a fantastic day we have had! We began our day by listening to a story shared by our teachers at breakfast time whilst we ate delicious croissants. After that, we got to show off our costumes and listen out for our favourite stories during a book assembly. Once we were back in class, our book for the day was revealed. We read 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo, acting out our favourite parts of he story, predicting what we thought would happen next and sketching our favourite characters. In the afternoon, we continued our immersion activities by studying Africa, the continent where the story was set. We created a decorative map of Africa and had a go at making our own African art!

Bristol Sport- Netball

Today we had our second session with Bristol Sport. We have been focusing on our basically skills needed to be fantastic netball players, such as throwing, catching, passing and shooting! We can't wait to continue improving these skills!

Road Safety

Today we were lucky enough to have a workshop all about keeping ourselves safe on the roads. We learnt about 'stop,look,listen', the importance of seat belts, how to safely cross a road, how to keep ourselves safe when riding a bicycle and much more! 

Rocks WOW

Today we kick-started our learning all about rocks and their properties. We had a look around the school grounds for different types of rock. Once we had collected some examples, we went back into class and began to sort them depending on their properties. 

Stone Age Forest School! 


Today we were very lucky to have SG Forest School come in and give us an introduction to the Stone Age way of life. We did lots of different activities such as; den building, making clay pots and even building fires! Our favourite part was cooking the Stone Age bread, smothering it in honey and  tasting it. We had lots of fun and learnt so much! 


Today we had a go at creating out very own Stone Age art. We thought about how we could use printing and other techniques to create our art.

Term 3

Enquiry Overview: Where is home?

Gregory Cool

This term, we are going on an exotic adventure to Tobago with Gregory who is living with his grandparents. We will be following Gregory's journey and learning all about live in Tobago too. We will be trying and cooking tradition Caribbean dishes, learning all about what life is like in Tobago and exploring the animals and plants that live there.

Term 3 Reflections

'My favourite part of this term was trying lots of new and interesting food,' Alice.

'The best part of this term was reading Gregory Cool!' Leon.

'The highlight of this term for me was listening to our class book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,' Riley.


Prove it: Vlogs

Today we completed our enquiry challenge which was to create our own Vlogs which documented where we thought 'home' was to us and why. We had great fun using sound and visual effects on our films.


Still image for this video

Safer Internet Day 


Today was Safer Internet Day and schools across the country took part in a variety of ways. We spent the whole day looking at the terms 'permission' and 'consent' exploring what these mean in our online world. We thought about what we need to do to ask for permission and also how to get consent before taking photos or posting/sharing online.


We really hope today has built on the skills that we teach through our Online Safety curriculum- helping us make the right choices to stay safe online.

Skipping Challenge!

Today we had great fun taking part in our house skipping challenge. We can't wait to find out who got the highest score and the most points for their house.

Direct Speech 

Today we learnt about how to use direct speech in our writing. We created our own characters and made conversations between them. We then acted out our conversations at the front of the class.


Today we had a fantastic PE lesson focusing on different skills in a circuit. We felt our pulses before and after exercise and we couldn't believe how quickly our hearts were beating. 

Art Prove it

To end our work on collage we created our own landscapes of Tobago and London, focusing on how we could use different shades of tissue paper to highlight the key features of each location. We though about how different both landscapes would look and we decided that Tobago would definitely have more sand!


What a messy classroom! This week in art we used the skill collage to make the Trinidad and Tobago flag. We used different shades of tissue paper to create the colours of the flag. Then for our use it, we applied what we had learned and used different shades of blue or green to create different sceneries. We either created a countryside landscape from England or the ocean view from Tobago. Our fingers got really sticky!

Computing- Google Slides 

Today we learnt all about healthy, balance differences diets and why these are important to keep us fit. We used Google Slides to create presentations on the information we collected.

WOW- Caribbean food tasting 

This morning, we got to try lot us of delicious Caribbean food including coconut water, plantain chips, rice and peas and jerk sauce. We had very mixed reviews!

Wow-Caribbean cooking

Today we had a go at cooking our own rice and peas using an authentic Caribbean recipe. We really enjoyed cooking it but enjoyed eating it much more!

Term 2

Enquiry Overview: What are mummies and how were they made?

This term, we will be travelling back in time to Ancient Egypt in a Power of Reading text called "Marcy and the riddle of the Sphinx." We will be following the ancient journey of Marcy on her quest to free her father from the Sphinx, writing about and creating our very own Egyptian artifacts along the way. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scenes from the book. We will also be learning how to use speech marks and adjectives.

Term 2 Relfections 

"My favourite part of this term was creating the Egyptian death masks!" Romilly.

" The best part of this term was learning how to do column subtraction in maths." Jacob.

"The highlight of this term was learning all about death marks and writing instructions on how to make them." Isabel.



St Stephen's Got Talent 

What a fantastic afternoon we have had watching our fantastic talent show filled with our very own talented children!

Class Assembly

We had a fantastic time sharing all of our wonderful learning with you during our class assembly on Wednesday. We had a great time performing the songs (with all of the dance moves!) and we hope you enjoyed watching it. 


This term we are exploring what it means to be a Christian in Britain today. To start our topic we watched Nativity 3 to gain an insight into the true meaning of Christmas to Christians.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week, we have been focussing on anti-bullying. We have thought about what bullying is, how it makes people feel and how it can be prevented. As well as learning in class, we were lucky enough to have a production about bullying called A Bully's Paradise. We really enjoyed watching this production and we thought it contained lots of important messages about bullying. 

Paints and shading 

Today we learnt about the primary colours and how they can be used to make secondary colours, for example green, orange and purple. We created our own colour wheels to showcase our knowledge of primary and secondary colours. As well as this, we used black and white to darken an lighten a colour, creating a shade chart.

Indoor PE- Agility

Today we have been lucky enough to have a PE specialist working with us during our indoor PE lesson. We worked on our agility skills and how we can improve this with simple games such as tag.

Food tasting!

This afternoon, Year 3 got to sample some of the delicious food from our hot school menu. We tried some delicious lentil curry, a spicy chicken curry, some cheese and leek mash and a tasty sponge with custard. We really enjoyed trying out the delicious food and can't wait to have them as full meals in school!


This week we worked on our tackling and dribbling skills, working on keeping control of the ball whilst keeping it moving. 

Death Masks

This week, we created our very own death masks. The Egyptians created death masks when a pharaoh died to place over the top of their face. They were made from golds, silvers and blues and were very grand. To create our masks, we drew around the mask to make the headband for the death mask. Next, we cut the template of our masks out. Then, we cut out the centre and used masking tape to stick the mask into the middle. After this, we cut a slit into a tube of kitchen roll to stick under the chin to make a beard. Now for the messy part! We used papier mache to cover the whole mask and then we had to be very patient and wait for the mask to dry. We can't wait to paint them! Come back soon to see our finishing products!

Bristol Sport- Football

Today we had our first session with Bristol Sport. We got to practise our dribbling and passing skills and we will be working on these skills long with new ones each week before we work up to playing a full match.


Today saw us kickstart our new Egyptian enquiry with a day filled with Egyptian learning- all completed in fancy dress! We began our WOW day by watching 'The Prince of Egypt'. We then went back into class and began to think about what we already knew and what we would like to find out. After that, we research where Egypt is and started to think about what we might find if we went there. We were then set a challenge to create our own cartouche which included our very own names in hieroglyphics. Finally, we worked collaboratively to create our own pyramid in teams.

Term 1

Key information:

3ZB will have outdoor PE on a Tuesday and indoor PE on a Thursday.

Term 1 Newsletter

Enquiry Overview: What is the place between?

Leon and the Place Between
This term, we will be immersing ourselves into a Power of Reading text called "Leon and the Place in Between." We will be following the magical journey of Leon, writing and creating our very own place in between. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scenes from the book. We will be learning how to use noun phrases and commas in a list and inverted commas!

Term 1 Reflections 

" My favourite part of this term has been jigsaw every Friday. I love spending time sharing our ideas with Jerry." Azeem.

" I have really enjoyed maths this term because I have been working hard and practising lots of things and now I feel confident!" Seanna.

" The highlight of this term for me was when we got to write a character description about Leon." Sienna.

"The best part of this term was when we were first introduced to Leon and The Place Between." Raihan.

Challenge- Creating our own Place Between

Today we completed our enquiry exploring Leon and The Place Between by creating our very own Place Between! 


Visit to St Stephen's Church 

Today we were lucky enough to have a talk from Lisa and Peter in St Stephen's Church. They told us all about Christians and their beliefs about God. 

RE- What do Christian's believe about God?

Today we have been exploring what Christians believe about God, thinking about who he, how the year know he is there and why he isn't imprints the to their lives. We thought about the Holy Trinity and how we have the Holy Trinity in our own lives. We cannot wait to continue our learning around this interesting topic. 

House Quiz 2018!

Today we participated in the annual House Quiz. It was very exciting and very close but as always we worked hard in our teams and tried our hardest! 


Today we had our computing day where we learnt all about password security. We thought about what make. A good password and why we need them to keep our things safe. We then explored Google Drive and had a go at making a Popplet all about Leon and The Place Between.

Pupil Voice 

Today we held our Pupil Voice elections. After listening to some very convincing speeches we then decided who we wanted to vote for being sure to keep our vote a secret. We can't wait for the results to be revealed!

Partitioning numbers

Today we explored how we could partition numbers into hundreds, tens and ones using concrete and pictorial diennes.

WOW- Magic with Mr T!

To kick start our enquiry based on 'Leon and the Place Between', we had a very special visit from a very magical man- Mr T. He wowed us with some amazing magic tricks which left us extremely excited to begin our new enquiry. As well as this, back in class we learnt all about optical illusions and had a go at creating our own illusions and mini flip books.

Mr T

Still image for this video

Science - Magic Magnets!

WOW! What a fantastic start to our Science Topic. We are looking at forces and magnets and to immerse ourselves we created our very own magic trick using magnets. We were amazed at how the paper clip moved without us even touching it! We cannot wait to learn more about forces and magnets this week. 

Junk Modelling 

This afternoon we got creative and designed our own crayon using junk equipment. We used our book, 'The crayons that quit', as a stimulus for our fantastic ideas.

Numicon Numbers!

This week we have been focusing on our numbers bonds to 10 and 20, using numicon to help us figure out all of their numbers bonds quickly and efficiently!

Becoming Purple Learners

This week we have been learning about how to be a Purple Learner. We have set up our classroom display so that we can remembered how to move our learning on, how to stop ourselves and others from blocking our learning and the different zones of challenge we can be in.